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The Pep Rally for the Final Exam ( January 15th)


Xiao Xia Respectable teachers'
Li You: Dear Friends
Together: good morning, everyone!
Xiao Xia I am Xiao Xiao from Class 1, senior Grade 1
Li You: I am Li You from Class 6, senior Grade 1.
Xiao Xia it’s the end of the semester again, and the final comes, this overall test is undoubtedly a challenge for all the students.
Li You: for those junior high freshmen who just came to NFLS, the final might seem interesting; for those in senior high who have been fighting so hard for GPA, it is an urgent difficulty.
Xiao Xia the good psychology play an important role in the exam, there is an old saying, When faced with danger with no fear, one shows the spirit of a hero. Having good psychology will undoubtedly add scores to the exam.

Li You: next, let’s welcome with applause Teacher Wu Rong to talk with us about how to view the final exam with reasonable psychology.

Teacher Wu Rong:
Deal with the Coming Final Exam with a Positive Attitude
All kinds of tests  will encounter in a person's life, for example, having conflicts with your peers, not doing well in an exam, physical diseases, and family conflicts...when a test comes, we feel uneasy because of the unknown results, also because there is hope from the confidence of success; we want to escape because of the fear of the failure, we also want to try a little bit in order to show ourselves. All these are the normality in life.
A famous pianist made a serious mistake in an important performance when he was interrupted by a memory disorder. Some viewers criticized him, saying "the player was so busy with his development in the entertainment business after he became famous that he neglected to practice the piano, this led to a decline in performance level. The skill is perfect by diligence but degraded by negligence."Some people explained for him, saying that" no one is perfect, but no one can never makes any mistakes. It is inevitable that there are some minor mistakes in the performance. There is no need to be too picky." There were some people who pointed out, “as audience, we can tolerate him, but the performer himself should not forgive himself for it." facing the problem, what might the performer react to it? Escaping? Analyzing the cause? Doing nothing because he was to upset? Or taking action? Different solutions can have different effects, either frustrated, angry, helpless, or hesitant, but we can also train ourselves, build resilience, and increase experience and ability to cope with the test.
The upcoming exam is one of the tests we ' re facing . the fear of failure , the expectations from the family and ourselves don 't match our actual ability and the evaluate of the individuals with just the results of the exam... all these can lead us to a certain pressure in the face of the exam . It ' s a normal psychological response to stress , stress and anxiety.
Exams bring pressure and motivation to study as well. It can help us examine ourselves, evaluate and summarize ourselves well, have a more appropriate understanding about ourselves, we can sort our own learning advantages and disadvantages out; at the same time, in a variety of examinations, we also show our talents and exert the ability to resist stress.
Have you ever watched the Olympic Games? Have you participated in the school sports meeting? If you compare life to the Olympic Games, then the exam you are about to face is just a game in this sport. Life is an Olympic Games, and I am a participant in this sport. I have been in many competitions. I have a lot of experience. And, I know, there is more than one chance to decide if we win or lose.
If there is no competition, the sport loses its luster; If there is no competition, life is no longer exciting. We are all very lucky, qualified to participate in the Olympic Games of life. No matter what test we face in the future, to our life, the test is just a preliminary race, no matter what the result is, we will all have valuable achievements and gains.
Here are some tips from the experienced:
First of all, allow yourself to feel anxious: feeling nervous before the exam, can’t eat well, can’t sleep well. These do not affect your study and yourselves appropriately, learn to relax.
Next, give yourselves some positive hints:
* I know I can handle the exam.
* Read the questions carefully and answer them carefully. There must be no problem.
* The test is a test of how much I have learned, the important thing is to "learn it", not "get a few points."
* I have mastered the key points of study, I will be able to pass.
Third, learn to rest: when you are tired, find something to relax yourselves; don’t stop, but just change the content of the activity; the best way to rest is the activity that allows people to find the enthusiasm to live and work again.
Fourth, be proficient in examination skills:
* allow yourself to make a mistakes
* Don't think about the results, the grades and other people.
* when forget something temporarily, let it go, the more you want to remember, the more difficult you will find remembering it.
* let bygones be bygones, and there are no exam lawsuits
Xiao Xia Thanks Teacher Wu Rong for the speech.
Li You: after we adjust our attitude, we should set about preparing for the exam. Only by using reasonable methods can we do our reviewing in methodically.

Xiao Xia next, let’s welcome Wang Xinyi from Class 1, senior Grade 1 to share with us her unique experience. 

Wang Xinyi:
Hello, everyone, I am Wang Xinyi from Class 1, senior Grade 1. Speaking of final exam, mostly, our first impression is the word, "nervous". Exam is tense, it seems to be a kind of inevitable thing. But why are we nervous? There must be the two reasons: first, we did not have a comprehensive review, so we are worried that there might be questions that we did not review. Second, we are afraid that we might not show our normality due to being nervous, we fail to do what we are supposed to be able to. As for the second reason, I don't think that most of us have to worry. It's a wrong proposition to be nervous because you're afraid of being nervous. Take a deep breath and relax your mind. Most people just show their normal level, only a minority of us will be abnormal in an exam. So you don't have to be nervous for this.
For the first reason, it is very simple to handle, that is, go all out to review before the examination, review what is supposed to be reviewed, in this way you will be full of confidence during the examination,and will not feel empty. It doesn't matter even if you encounter a problem you can't figure out. To me, mastering several important learning methods is the key to effective review.
First, make full use of the learning time: Su Shi said: "a drop of water from Caoxi Brook in the bamboo can make water of 18 banks along Xijiang River higher" it is not to say that you must learn in every second, but to seize every second to learn. When I study, I ask myself to stop anything else, completely calm myself down and put all my heart into the study. For example, before every important exam, I will use a few nights’ time to review every subject, because I review deeply, so I remember very clearly, the night before the exam I review again, so I remember even more clearly and firmly. And if I have other things in mind which interfere in my study, prevent me from reviewing the lessons,I will settle them first, no matter how long time it takes. In the interval of the review, I will go to fitness or practice yoga, which make my body and mind relaxed, it effectively calm down the tension.
Second,  do not make the same mistake again. This is very difficult to do this. For one reason or another, perhaps even if you go to the entrance examination to the senior high, you still can't help making some rather silly mistakes. But there is one way, that is to cherish your mistakes. Make good use of the wrong questions, you should write down your mistakes, summed them up in a book, go through them when you have time, naturally you'll be alert to the same questions during exams. For example, in English, math, chemistry, this method is very useful. In the course of review, if you encounter problems that you can't figure out, you don't have to panic. There are two kinds of questions in the world, those we can figure out and those we can’t,It will not make any sense after you finish the exercises you find that you can do what you can do, you can’t do what you fail to do.The purpose of doing exercises is to turn what we can’t do into what we can do. So I have come up with a way, finding some white paper, every time I encounter questions that I can not figure out, I will write down the ways by which I figure out the answers, and keep looking at them. Finally, these methods became my own methods. Later, when I encountered problems, I could not only  solve them, but also can recall some similar questions I had previously remembered. By comparison, I understood them more clearly.
Thirdly, how to do well in the exam. This may be the concern to us all. I have a saying: "do not seek partial perfection, but strive for overall excellence." everyone has his strengths and weaknesses. We naturally want to improve both our strengths and weaknesses, this is one of the things we usually do, but if we have just a few days before the exam, we should change our methods, because we can get higher scores in some subjects with just a little more effort, but for some courses such as math and physics, thing are not like this, they need long-term effort. But for Chinese, chemistry and biology, what we need to do is just review them well, then we will be able to get good grades. Before the exam, you take enough time studying the three subjects, have good feeling in the exam, then you will be easy during the exam and naturally no longer feeling nervous.
San Mao once said: continuous self-improvement, self-adjustment, self-correction, self-happiness, is called progressive success. I think, final exam is such a time for self-adjustment and correction. If we can grasp the learning methods, adjust our learning attitude and do our best to review for the test, then we have already achieved progressive success. Finally, I wish you all of you will gain satisfactory results. Thank you!!! 
Li You: thank Wang Xinyi for her speech.
Xiao Xia Confucius said, "if people have no faith, they do not know what they can do. Since ancient times, honesty and credit have a heavy weight in the hearts of everyone. We, as a NFLS student with a global mind and a Chinese soul,should be conscious of it and stick to the principle of sincerity.
Li You: The test is not only a test of academic level, psychological quality, but also a test of moral standard. Even if you are anxious and worried, you must still strictly abide by the rules of the examination.We should applaud for ourselves when we have carried out moral standards regardless of the academic grades.

Xiao Xia wouldn't it be a pity to leave a bitter stroke in one's own memory just for the sake of a good score or for avoiding a moment of embarrassment? Yang Yuxuan from Class 6, senior Grade 1 has something to say, please listen to Allegro "Be Honest in the Exam, I will Do It First".

Yang Yuxuan:
In the cold wind on a cold day, it turns to spring after a blink of eye in the midwinter days.
Another week is the final exam, you don't panic to see.
If you want to pass the exam well, you can’t neglect the review.
The sun shines, the flowers smile at me,
I also want to smile at the flowers, I begin to cram for the exam after hitting my forehead.
I wanted to read until three and a half AM, and on the table I lay down and fell asleep,
I can't hold Buddha who is high up, squinting his eyes,
High achiever's desk was eight feet away from me, and I didn't know if I could see it.
I don’t need to look at the underachiever’s answers, it is a waste to copy his answers.
I have to think about new clues again. My ancestors taught me to make a small copy.
A piece of paper in black and white, I can’t write a lot on it.
Though an ant is small, there’s meat on it, I must write down something though the paper is too small.
Step by step I go to the examination with the sprite in my pocket.
Looking at the podium, the teacher just sat down with his legs stretching out.
Making up my mind, I take out the sprite from the pocket to see.
You can drive a boat for thousands of years with caution, and don't laugh even if you copy it well.
Who would expect? He stands high in front of me, his eyes looking like a torch,
Good guy, it really is: angry eyes staring, golden eyes, though no storm, his eyes are like thunderbolt, awe without anger, justice fills his eyes.
Everything will be all right before the night, turn right to the Students’
Management Office.
You feel regretful even when you are a thief for just one day, and there was no medicine for repentance,
There’s no shortcut to success, so let's walk along our sunshine path.
The rules of the examination must be obeyed, and we can not say no any more.
You want to ask me where to study, the discipline inspection minister will teach you.
And now it's moving from beginning to end,
Please listen well: integrity test, start from me!
Xiao Xia thanks to Yang Yuxuan for his wonderful and lively performance.
Li You: please keep these rules in mind!
Xiao Xia finally, kindly remind you that the examination schedule is a bit complicated. Please pay attention to it.
Li You: January 17 ~ 19th, that is, Wednesday to Friday, is the final exam for the third grade in senior high.
Xiao Xiao, from 18 to 19th, was the exam of Chinese, math and English, the optional courses for senior 2nd graders.
Li You : from 23th to 25th, that is ,from next Tuesday to Thursday, is the final exam in the first and second grades in junior high.
Xiao Xiao, from 24 to 26th, that is, from next Wednesday to Friday, is the senior 1st graders’ final exam.
Li You: finally, on February 1st, the sophomores also have to take the final exam of compulsory subjects. Please keep track of your exam time and don't be late.
Xiao Xia at the end of the morning meeting, I hope that everyone will adjust ourselves and take the test with a sound mind
Li You: we hope that at the last minute, everyone can make reasonable use of time, do full review and summary and ensure adequate sleep.
Xiao Xia I wish you all do well in the final exam and wish all of you will have a happy Chinese New Year!

Li You: this morning meeting is over. Thank you!