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Singing History and Today with Infinite Creativity: The 32nd NFLS Art Festival Performance by Junior Grade 1

The 32nd NFLS Art Festival Performance by Junior Grade 1

By Hong Yizhou from Class 9 Junior 1

The 32nd NFLS Art Festival Performance by Junior 1 was officially held on the afternoon of December 20, on the theme of “singing history and today”.  There was the joyful singing and dancing, well-knit play and the beautiful tea ceremony. The students of the 12 Junior 1 classes who joined our Art Festival for the 1st time gave a splendid feast for eyes and ears.

The show began with the multi-scene play Dream of the Ancient Store by Class 4. The 12 wonderful programs took turns to appear on stage. The students sang and danced passionately to praise history and today, which highlighted the show and produced laughter and applause from the student audience from time to time.

Jiang Gan Stealing Books by Class 3, Three Battles with the White-skeleton Demon by Class 8, Lady Zhaojun by Class 2 and New Empty City Strategy by Class 10, were all smartly recreated ancient stories, funny and wonderful in different ways to attract the audience, so amazing.

Along with the sound of zither, the students of Class 7 read the ancient poem Invitation to Wine, displaying the charm and emotions of the great poet Li Bai.

The elegant and beautiful Tea Ceremony by Class made all of us immerse in the fragrance of tea.

The Same Song, a classic and well-known work were presented by Class 12 in 4 languages, Chinese, French, German and Japanese, like a breath of fresh air.

The play How Much Do You Know about the Traditional Festivals by Class 6 showed the characteristic of each festival, which was good to know for all the students.

From Peach Blossom Spring, a play by Class 11, we saw that the land of peace in the ancient time had been seriously polluted and looked totally differently. The play inspired many, reminding us all of the emergency and responsibility of protecting environment.

Along with the happy and exciting music, the singing and dancing Red Silk and Lights appeared on the stage. The students danced with the red lights and silk, which fully dispalyed the beauty of youth and immediately drew attention from all, as if we had been in CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

The performance lasted over 2 hours and ended up with the classic and fabulous Peking Opera The Drunken Concubine and the singing and dancing The Moon by Class 1.

The students of Junior 1 enjoyed showing their talents and passion for youth on stage. The whole place were filled with happiness and art.

Students on stage

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