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Bearing in Mind the History, Cherish Peace, Remember Our Fellow Citizens, Revive China! ( December 11th)

Respectable teachers, dear school friends.
Good morning, everyone!  I am Qi Qihao from Class 4, senior Grade 1. I am Li Linwan from Class 9, junior Grade 2.
December 13th is the National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre. Our memory goes back to the day 80 years ago when the Japanese invaders captured Nanjing. They began an over 40-day of burning and looting. Under the Japanese soldiers’  knife, Nanjing City became the purgatory of the world. More than 300,000 innocent lives were killed by the Japanese army, and the city was covered with corpses. The river was red with blood. This is a human disaster, this is the pain that Chinese will never forget.
Today , 80 years later , we live here , and today ' s Nanjing City has already renovated from old to new , mountains green and water clear , and is full of love and friendliness . However , as the new owners of this city , we should not forget this past catastrophe . However , as the new owner of this city , we should not forget the history of history. Past experience, if not forgotten, is a good guild for the future, face the history directly,  remember the history, we will win the respect from the world. Next, let’s welcome Han Shuyuan and Liu Luning to tell us about the historical memory that should not be forgotten .
Respectable teachers, dear school friends:
Good morning!
I am Han Shuyuan from Class 4, senior Grade 1. I am Liu Luning from Class 5, junior Grade 2.
The girl: In two days it will be December 13th, and the bitter years of blood and fire, intertwined with life and death, have passed for eighty years. "80", in the hearts of our Chinese people is supposed to be a peaceful and auspicious number, but it was particularly heavy because of the cruelty of history and the unwieldy pain in our hears.
The boy: It was the National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre! Since ancient times, holding a memorial ceremony for the dead has been an important ceremony for the alive to pay tribute to and remember the dead. The national public memorial is to mourn and commemorate the dead countrymen in the name of the country. This is not only the memory of more than 300,000 compatriots who were killed in the Nanjing Massacre, this is not only a consolation to the tens of millions who died in the 14-year bloody war, but also to mark that the historic memory of this heart-piercing memory, which will become the eternal spiritual scale of the Chinese nation and the internal motive force of self-improvement.
The girl: December 13th, 1937 was an extremely dark day in the history of the Chinese nation. The murderous Japanese invading army, relying on the superiority of modern equipment and heavy artillery fire, stormed the capital city of Nanjing. But what the Chinese army and the people persevered painstakingly was the national spirit of blood and vows not to be slaves to the nation. When the war smoke was gone, Nanjing, an over thousand-year old capital, was destructed and there were sad mourning over the land. After the Japanese army took over Nanjing, in order to retaliate, also in an attempt to destroy the resistance of the Chinese people,  they organized and premeditated mass murder of Chinese soldiers who had put down their weapons and the unarmed civilians, the horrendous brutality in the history of human civilization began. Outside the Hanzhong Gate , more than 3000 Chinese compatriots were slaughtered and burned; at Yanziji, the blood of the compatriots reddened the running river ; all the temporary shelters were not only blood-flowing , but all the women ' s dignity had been laid down arbitrarily , both the old and the young ; thousands of mass graves , and thousands of pits spread throughout each corner of this ancient city’s walls...... In just six weeks, more than 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians were shot and buried alive, the atrocities of the invaders were indescribable.
The boy: In the face of their own heinous crimes, the aggressors' apparent arrogance cannot hide their inner fear, for they know that such beastlike behaviors have broken through the limits of civilization and have gone beyond the tolerance of all mankind. So the Japanese invaders in Nanjing wantonly destroyed their criminal evidence, on the other hand, they displayed a hypocritical face to the outside world in an attempt to hide the facts. However, justice might be late, but it is never absent. A  German called Labe's and his Labe Diary, the real images taken by the American missionary John Marge's lens, and the sobs and blood of many Chinese and foreign survivors who escaped from the dead are all irrefutable evidence, like steel nails, the Japanese aggressors and their militarism were forever nailed to the column of shame in history!
The girl: Time flies quickly, in a brink, the wheel of history has rolled for 80 years. That city of Nanjing, which was in the flames of moaning, crying in despair has changed, with the rapid, huge change, Nanjing shows the world her vitality. But we really can not, should not forget the heavy burden of the past. When the Nanjing Massacre Memorial of the Victims just exists as a spot in people's minds; when Yanziji beach is just visited by tourists as a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the small pink bridge; when No. 1 little pinky bridge was masked in tall buildings in Beixian and make itself lonely by comparison; when the National Memorial Day has the alarm is regarded as a form of existence that we are used to, our hearts should be feeling a deep sting.
The boy: Fortunately, luckily, there have been neat bouquets and the silently standing figures in front of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial, and there have been soft whispers of the old to the kids as well. This is a respect to history, the spiritual heritage of the Chinese nation that has been delivered from generation to generation. The past experience, if not forgotten, can be good guidance to future. Remembering history doesn’t mean to hate, but to warn and reflect, to cherish and to give thanks. .
Together: let us all remember this very day forever, for --- the eternal peace! Thank you all!
Thanks to the two students for their speech!
80 years has passed, the number of the survivors in the Massacre has been reduced to 99. Now, people in all lines are taking action in their own way to remember the history, not to forget the warning. On October 26th this year, Ontario Province in Canada, North America, passed the 66th Act to remember the victims in the Nanjing Massacre as a Memorial Day on December 13th. This means that the tragedy of the Nanjing massacre had attracted more and more attention from the international community. Canada became the first country which set up " the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Day". And Ontario s is internationalist Bethune’s  hometown.
There are two lines on the wall in Nanjing Massacre Memorial: "you can forgive, but cannot forget”, “remember the history instead of hatred." every year, the National Memorial Day is held to let us remember history, face up to history, respect  history, when we do not forget, then the world will not forget, then we can stop the replay of human tragedies, defend the peace against being blasphemed. In every human heart we sow the seeds of peace, let the sunshine of peace exist in every corner of the world forever.
As NFLS students, We should make our own efforts, help more people remember the history of this period, transcend this China spirit from generation to generation. Take the responsibility of building our motherland, defending our motherland, contribute our own strength to the China dream to contribute and to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
In the end, let’s listen to the reading of “ the Declaration of Peace” by all the teachers and students. 
The leading reader: gorgeous Jinling City, the flow of the great river, the flowers and the rain in Zhongshan, remain the fragrance for thousands of years.
In unison: In 1937 , the evil fell from heaven to earth , on December 13th , and the ancient city was lost . The ancient times , the suffering of civilization , a hundred years of grief , and the alarm bell rang . The people were awakening , an independent liberation , reform and revitalization , a prosperous nation. 
The leading reader: the past experience, if not forgotten, will be good guidance to the future, deep reflection will make talents, a prosperous nation is rising from hardships.
In unison: a terrain of strategic importance, we will carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors and always bear it in minds.
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