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The Host Competition

By Zhu Zhiyan from Class 6 Junior 1 and Li Qiyao from Class 7 Senior 2

On the afternoon of December 13, the preliminary contest of the 32nd NFLS Art Festival Host Competition was held in the little theater of the comprehensive building. Students from each grade of Junior High, Senior High and the International Department joined in the competition.

In the preliminary contest, the contestants were required to tell stories of traditional Chinese culture. They shared things such as Master Zhu’s Family Instructions, the tale of Mengpo, Su Dongpo and his dishes within a minute and a half. Their wonderful stories, fluent speaking and accurate emotions not only won applause from the contestants and the judges but attracted attention from those who were standing outside of the door.

The charming contestants

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The serious judges


In the first section, the contestants got their topics by drawing lots according to the order decided by drawing lot earlier. 10 seconds after the host read the topic, the contestant had to begin talking. There were 2 kinds of topics, either related to traditional Chinese culture or the current hot events. As soon as the competition started, it reached a small climax. In their faces you found neither the unfamiliarity of first time in a competition nor nervousness or panic even when they got the topics that they were not good at. No matter of which grade, all of them showed perfect strain capacity within the required 90 seconds.


The charming contestants in the final:

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The 2nd section was modeling hosting. They had 5 minutes to do whatever they could to prepare and find the most influential and splendid words, and 30 seconds to present the perfect cooperation and wonderful speaking. They kept their spirit in the first section and worked harder to show their own styles of hosting to full extent.

Now the competition has come to an end. We take neither the result nor the prize as our final purpose. More importantly, we have felt how vivid and touching our traditional stories sounded in our own language. We have realized that a paragraph of words could be so exciting, a heart spoken through a voice could be so sincere and a stage could be used to exhibit the beauty of our young people. This is a stage of creativity. This is a campus full of passion.

We praise our fabulous culture and remember our long-lasting history. Let literature and art become an important part of our Chinese soul and let us understand things in the past and today and take history as a mirror to make a better future.

Some of the contestants and judges and people serving in the competition

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