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The 32nd NFLS Art Festival Opening Ceremony


Piao & Zhang: Hi, you all. I am Zhang Xi, Head of the Art Department. I am Piao Yadi, Head of the Art Department.

Pia Our great country has been thousands of years. And our 32nd Art has come in its time.

Zhang: let us begin the festival in the sound of gongs and drums.

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Pia The theme of the festival this year is “the ancient melodies and modern elements” which means the Chinese spirit permeates the whole process, together with the features of the past and today.

Zhang: Our ancestors used to play instruments and dance with music. Five thousand years of culture brings about a long lasting and spectacular art history. The ancient people knew how to find a good friend by music and by playing instruments together they displayed their friendship to full extent.
Piao: We have a Chinese soul and a world mind. Chinese culture and art serves as the inexhaustible motivation that encourages NFLS students to get better and better. Art goes beyond borders. Hopefully all of us would pay attention to and love traditional Chinese culture, linking the past and today, Chinese and western and carrying forward and developing our culture.
Zhang: Now let Qian Yixin, the assistant of the Art Department introduce the specific activities of the festival.
Qian: Good morning teachers and students. I am Qian Yixin, assistant of the Art Department. As soon as December began,we carried out all kinds of actives in full swing. In the Chinese handwork event, Junior High students showed their talents by painting on manhole covers, and the elegant music play regaled the Senior 1 students’ ears. The good voice, instruments and movements amazed every teacher and student present. The MC contest provided a stage for those with hosting talents. Please go to the Bulletin Board at the school gate for fhe results of each contest.

The activities of this week are going to be more wonderful. The special traditional Chinese instrument playing is expecting you to join in. The handwriting and painting contest needs your works. The final of a series of art contest invite you to feel the fantastic presentation of ancient and modern beauty. And the performance of each class and grade will take you to appreciate Chinese music and world art. From now on till the New Year’s Evening Performance, we are going to try our best to help you shine in your dream stage.

Pia Thank Qian Yixin for her wonderful introduction. Now the students of the Sino-Canadian International Class have prepared a performance that combines opera, street dance and hip-pop, a good example of the theme of the festival. Welcome.
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Pia Thanks for the teachers and students’wonderful performance. The Art Festival fills the campus with a cultural atomsphere that every one of us feels the beauty of art.

Zhang: Hopefully the students would actively take part in the events of each kind. Please use your creativity, imagination and unique way to promote the communication between Chinese tradition the world trend and obtain beautiful memories and valuable growth.
Pioa: Let us have an appointment with the saints of the past and grow in our profound culture.
Zhang: Let us communicate with fashion and portray the elegance of art.
Pia In the 32nd NFLS Art Festival, let us
Zhang: sing ancient and modern melodies, meet friends by art, develop Chinese music and embrace the art of the world.
Together: By playing the ancient and modern songs let us keep our initial intention in mind, get over difficulties and keep going forward.
Thank you all.