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NFLS Said, What Is More Important Than Olympic Medals Is ...

The headline on Nanjing Education reports:

NFLS Said, What Is More Important Than Olympic Medals Is ....
It is the solar term of Great Snow today, the cold winter has now arrived.
But what the editor wants to share with everyone today, is a a little, warm story
The hero in this story, is Chen, a senior 1st grader in NFLS.
On the afternoon of November 16th, 2017, Chen was on his way home, while passing the Jinglong East Road, he found a lady who was in her 50th, fell to the road side with an electrical bicycle was on her. Chen walked to her without hesitation and helped her stand up, after careful inquiry and making sure that she was all right, Chen turn around and left.
Very quickly, the lady who was helped by Chen, caught up with him by her bicycle, asked about his school, name, and thanked him again and again.
According to the lady, she fell to ground just because she tried to give way to the cyclist who rode on the wrong direction, her bicycle hit the curb and she fell to the ground. Because there were old wounds on her leg, the bicycle was on her, she couldn’t move at all. She was lying on the ground for over 40 minutes, but none of the passers-by offered her a helping hand.
The presence of Chen, was like a warm sunshine in a cold winter day, shone her frustrating heart.
Not until a few days later when the lady sent the school a silk banner that the school learned this warm story happened on the winter street.
Helping a stranger who falls on the street stand up is such a simple and common thing, but we don’t know from when, it had become something that many of us dare not to do without any scruples.
We don’t know, what will cost us to do such a simple act. Like Chen, go directly and do it, for an adult like me, an editor, it is bold and rarely brave.
But just take a look at the comments on the NFLS forum, probably you will let out a cry: how extraordinary! 

there are more nice people in this society anyway

I had a talk with Chen about his studies, he said he rode bicycle in front of the house, I was once hit by an electrical bike, it was a stranger who helped me stand up without any hesitation. Though he knew there were a lot of negative reports about such things. He often talks about issues like this with his parents. But, every time, his parents always say, “ there are more nice people in this society.”
After this incident, Chen’s parents are said very happy about it. Because they think, we can’t avoid this complicated social surroundings. But from the complicated society, what elements do we draw from it to influence our life? In fact, we have the say. “ there are more nice people in this society.” that is the definition about the world by Chen and his parents.
The value of this silk banner is worth more than any Olympic medal
In the eye of the media, in the eye of the students’ and the parents, what is the first thing that comes to their minds when NFLS is mentioned? The offers from Ivy League? Golden Olympic medals? Those advanced and extraordinary new scientific research that even the journalists don’t know the names? But this time, a person in charge of NFLS told me: the value of this silk banner is no lighter than any Olympic medals. In a way, it is even worth more. It has nothing to do with any subject, any competition, what’s inside is a heavy and sincere heart of a NFLS student’s.
The End
During the interview, Chen kept saying that what he did was a minor thing, it was not worth saying. I think so, too, for the incident itself, it is not necessary to say so much about it. However, behind it, there is something that ought to be said.
We are always confused, how can we make our children happy? I think, among the abilities that help us to acquire happiness, there is one necessary, that is kindness. How can we make our kids keep kind? A surrounding that is full of kindness is a must. Chen said, he grew up in an environment which is full of kindness. The teachers, the students, his parents, everyone believe that the world is not so bad as some people have imagined. When we are willing to be kind to everything, the world will return us more wonderful things.......
report from Modern Express:
Da Ma Fell by the Road Side, the Young Man from NFLS Had a Warm Act...
From Modern Express ( reporter: Cai Mengying) when seeing a pedestrian falls on the street, will you come and give a helping hand? Recently, a young man from NFLS toughed a Nanjing Dama with an act of offering a helping hand. A citizen, Ms. Zhou took a silk banner and a thank-you letter to NFLS, she wanted to thank a senior 1st grader from NFLS, Chen Yu’ang.

The story dated back to a day in mid-November, it was about 3 PM, 55-year-old Ms. Zhou was ride her electrical bicycle along the Longyuan East Road from north toward south, from the pavement suddenly jumped out a cyclist who rode on the wrong direction. To avoid him, her bike hit the curb and Ms. Zhou herself fell down, the bike on her leg, so heavy that she couldn’t move. The bike happened to press on her wounded leg, she couldn’t move an inch, Ms. Zhou laid on the ground almost unconsciously. The wounded leg had a story, this June, she hurt her own leg while she was helping others in hospital.

At that time, Chen Yu’ang, a senior 1st grader from NFLS happened to pass by and see Ms. Zhou who was lying on the ground. The bike was on her leg, it must have hurt. Without any thought, he walked up, first removing the bike from her and put it aside, then he helped her stand up slowly.
When Ms. Zhou regained her strength, he asked her if she was feeling all right carefully, after making sure that her leg was alright, he left. Ms. Zhou took out her phone, she wanted to keep in touch with this kind young boy, but Chen kept shaking his hand and saying no and turned around and left. Ms. Zhou had to get on her bike, overtook him, then he had to tell her his name and the name of his head teachers, etc. 

In her thank-you letter, Ms. Zhou said, I was really touched at that time, this boy could give a helping hand to those needed without any hesitation, that filled me with admiration and gratitude. Facing Ms. Zhou’s  sincere thanks, Chen just said it was only lifting a finger and not worth such a high profile thank. The reporter from Modern Express learned that Ms. Zhou just had a scratch on her leg, she has recovered now.

Soon, Ms. Zhou called Chen’s head teacher to express her thank, I have been teaching for more than 20 years, but this was the first time I had encountered such a thing.
The head teacher, Mr. Zhang Jun kept praising Chen Yu’ang, after the beginning semester, Chen has always been good at the school performance, he could do such a good deed this time mainly out of his kindness and sincerity at heart. Mr. Zhang Jun also pointed out, Chen was good at his entrance exam to senior high,   he had very good academic foundation. After the new semester began, he gets on well with his classmates, actively participates in class activities. He thinks that Chen Yu’an has shown the good qualities of a NFLS student, he is a role model for all other students.
So Warm! When Encountering a Stranger Who Fell, This NFLS Student Gave a Helping Hand  
Yangzi Evening Web December 6th ( correspondent Li Chen) When encountering a stranger who falls, would you help him get up or not? A few days again, a NFLS student Chen Yu’ang gave a definite answer. Chen Yu’ang saw a lady fell on the ground with her bike on her on his way home after school, he hurried to remove the bike, then helped the lady to stand up, after making sure she was alright, he left quietly.   
It is said, the lady who Chen helped to get up is called Zhou Yuchun, an employee in Nanjing Maritime Bureau. Zhou told the reporter, she was on the way after work and hit the curb and fell down on the ground because she tried to avoid the cyclist who rode on the wrong direction. At the time, the bike was on her, plus the old wound on the leg, she lain down on the ground unconsciously for about 40 minutes, nobody gave a helping hand. “ at that time, Chen Yu’ang was passing by and saw I was lying on the ground, he removed the bike without hesitation, and helped me get up, he carefully asked if I was feeling well or not, when making sure I was alright, he left.” Chen didn’t leave his name, when Ms. Zhou regained her consciousness, she rode her bike to overtake Chen, until she got to his home. Chen didn’t tell her his name and school until Ms. Zhou asked him to again and again.
Recently, Zhou Chunyu paid a special visit to NFLS, she handed a silk banner and a thank-you letter to Chen Yu’ang, on the banner said,” Offering a helping hand with unselfishness and bravery, taking responsibility with a broad and candid heart.” she gave her praises to Chen with gratitude, “ this boy could give a helping hand to the needed with such a broad and candid heart, I admire this very much.” it is known that Ms. Zhou’s nephew graduated from NFLS, too, who is now beginning his career, the NFLS students impressed Ms. Zhou very well, she thinks that NFLS are good at both studies and morals, they all try to be the best in all aspects.
Today, I met Chen Yu’ang at NFLS, he was slim and tall, facing the banner and the letter, he remained low profile, “ it was just a lifting of my finger, it is not worth such a high profile praise.” Chen Yu’ang said, he couldn’t help himself walking up and helping her, he didn’t think too much, he didn’t think he should leave his name. “ my parents always tell me, try your best to help when others are in difficulty.” 
The first one who learned the incident is Chen’s head teacher, Mr. Zhang Jun. He told the jounalist, “ I have been teaching for over 20 years, this was the first time that I had encountered such an incident. My first reaction was happy and proud, our student left school, and do good deeds in the outer society completely out of their kindness and sincerity. I think he can be a representative of NFLS students’ basic qualities, he is a role model for all the students. “