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Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Keep firmly the Mission in Mind --- the Joining of the New League Members in Junior Grade 3 

On the afternoon of December 4th, 2017, 119 junior 3rd graders and some league leaders had the 2017-2018 school year’s new junior 3rd graders league members’ joining ceremony at the Mini-theater Hall.

First, all the new members wore the league badges, with the school Young Pioneers’ instructor, Teacher Wang Shaolin’s leading, they made an solemn oath in front of the league flag.

After that, Pan Qiu hua, the league secretary of Class 8, junior Grade 8, an old league member, read the obligations and rights of a league member, on behalf of all, she hoped that the new members can show the progress of a league member, work together, improve themselves. Mei Yidan made a speech as a new member, she pointed that everybody should take a correct attitude toward the purpose of joining the league, clarify the direction that we were walking toward; every new member should try to be the best member, study hard, fear no difficulties, unify and fight for the glory of the Youth League and NFLS.

Then, everybody sang the league song, the new members felt very proud of being a Youth League member.
At last, Teacher Wang hoped that we shouldn’t forget our original aspiration, remember firmly our mission, always remind ourselves that we should require us according to the standards of an excellent League Member, improve ourselves through study and practice.

the activity at the scene:

Good afternoon, dear teachers and friends, I am Zhang Xinqi from Class 7, junior Grade 3. 2017-2018 school year junior Grade 3’s new league members’ joining ritual now begin.
It is well-known that the at the 19th Party Conference which just ended, the theme of the conference was: remain true to our original aspirations, keep firmly the mission in our minds, highly hold the great flag of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, realize an overall well-off society, gain the great victory of new socialism with Chinese characteristics, fight persistently for the Chinese dream that realizes the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.
New members, the Youth League is a mass organization of the young led by the party, as a member of the new generation, we should face the future, study and implement the spirit of the 19th Party conference, be the pioneer and a role model in the reform development of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.
I. Please stand up, now new members, please put on your league badge. 

II. Next, we will take an oath in front of the league flag, let’s welcome the Young Pioneer Instructor, Teacher Wang Shaolin to lead the oath.

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III. Let’s welcome the league secretary, Pan Qiuhua from Class 8, junior Grade 3, to read aloud the league members’ obligations and rights.


Dear teachers and friends:

Good afternoon, I am the league secretary of class 8, junior Grade 3, Pan Qiuhua. I am very honored to be speech here on behalf of all the old members, first of all, I congratulate the new members with my sincerity and a warm welcome. Congratulations on joining the Chinese Communist Youth League, a team with progressive students.
(I) To study Marx and Lenin's doctrine, Mao Zedong thoughts and Deng Xiaoping theory, study science, culture and business knowledge, and constantly improve the ability to serve the people.
(II)We should publicize and implement the party's line, principles and policies, take an active part in reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and strive to fulfill the tasks assigned by the League organization, and play an exemplary role in learning, labor, work and other social activities.
(III)Abide by the laws of the state and the discipline of the regime willingly,  execute the resolutions of the Communist Youth League, carry forward the new trend of socialism, advocate communal morality, safeguard the interests of the state and the people, and bravely fight for the protection of state property and the safety of the masses.
(IV) We should accept national defense education, strengthen national defense awareness, and actively carry out the duty of defending the motherland.
(V)  We should learn from the masses, help the youth progress and reflect the opinions and requirements of the youth in a timely manner.
(VI) Carry out criticism and self-criticism, dare to correct our own weaknesses and mistakes, and willingly maintain unity.
The league members are entitled to the following rights:
(I)participate in all kinds of activities carried out by the involving conferences and organizations of the League and accept the  education and training of the League.
(II) Be entitled to the right to vote in the regiment, both the rights to vote and the right to be voted.
(III)In the conference of the regiment and the press of the Communist Youth League, participate in the discussions on the work of the Youth League and about the concerns of the youth, and make suggestions for the work of the regiment, and supervise the staff of the leading bodies and the regiment of the critical group.
(IV) if having different opinions about the league’s resolutions, we can keep our opinions on the premise of resolute execution and can put our opinions forward to the superior organizations of the league.
(V) Participate in meetings organized by the league to discuss the punishment/ sanctions against ourselves,we can argue for ourselves, other members may testify and defend them.
(VI)  submit our requests, complaints and complaints to any level organization of the regiment, even up to the Central Committee, and request responsible responses from the organizations concerned.
Any organization or individual of the group has no right to deprive the members of the rights.
Dear new members, joining in is not a form, the league badge is not just a sign, it should be the motivation of our daily study and work. I hope you always keep it in mind that you are a league member, require yourselves strictly with the standards of a league member, make yourselves embody the progressive side of a league member. Let’s try hard together, keep improving ourselves, support the league committee closely, work hard, fight hard! This is the end of my speech, thank you all! IV. Let’s welcome Mei Yidan from Class 6, junior Grade 3 to make a speech on behalf of all new members. 

Good afternoon, respectable League leaders,teachers,and dear school friends:

I am Mei Yidan from Class 6, junior Grade 3, I am very honored to be here to make a speech on behalf of all the new members. The Youth League is the mass organization led by the Chinese Communist Party, is it the school where the young learn socialism with Chinese characteristics and communism in practice, it is the assistant and reinforcement of CCP. The strong youth makes a  strong China. As a teenager, we are responsible for the historical mission of revitalizing China. The Chinese dream depends on our generation to realize. But, I’d like to talk about why we join the league more than anything else.
Academic achievement is a very important thing for the students. If we do not have reasonable academic results, why can you be a member of the League? When personal interests and other people's interests conflict, the League members have to make sacrifices and concessions, otherwise why do you deserve to be a member of the League? When we first joined in the league, we all took the oath, we will pay our time and energy any time. Joining the league is not to gain some interests for ourselves, or even to earn identity capital. Otherwise, why can you be a member of the League?...
At this moment, my mind flashed a word called justice, the people with a justified support are probably majestic-looking, resistible  to the attacks, I think we are all willing to be with such people. I think this is the positive energy of the world, I think this is all we need in the world. So, I want to join the league. We all took pride in tying the red scarf as a young pioneer, today we are proud to become a league member, and our tomorrow will be longer. Joining the Communist Youth League is an honor, it is a responsibility more.
If everyone agrees with me, then the opinion is not just mine but ours. We come together for a common goal, at the same time, we should bring with us our own story with faith and justice.
In the future, what we say or do must be strictly regulated by the standards of excellent League members, maintain the dignity of the regiment, maintain the purity of the regiment, and establish the prestige of the regiment. In this way, we are the league members who are trustworthy and the ones who are not laughed at by others.
Today we officially become a honorable Communist Youth League members, in the future we should always remember that they are a continually progressive and responsible League members, we should tell the motherland with our own action, tell the school, tell the teachers who have been guiding us: we will be the best members of the Communist Youth League, study hard,  never fear any difficulties, unite and strive, for the Communist Youth League, for NFLS .
Thank you all! 
V. Please all stand up and sing the League song.

Please sit down. Finally, I hope that new members can implement the spirit of the speeches, play an exemplary role in your class, whether home or abroad, be a modern person with a  Chinese soul and a global mind, remain true to our original aspiration, remember our mission, contribute to the great victory of the new era of socialism and the realization of China the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream.

This is the end of NFLS 2017-2018 school year junior Grade 3’s new league members’ joining in ceremony, thank you.