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Talking about Constitution & Citizenship on the National Constitution Day


Good morning, dear teachers and school friends!
I am Ling Zhu from Class 4, senior Grade 2.
I am Qiu Jiachen from Class 7, senior Grade 2.
It’s December 4th today, it is also the 4th “National Constitution Day” in our country. From the politics textbooks, we learned that constitution is the basic law of our country, it is the the main charter to rule and secure the  country; the constitution has regulations on the country’s nature, the fundamental system and task and others related to the basic issues in our life.
If put constitution, basic laws, common laws, administrative legal rules, local laws in the shape of a pyramid, constitution is on the very top. If we open books about any basic laws, we can find that on these books, the first line is “ this law is made on the basis of the constitution”. from this we can see that the constitution is the legal foundation and legal basis of other laws.
The place of the constitution is so importance, on November 1st, 2014, at the 12th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the 11th conference, the decision of making December 4th the National Constitution Day valid.
Lu Jingwen from Class 7, senior Grade 2, on behalf of NFLS, entered for the 2017 Jiangsu Province Primary & Middle School Students’ speech contest “ Learn the Constitution, Talk about the Constitution”, she won the 3rd Prize in the senior high group and the Individual 1st Prize in the province. Next, let’s welcome Lu Jingwen to talk about how she understands and feels about the constitution.
Hello, everyone, I am Lu Jingwen from Class 7, senior Grade 2. today, I’d like to talk about the relationship between us and the constitution.
Dating back in our Western Zhou Dynasty, in order to maintain their rule, the monarchs adopted the system of enfeoffment, patriarchal system and other regulations, the vassal states’ forces increasingly became more and more powerful , and finally to the uncontrollable degree, this led the country to fall apart. The Qin State adopted the Legalists’  thoughts’ guidance,  and  successfully completed the unification, but since the Qin Dynasty attached more importance to the monarchy instead of laws, when the monarch’s will conflicted with the established laws,  the laws were interpreted in accordance to the emperor’s wishes, not the laws, this led directly to the Qin’s  monarch tyranny, which existed only for a short period of 14 years. From ancient time, in China, there was a legal concept, but the so-called legal was just a tool for the ruling class to govern the country, like a face job, or a decoration, in fact, it was still monarch system. Because of this, China's feudal history was went on rather slowly.learning from history, we will how the changes. Now, we live in a society in good order in which people can live and work in peace,the government departments fulfill their own duty, people's is arranged in good order. While all of this is owing to China’s  basically formed socialist legal system with China’s socialism characteristics.
Through the school education on legal knowledge, we learned that the constitution is the fundamental law of the state, and the common law, to the constitution, is like son and mother, the constitution holds the highest position in China's increasingly complete legal system, it is the general rules for a country, to govern the country according to the laws is the basic strategy of the Party, and the core of governing the country according to laws is governing the country  according to the constitution, only to govern the country according to the constitution, can the national stability be realized. In our country, from the economic recession at the early years when the country was founded to the present situation in which people have reached a well-off standard of living, our county is making  a big step toward the comprehensive well-off society, within 68 years, our country has changed amazingly, all these can fully show that on the basis of the people's belief in the constitution, the Party is in power on the basis of the constitution, our country is having unprecedented vitality.
As everyone knows, the state revenue is the foundation and an important pillar of national governance, it plays a vital role in the development of the social and economic life. And tax is the basic form of revenue which is made according to the law in our country. Therefore, the reasonable tax collection for national governance plays an indispensable role.The Great Shun Dynasty in our country in the 17th century is a typical case. Li Zicheng led the farmers to invade the city of Beijing in the name of “sharing the farmland and deducting the taxes, he overturned the Ming Dynasty. But when he actually ruled the state, he needed a large sum of money whether it was maintaining the troops or the the effective operation of the government. However,because there was no tax income, a legal and sound source of revenue, what they could do was to rob, they robbed the rich, then the poor, the officials, then the common people, the destitute social situation directly led to the downfall of the " Great Shun Dynasty ". But in our country now, such a situation will not appear. This is because China's Constitution has clearly specified the mandatory, free and fixed tax levy in China. The government reasonably makes fiscal revenue budget to ensure the smooth running of the society. For example, the funds for the renovation of our school, the purchase of our experimental equipment are mostly from the government,the construction of the subway also depends indispensably on the financial support and guarantee from the government; the medical care for all people is now going on step by step, it is the significant embodiment of the great financial expenditure of the state to for the improvement of the people's life. It is the constitution that guarantees the long-term stability of our country.
My mother donated money to support a female high school student from a poor family, who is from the Nu River in Yunnan, because of underdeveloped local economy and her father’s disability to work due to an industrial injury, she shouldn’t have been able to afford to go school like we did when we were 6 or7 years old. It is because of the provisions of the Constitution that our citizens are entitled the 9-year compulsory education according to the Compulsory Education Law issued under the constitution, which guarantees the citizens’ right to receive compulsory education,the girl was successfully completed her 9-year compulsory education, and through her own efforts, she got admitted to the high school, she had a chance to rewrite her destiny with knowledge.
The constitution is the beginning of the governance of the country. Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi, China further implements the rule of law in accordance with the strategy of the constitution; the 19th Party Congress pointed out, we should strengthen the supervision of the constitution, promote the implementation of the constitution, push the constitutional review work, all these further demonstrate the authority of the constitution. Because of our constitution. People’s personal life is more secure, our social life is more stable, our country is more thriving and prosperous. So, we should seriously study the constitution, establish the constitution consciousness, and willingly protect the dignity of the constitution, always keep the constitutional idea in mind.
Thank Lu Jingwen’s sonorous and forceful speech, I’m sure it has touched your mind. The constitution, as the fundamental law of the state, seems to be superior, out of reach. However, if you observe carefully, we are all affected by the constitution, whether it’s a big thing or a small one, in our daily life.
Montesquieu said that freedom is not unlimited freedom. Freedom is a right to do anything that is permitted by law. The constitution, like other laws, gives us rights, stipulates our obligations and restricts our, let’s welcome Wu You from Class 7, junior Grade 2 to share with us the functions that laws give the citizens.
Dear teachers and school friends:
Good morning, everyone! I am Wu You from Class 7, junior Grade 2. it is December 4th today, the National Constitution Day. The constitution is the fundamental law of our country, all organizations and individuals must take the constitution as the basic standard of conducts.The country will be ruled well when the laws are obeyed otherwise the country is in chaos.
When a person comes to the world, he enjoy the rights prescribed by law, such as personal rights, rights to be raised. From childhood to youth and adulthood, the law gives us rights on political, economic, cultural and other aspects. With the law’s regulation and protection of our rights  we can grow up happily and enjoy a free life, we can pursue our dreams, realize our self-value.
Of course, while under the protection of the law, we are restricted by legal rules as well whether small or large, the restriction is everywhere. For example, in front of the school in Beijing East Road, in order to ensure our safety and the traffic’s smooth flow, Traffic Management Bureau adjusted zebra line near the school entrance. This requires every student to obey the traffic rules when we go to or leave school, when we cross the road, we should take the zebra line and obey the traffic signals. One more example, when the students watch the art festival, a foreign language festival or participate in other large gatherings, they need to comply with security regulations, and willingly  obey the public order, be civilized audience. And if we find others’ lunch card or wallet, according to China's property law that stipulates the lost property shall not be illegally possessed, we should promptly return it to the owner. Even when we are on the way to the canteen at noon, we should not run,in case there might be a collision or damage, we shouldn’t  infringe others’ rights of life and health.
The law limits our behaviors in our real life, and regulates our behaviors online in virtual world.In mid April, 2017, Harvard admissions office found a supposedly admitted student’s online conversation which contained attacking, racial discrimination, at least 10 students’ Harvard  offers were canceled because of their inappropriate comments in Facebook private groups. On the domestic media, there are quite some reports about online frauds network slander, and privacy violations, etc. China's judicial departments have also made it clear the crime standards of online defamation, the violators will face the legal penalties.
We are both students and citizens. We abide by the campus rules and cultivate the awareness of the rules. While entering the society, we abide by the law. The network is boundless, we should be responsible for our own online speeches, we should never create and spread rumors, or reveal the privacy of others, should not have malicious attacks on others. The law stipulates the rights and obligations of citizens’,  protects and restrains every citizen, in fact, the nature of the legal restraints actually means to protect the rights of others’. Only when everyone obeys the law, can there be a more harmonious and orderly social order, and may everyone have a safe living environment.
Dear friends, let us, NFLS students, have our life on campus as a start, plant the legal spirit deep into our heart, be a qualified and excellent legal citizen.
This is the end of my speech, thank you all!
Thanks Wu You for her heartfelt appeal. Honestly speaking, the law can recognize, protect and develop a good social relationship and social order. To build a comprehensive well-off society, meet the people’s growing desire for a good life, we should be fully aware of the necessity and importance of the law.
The future of governing the country with laws in China depends on the young. If the country is compared to a motor car, the youth is a strong kinetic energy.
If the rule and administration of the country are compared to a bridge building, the legal system is the keel.
"The most important thing in all legal laws, is not carved in marble, is not carved in the copper sheet, but carved in people's hearts."  Teachers, friends, let us take the "national constitution day" as an opportunity to respect the law, use law, abide by law, establish the law awareness, cultivate the legal thought, have the faith in the constitution, implement the constitution and listen to the sonorous sounds of a country under the rule of the law!