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NFLS Foreign Language Reading Festival Has Begun ( November 27th)

Good morning, school friends and teachers. I am Shen Yan from Class 2, senior Grade 1, I am Xia Ziqing from Class 4,senior Grade 1.

The theme of today’s morning meeting is the activities at the Foreign Language Festival。 For the NFLS students, reading foreign language is naturally an required course. Do you remember the reading task the teacher assigned you at your first foreign language class this semester? Did it occur to you that you were in despair the first time you read a foreign language book in which 8 out of ten words were new for you? But how can such minor difficulties inhibit our enthusiasm about literature? Today, we are very lucky to invite the head of junior English Teaching Group, Ms. Zhu Lin, on behalf all the foreign language teachers who have planned and participated in this foreign language reading festival, to tell us about how things are going in this reading festival.

Dear teachers, students, good morning!
In order to promote the study of foreign languages, experience the fun of foreign languages, enrich our activities on campus and show our feature in foreign language learning, and also, in order not to collide the Foreign Language Festival which is supposed to be held next semester, the Foreign Language Teaching Group had this reading festivals in advance, Reading Festival and Foreign Language Reading Festival. This reading activity was carefully organized by the foreign language teachers from all grades, our students actively participated in, it turned out to be very successful. Though the activities in this festival, we hope that all the student can not only enjoy the fun of reading, enlarge your knowledge, improve your appreciation, but also feel the beauty of foreign languages so you will develop a good habit of reading foreign language books. Next, I’d like to summarize this reading festival from 3 aspects.
First, it is involved widely in many aspects.
During this festival, all grades in both junior high and senior high, including junior Grade 3 and senior Grade 3 who are going to graduate, all participated in it with great enthusiasm. The students of English, German, Japanese and French all put their hearts to it, they made a lot of efforts to create profound, progressive learning surroundings for foreign language in the new and various forms, the fragrance of books was spreading all over the campus.
Second, various activitiesThe Most Beautiful Reader in junior Grade 1, the Sharing Good Books in junior Grade 2, the students shared the beautiful or touching moments and plots in books in the readers’ reading with passions and emotions, they shared more with other students the fun of reading and the charm of foreign languages. The students from senior Grade 1 and 3 wrote comments on the books, compile those excellent comments into books and printed them, distributed to all the students in the two grades for appreciation. Senior Grade 2 play dramas selected from textbooks, they rewrote the passages, or the chapters from English classics in the textbooks into dramas, a set of dramas originated from textbooks with humor and vivid characters were shown to the students. The students in junior high copied down those sentences with profound meanings on exquisite book marks and gave them to senior high students as presents, in return, the senior high students gave their brief comments on books or made postcard on which they recommended good books to the junior high students.
Third, there were wide contents
The good books recommended by different grades with great consideration included the Book Worm series which were easy to read and understand, classics by Shakespeare, and the Book Thief which was heart-touching, etc. In the book list, there were more than 100 books for the students as reference.
By reading, the students enlarged vocabulary, felt the exotic traditions and customs, at the same time, they also felt that improving English can’t be done with just one or two steps. Through the reading of foreign language books, we can study new words, grammar, but what we learn more is the ability to think in a foreign language, the improvement of logical thinking, such improvement in thinking has a profound meaning in having better cross culture exchange. 
In the end, I’d like to quote a line from the Power of Reading by the famous linguistic Stephen Krashen to end my speech, “ People acquiring a second language have the best chance for success through reading” the Foreign Language Festival has now come to an end, but I think the students’ enthusiasm in reading has just ignited, I hope you “ enjoying the fun of reading by yourself, instead of doing the reading for a good  name”, make friends with books, be a friend of books, thank you all! 

Comparing with the students from higher graders, one of the junior first graders showed the same ability in reading, let’s welcome Liu Jintao from Class 8, junior Grade 1 to talk about  his experience in reading.
Hello, everyone. I am Liu Jintao from Class 8, junior Grade 1, I began my English reading of original version from a movie which touched me a lot, it was a sci-fi, the Martian. The story was simple but interesting, reading original version books will have a good start if it begins with your interest and simpleness.
This sci-fi was written by Andy Weir, it is about an American astronaut, Mark Watney, who was trapped on Mars and rescued,then returned back to the Earth with his will and wisdom.
While trapped on Mars, Mark first checked the food left, patiently checked each system...... then he began to try to grow potatoes. During the process, explosion took place, those potatoes did sprout with difficulty, but all the spouts were destroyed. He started over, in the end, he broke his ribs, but he still joked with the team members who came to rescue him with ease. He had positive attitude, he was well-organized, he was brave and never gave up, aren’t all these worth studying?During reading English, I encountered a lot of difficulties,
For example, a large number of new words, long sentences, grammar that was hard to understand and usages, etc,
But reading a few more time will help,
The new words and phrases, in the context, you can understand a little.
When reading those brilliant sentences, you feel you are there on the scene, I think this probably the most magical moments about reading book with the original version.

On the whole, the most important is “believe in yourself”. as written in my diary: “I guess you could call it a failure, but I prefer the term ‘learning experience’.“Now you can either accept that,or you can get to work.” Believe in yourself, you will make it! Thank you all! 

Thank our little schoolmate’s speech. After listening the sci-fi the Martian, how can we calm ourselves down and read with great care, feel more marvels? Next, let’s welcome Ji Li from Class 8,senior Grade 3, to talk about her opinions and feelings about how to be a proficient reader.
Good morning, dear teachers and students, I am Ji Li from Class 8, senior Grade 3, today, I’d like to talk with  you about the importance of reading and the reading of original versions.
First of all, reading can enlarge our life circle, not to mention reading original versions, because they can not only break through the bondage of time and space, but help us break through the thick obstacles of language and culture. The reading experience is see another world from any ordinary book, it broadens our horizon, gives birth to the nonexistent wing and we are landing our feet on a virtual field at home.
Secondly, reading original versions has irreplaceable depth. The theory of “ World Literature” points out, for the scripts, native language environment that is not separated is the key to realizing correct, deep understanding. Translation can delete some language and culture gap, however, let’s try this, reading the original version, then the its translation, you will understand every translation is the translator’s understanding, if you want to reading the script directly, you have to take the author’s scripts by yourself. If the skills to deal with exams can be acquired from Chinese grammar books, then it is necessary to have original versions if you want to really master languages and foster your love for them. Or you are easily be struck down once you have real tests or live abroad.
In the end, if you want to be a proficient reader, then you’d better not ask why you read so often? What can reading bring you? I don’t mean that these questions are meaningless, I mean while asking these questions, you wouldn’t get answers, different people don’t give set answers. Maybe why we ask these questions is not because we are really confused,but we are avoiding the “coming like floods” reading negatively. Reading is not a fierce animal, it is not something that is impossible to get to, books are not gold houses, not beautiful faces, not your teachers’ requirements, they are not so-called “the ladder to progress” at all, books are our friends. When you are miserable and lost, books are your “patients”, they are burning at a snowy night to give you warmth, be a malcontent who talks loudly, who talks everything, the dark loneliness and anger seem to become pure as they once were. Frankly, it is you, you are it, millions of authors are the millions of you and me, the books we choose cure our present pains and illnesses, it’s like a mirror, which reminds us to remember our present real appearance. Flaubert said, “ Mrs Bovary is me.” it seems nonsense, in fact, writing should be done so, reading should be done so. You will understand this when you are really touched by a book’s most original and purest feeling.

Thank you all!

Thank Ji Li for her wonderful speech. Besides the students from the English classes, the students in German classes, Japanese classes and French classes also feel the unique charm of literature. Let’s welcome Wang Xiaoqian from German class, senior Grade 1 to share with us her feelings about reading, experience the seriousness of German literature.
Liebe Lehrerinnen und Lehrer,Schülerinnen und Schüler,guten Morgen.Hello, everyone, I am Wang Xiaoqian from Class 8, senior Grade 1.
It is well-known that German is a rigorous, complicated and exquisite language, reading books in such a language, for me, is a completely new experience. Having been learning German for 3 years, I assume that I can solve a German book with my vocabulary, but the fact is, new words one after another appear in the articles, preventing me from reading the rest of the plots. After some exchange with my classmates in German class, I found it a common problem.
Insufficient vocabulary is an obstacle for many language learners, dictionary can be help, but our teachers train us not to use it on purpose. So, my main way to conquer German books is to guess the meanings according to the context. After guessing one chapter, I open the dictionary to consult the meanings of all new words. Reading speed maybe slows down, it is by no means an easy thing to read a whole book, but we should develop a habit of practicing on purpose.
The students in higher grades have accumulated quite a big vocabulary, they can read some classics and poems. For lower graders, you can persist in reading. I suggest that you should read those illustrated books, fairy tales which are easy to read with simple grammar, gradually you will have a reading comprehension, this is also helpful in exams. 
As for when I can really face German literature, I’m not sure. But after continual reading and learning, I think one day I can have an interview with Geothe, have a talk with Henie.
Die Zeit geben uns Erfahrungen,das Lesen geben uns Kenntnisse.Die Zeit geben uns Erfahrungen,das Lesen geben uns Kenntnisse. Time has given us experience, reading gives us knowledge. I think, as a NFLS student, we should make good use of foreign languages as a tool to explore new field in the ocean of knowledge. Own the global mind with the languages of other countries.
This is the end of my speech, thank you all.
French is elegant and romantic, reading French classics is naturally a special experience. Next, let’s welcome Xu Jifang from French class, senior Grade 2 to talk about her opinions about reading French classics.

Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Bonjour à toutes et à tous. Hello, teachers and everyone. I am Xu Jifang from French class, senior Grade 2. today, I’d like to share with everyone my experience in reading French.
In my opinion, French literature helps us understand more deeply French culture. It is a pity that translated French books are very limited, there are not many to choose, especially the books that are not so popular. In contrast, English original versions have a lot of good translation, for example, Shakespeare translated by Zhu Shenghao, Byron translated by Zha Liangzheng, there is shocking beauty while you read them, the translation deserved to be called “ Xin, Ya, Da”which means keeping its original meaning, refinement and fluency. When suitable translation can’t be found, reading French originall versions is a good choice. Meanwhile, we have a good change to enlarge our vocabulary, improve the reading speed, improve our sense of language, we can achieve many good things at one stroke.
Then, how to choose books? I would recommend the way of doing step by step instead of grab a dictionary and read those difficulty books.
At junior high, my first French book is Le voleur d’ombres, written by the French best-seller writer Mark Levy. It is interesting to read picture books, such as Le Petit Nicolas, Les Aventures de Tintin, etc. If you want something funny, you can read youth literature, which has a lot in common with all countries’ youth literature, it is not difficulty to read.
So at the beginning, you shouldn’t contempt those lines such as “ suitable for kid between 5 and 8”, never mind those cliche plots, you can read more difficulty books little by little.
The Students’ Union in France will have a French Graduation Exam when they finish senior Grade 2, last year, I was having my exchange in France and studied for the France Entrance Exam. La Belle et La Bete, Cyrano de Bergerac,etc, and other forms of literature. At this stage, we will encounter a lot of new words hard words and confusing ancient French usages, but we will also find those good books which make us shocked, shivering, obsessed and we will feel lucky to find such good books.
At last, there are quite a lot of French books which are worth reading, I won’t introduce them one by one. From comic strips to Marcel Proust’s Time Regained, which is 3 million words, only when you read them can you enjoy their profound meanings. I hope that everyone will find your suitable books, find the books that really interest you. Thank you.

Our neighboring country Japan has quite some good books that are popular with Chinese young people. The careful reasoning and thinking by Keigo Higashino charm numerous readers. Let’s welcome Fang Qiaoxi from Class 12, junior Grade 1 to talk about her experience. 

Greeting in Japanese, hello everyone, I am Fang Qiaoxi from Class 12, junior Grade 1.
Half of my first semester in junior high has gone by in a blink, in those two months and a half, my Japanese has turned from a lot of symbols to my fluent Japanese conversation with my classmates, every tiny progress excites me. 
I am very interested in Japanese novels, but at present, I can’t read original versions, but Chinese version. My first Japanese novel is TheVillage in Heavy Snow, it is a reasoning novel with plot twists, the three unexpected changes attracted me very much: someone plays a detective, someone creates the evidence of not being on spot with other people, someone confesses to someone else in commotion... the description of the character is vivid and unforgettable. I loved it so much that I couldn’t put it down, from time to time, I pick it up and read it. In order to read it more conveniently, I had the idea of making a special book mark for this book. 
I got color papers and color pencils and began to work on it. I folded a square paper into to triangle, wrote down the title of the book in Japanese and Chinese with color pencils, then I had some decoration, it’s done. I put the book mark on the book, it was conspicuous and convenient.
Looking at The Village in Heavy Snow with the book mark made by myself, I couldn’t help thinking, such a polished Japanese novel, can I write in Japanese one day, too? On the way to learning Japanese well, I have to conquer challenges and difficulties one after another.
Though in the past two months, I have undergone some hardships: I corrected the dictation book ten times, then twenty times, I grab 30 minutes every day to read aloud, I was asked to recited the text again because of my laziness... but what do these difficulties count? I will be positively facing the following challenges, keep on trying on my way of learning Japanese!Thank you all!
Thank all for your speeches. An exquisite bookmark is necessary to a good book. In this reading festival, students from senior high and junior high exchange their bookmark and postcard with each other, by reading, our hearts get closer. Next, let’s welcome two students from junior high and senior to exchange the bookmarks and postcards on behalf of all the students.
What they exchange is not only a small card, but a classic, the everlasting thoughts in a classic, and precious friendship more.

After listening to the speeches, seeing the exchange of bookmarks and postcards, everybody must be absorbed in the endless glamour of literature. But the beauty of literature requires us to pick up a classic and slowly enjoy it, to feel the fragrance of the book all by ourselves.The more extensive knowledge, the more perfect the human.. let us be the friends of books, feel the beauty of reading in different languages, be a modern person with Chinese soul and a global mind. Remember:Reading makes a full man.