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The Opening of NFLS 31st Science & Technology Festival


Peng: dear teachers
Li: dear school friends
Together: good morning
Peng: I am Peng Baier from Class 8, senior Grade 2
Li: I am Li You from Class 6, senior Grade 1
Peng: there is an old saying: “ if we can make a new day,then day day new, another new day.” it is because our forefathers and we, modern people, work to create new things that we the science and technology develop rapidly.
Li: in order to understand more deeply the influence that science and technology have on future development, implement the Act of Whole Nations Quality further,
Peng: have a more direct feeling about the education results of what our teachers and students have created in science and technology, stimulate further and promote our teachers and students’ enthusiasm and level in scientific creativity.
Li: better foster the good atmosphere about “learning science and technology, love science and technology, use science and technology” by the students, train more talents in high-quality talents who will lead the future development, our school will have the 31st Science and Technology Festival with the theme as “ science and technology are leading the future”.

Peng:next, let’s welcome Principal Zhu to come to the stage and announce the opening of the Science and Technology Festival.

Principal Zhu: I declare: the 31st Science and Technology Festival Begins!
Li: let’s shout out loud the theme of this festival:
Together: science and technology lead the future.
Peng: the persistent exploration of science is the motivation to keep us forward.
Li: the persistent fighting in renovation is the foundation of the world development.
Peng: science enlightens wisdom, science and technology lead the future.

Li: let’s welcome Wu Siyuan from Class 2, junior Grade 2 to talk about his understanding about the science, technology and future. 

Wu: humans have experienced a long period, the most important evolving is the ability to use tools, having the “technology”. If there hadn’t been tools, humans would have been very vulnerable species, nobody can face the nature without any tools in hand. Technology accompanies humans to walk from the primitive condition toward civilization, we can say that the history of humans’ is a history of technology.
Old Stone Age marks the beginning of human history, besides stone tools, smart humans learned to use fire. But language is another major technology. In the late Bronze Age, Egyptian civilization, Huaxia civilization, Indian civilization, Greek civ ilization and Roman civilization were emerged. Ancient Romans were the greatest engineers and technicians in ancient times, Roman civilization was the invention of technology. Technology built Roman Army which was unconquerable and the drainage system that was going through all over the city like a road net, the cement they invented created a key technology in the world. We can say, it was cement that supported Roman Empire to expand the territory, there were technology and construction activities everywhere. But that was just the beginning, between 600 BC and 300 BC, ancient Greeks had a special and new spiritual force in their hearts, thus the abstract thinking and observation of the nature began. This is called nature philosophy, and it was widely spreading. Due to the air of freedom produced by the good political system and perfected democracy, ancient Greeks were bestowed leisure and fun in meditating, it was not accidental that science was first born in Greece. When history entered the 19th century,  there had been tremendous progress in chemistry, thermology and other fields, the basic laws in physics and chemistry were formed, from then on, science led technology to become the guiding force in civilization. In the following 20th century, science and technology were like shining stars, space technology sent humans to space and the moon, Harper telescope could observed the primitive star systems 13 billion light years away. Humans had a brand new knowledge about the world, the breakthrough of one difficulty another made humans believe that we can conquer everything, there’s nothing we can do. A century ago, humans could distinguish science from technology, but for the the fields that science and technology hadn’t entered, the sudden emerging of life science and biological technology, the focus of heteromorphosis both make the 21st century the century of life science. The experiments which mean to make the old become young again, the engineering to make humans stronger, have already begun, long life span and super humans will not be a legend. Nearly half a century, the amount of integrated circuits, components and parts is doubled every 12 months, this can fully show the wide prospect of today’s technology and the irresistible trend of technology. 
In the opening G20, XiJinping pointed out in his speech:“the new science and technology,  industrial revolution  which are the core of internet, are ready to burst out, artificial intelligence, virtual world and other technology keep changing every second, the combination of virtual economy and real economy will bring revolutionized changes in  people’s life style and their way of producing.” The last science, technology and industrial revolution provided economy force. Take a look at MIT Technology Review published in the past five years, annual top ten technology breakthrough, contents about artificial intelligence continually appeared, for example, one of the top ten technology breakthrough in 2014, smart wind energy and solar energy. Facing the serious situation of global warming, it is urgent to reduce the consumption of fossil energy and make use of recycled energy in large scale. But, the breakthrough of this technology can predict precisely the wind energy and solar energy, so we are not too far from clean and beautiful future.
Take a look at medical field, I believe that you don’t feel strange about the 3D printing of human body, but the legendary technology of transplanting memory still need to do more to achieve at present. Everybody has something that is vague, this shows the lack of memory, but some memory doesn’t disappear forever, but is buried deep in the mind, like a treasure that is waiting for you to discover. Theodore Burger, a neurologist from UCLA, has discovered a way to find the memory back though the memory trace. Once this technology is perfected, its application in improving the memory and recover the memory will be unpredictable. At the same time, in the therapy of treating paralysis, maybe it will be possible to use electrode to help the patient to move his body, like the novel the Deeply Sleeping Mermaid Expert by Higashino Keigo. I wonder if this technology can help us with our homework in the future by transplanting memory and knowledge. If it can, then technology will bring our world a total change.
Google balloon project is an ambitious project, just like its name LOON, it means flying and crazy. Google thinks that this technology has a profound meaning both financially and politically. In the world, nearly 60% of the population can’t access to internet because they live in such remote areas that telecommunication companies consider it meaningless to build stations there. But Google balloon bring these people blessing, its trial flying distance was beyond 300 kilometers and ready to do better. Google hopes that these balloon will provide possibility for the people who can’t access to  internet to get to know this world. Of course, Google is not a philanthropist, as a IT company whose main income mainly comes from online advertisements, Google aims to build a internet market consisting of billions of users. Now what Google needs to do is to provide them convenient and fast internet access and pull them online, so bigger market will be developed.
Everything that science and technology bring is unbelievable,but not impossible. According to thinking theory, the core of intelligence is thinking,  human’s intelligence comes from the brain’s thinking activity, but all the human knowledge is the brainchild of thinking, so through the research on the thinking laws and methods, people desire to disclose the nature of intelligence. To know or not to know that is a question; feasible or not feasible, this is more a question. Like Jiang Qiping once said, “ in the history of science and technology development, there is an aspect that science and technology decides the society, and there is another aspect that the society chooses science and technology. The society makes some labs better and makes some labs worse according to its purpose, interests and willpower. It’s like driving, though the vehicle doesn’t always follow the driver’s instructions, after all, it is the driver who manipulates the vehicle, not the vehicle manipulates the driver.”
But when you discard all the technology promises, it will be a more simple future. It is the promise of hope, how can you stop the hope? Deeply explore these future technology, it is a part of the brave world.
Science and technology lead not only the future, they are more likely to explode the future, but maybe you will find, what you find is not only the future, but probably realize that we are in the future!
Peng: Newton sought the nature’s secrets for people, Hopkins explore the universe for the people.
Li: modern electronics glisten with lights, new types of spaceships peep at the mysterious universe.
Peng: science and technology have wide influence on every aspect of our life.

Li: let’s welcome Fan Zixuan to share with us his opinions about science and life. 

Fan: Marx once said, there’s no smooth road to science, only when you climb along the steep cliffs without fearing the hardships can you reach the brilliant top. That’s why science and technology can build our future.
We don’t want to talk about empty goals in our life, let’s talk from the tiniest things in our life. What influence will science and technology have on our future? Our concept about science is not just limited to doing exercises, and science is by no means those experiments or math formulas that have nothing to do with our real life. I am sure everyone here started learning a lot of knowledge, science knowledge from the time when we were very little.there are a lot of ways to learn the knowledge, reading science books, doing experiments by ourselves, and the science museum is the most direct means for us to get to know about science. Jiangsu Science Museum, Nanjing Science Museum, Nanjing Geology Museum and the Paleontology Museum near our school are all good places to learn about science.
As a NFLS student, we should all have some traveling experiences, more or less, but among my traveling experiences, I have visited some science museums. In the US, Smithson Museums impressed me most, among them, the Aerospace Museum displayed the spaceship which landed on the moon, all kinds of flying machines. However, those big exhibits couldn’t arouse people’s real interest. In my traveling, I noticed that there were a lot of interacting elements among different kinds of museums, there were some feeling games, great importance has been attached to science education for preschoolers, all these mentioned above are far more to catch up with for the museums in our countries. Let’s go back to the Aerospace Museum, beside the document about the landing on the moon, the instruments, uniforms were displayed. There was also a smooth stone from the moon which had been touched by visitors so many times, it was not a damaged stone. It was put there by the museum on purpose, after all, who doesn’t want to feel a part of the moon?
Franklin Museum in Philadelphia is different in form, it was named with a celebrity’s name, so it encouraged a celebrity’s way to make scientific exploration, the exhibits were not very valuable, the way they were displayed was unique. People get to know the objects from outside appearance to inside nature, so in Franklin Museum, there were a lot of experiments and interacting models. What impressed me most was the two exhibits that showed the cutting pictures of Tesler loop and animals’ hearts. Tesler loop had a lot to do with Franklin, but having a permanent display in the museum was a brave thing. The crashing sparkles and pressing noises made me feel uneasy, but the quietness followed gave me a sense of indescribable satisfaction. When I walked out of the room, I have no idea how many times I had been electrocuted. In the next room, the specimens of all kinds of animal’s hearts were put in a circle, but the utensil nearby was scaring. It was a heart system model,  but it was magnified into a maze, people could walk around in the middle, what I sighed was, the valves didn’t work properly in this maze, though I didn’t know how much people could understand the four-chamber heart, at least the fun would stay in their minds, that is the glamour of science, it affect you without your noticing.
This summer, Scotland gave me another surprise. Scottish National Museum is like the Palace Museum in China, it covered art, history and science, it also gave introduction and narration about the whole world. When the hour comes, the self-ringing clock worked, same as in Germany, as in France, as our Palace Museum. In Edinburgh, this clock was not only beautiful in music and craftsmanship, it was completely made by mechanics, the mechanical dance of three-floor high perfectly interpreted the beautiful combination of science and art.
The changes of science not only have influence on the country’s prosperity, but also on the tiny things around us. Measure the time precisely, the texture of the clothes we wear, the vehicles that we use to replace walking, all these tiny things which have a lot to do with our life all determined by science.
This semester, I am lucky enough to take the chemistry STEM optional course, it advocates creation, that is the core of science and technology. The word “creation” mentioned here not only refers to the major discoveries in science, but also our simple everyday life. For example, we made  microchips for experiments by the students who took this optional course, we not only got material from our daily life, the microchips had very high art value, they had the possibilities for doing different experiments. I have benefited a lot from it, from being inexperienced at the beginning, to the improvement, perfection of the experiments and the design of experiments all by myself at present, what I have learned is not only the techniques to do experiments, team work, chemical theories, but the glamour of science as well, that is, the more you know about it, the more it will attract you.
Science and technology lead the future, and we are controlling the future with science and technology, as a NFLS student, we should control the future more with science and technology, the whole future. Dear friends, the ocean of science is waiting for you!
Peng: this is the 31st Science Festival, in every festival, all our teachers designed with great care, prepared good activities for the students of all grades, we enjoyed the big banquet of science.
Li: physics, chemistry, biology, math,information and general technique teaching groups have prepared us all kinds of wonderful activities, for details, please take a look at the school screen.
Peng: Li You, here, let’s reveal some activities so the students can enjoy them by hearing.
Li: good idea.
Peng: there are report meetings about the students’ science results, art shows by computer.
Li: the experience of 3D printers and printing pen, the lecture about navigation by big dipper
Peng: Nine Ring Contest, the invention and discovery of gravitational wave
Li: math ability contest, the making of leaf veins.

Peng: unbreakable eggs, etc. There are so, so many activities, let’s give our thanks to our teachers’ hard work with applause! 

Li: in the Science Festival, let us explore the brilliance of science and technology with our unique insight.
Peng: let us ignite the fire of invention with our special ideas.
Li: looking back upon, new technology keeps coming out, making things more wonderful.
Peng: looking forward, the seeds of creation are sprouting and blossoming, leading the time.
Le: let us have our dreams sailing, foster the talent in creation, take our steps on the way of seeking science.
Peng: ignite the fire of science with your passion, create a wonderful life with your wisdom!
Li: every dream deserves to be watered 
Peng: every dream deserved to be pursued
Together: let us work hard to realize Chinese dream!
Li: finally, let us wish a perfect success to this festival!

Peng: this is the end of today’s morning meeting, thank you, everyone!