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Mid-term Is around the Corner, Remember the Rules, Adjust Yourself, Make Good Surroundings for the Exam ( November 6th)


Cai: respectable teachers

Peng: dear school friends

Together: good morning!

Cai: I am the Study Minister Cai Haohuan

Peng: I am the Study Minister Peng Fei

Cai: time flies quickly, half of the semester has passed by, mid-term is here again with us.

Peng: I don’t know you, sitting below, have made good preparations?

Cai: no matter you are junior high or senior high, mid-term is an important battle.

Peng: because it is both a proficiency test for individuals and an important part for total marks.

Cai: in today’s morning meeting, about the mid-term encouragement, we have prepared something for everyone for help and instruction.

Peng: let’s welcome Sun Jiayi, a top student from Class 1, senior Grade 1 to share with us her unique experience in studying. 


Hello, dear teachers and students, I’m Sun Jiayi from Class 1, senior Grade 1.

There’s just a week away from the mid-term, here, I’d like to share with you the three points of views which I found and which I think will be useful, personally.

About doing as many exercises as possible. As a student, for more than ten years, I have met someone who did half of the exercise book in a week, I have met those who just listen to the classes carefully and finish their homework at school, but we can talk about this later. I concluded that it was quite necessary to find some exercises to do in order to get familiar with what we have learned and avoid being nervous and panicking when we encounter new type of question in an exam. But, the amount of exercises depends on each individual’s requirement. Those who are capable of finishing their homework without difficulty can select some hard questions to break through in the name of widening their knowledge, as for those who don’t have time or energy to do more exercises, you needn’t to be worried about this. “ more isn’t always good, but result is.” this is one of my tips.  

About a healthy schedule. Busy school work makes our arrangement more or less unreasonable, so here, I’d like to stress the importance of 6-8 hour sleep every day. Having a clear mind is the top thing in an exam, and it is such a pity that mistakes occur because eyes can’t be opened. Though there are no reliable statistics, I figure that scores, sleep and a healthy body are tightly connected according to my own experience. So here, I want to stress that everybody should rest well, have a good schedule, don’t be too tired, don’t be to relaxed, either, “ health is the foundation of working”.

The last thing is the techniques in an exam. In fact, for everybody, this is the most important part. But first of all, I’d like to stress that it is not a good idea to “cram the night before the exam”, we can’t expect some techniques like kongfu techniques to improve your study in a very short time, that’s impossible. Then, I collected some of my own experience and some experience of our alumni in dealing with exams, I think the following are some tips that you might want to adapt: for example, in a Chinese exam, you can take a look at the writing subject, then there will be some things in your mind for you to start your writing; for example, English, scan the questions before you do the listening part since there is a short period of time before listening, make good use of the period; for example, in the science subjects,when encountering hard questions, like the last multiple choice, you’d better skip over it if you can figure it out, don’t waste too much time in it, return back to it when you have finished the whole paper.

Now, here, I wish all of you find the learning methods that are suitable to you and do well in the mid-term! Thank you all!

Cai: thank Sun Jiayi for her wonderful introduction

Peng: what exams test is not only our proficiency, but our mind in an exam.

Cai: next, let’s welcome Zhong Hanquan, the Publicizing Minister to share with us the good tips about how to adjust our mind. 


Hello dear teachers, school friends, I am Zhong Hanquan from Class 3, senior Grade 1.

Just then, Sun Jiayi has shared with us some practical ways to deal with exam, you can choose the ones that fit you, grab some time to do the reviewing this week. Though the daily accumulation is the most important and the most necessary, we need to adjust ourselves during the exam as well. Every time, there are always some students who get stuck in one or two questions, then, they feel discouraged, it is so serious that it affects figuring out the following questions and subjects, this is really unworthy. Then, today, I’d like to give some tips about how to adjust ourselves in an exam, the tips I got from my own experience.

I believe all our teachers and parents have reminded us more than once that we should be careful, be calm, indeed, this is an eternal truth in an exam. In those Kongfu novels or action movies, the Kongfu masters all stand with calmness and never forget to observe their enemies’ weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of the situation, finally, they win those who are much stronger than themselves with not much effort. While writing the exam paper, don’t be panic, relax your neck, keep calm. Believe that the hard questions are hard for most of us, the more nervous you are, the more difficult the questions become. At the same time, every step in figuring out the question has a certain scores, you should try to divide the hard questions into small, minor questions, then you will get more scores. Of course, if  you can do them, answer the whole process according to the formula, it’s a big loss if your scores are cut due to the mistakes in the process.

Though exam is something serious, we shouldn’t be too nervous before and during the exam, treat it as something normal. If you don’t do well in it, it’s no big deal, the sky wouldn’t fall down, though this is stereotype, it is truth. Exam is not all our study means, once we listen to each class, do our homework with care and normal attitude, we have a good reason to believe that we will get a satisfactory result in the exam.

In the end, make enough preparations before the exam. Bring enough stationary, bring enough tissue if you have a runny or stuffy nose or have a cold, or you will be embarrassed, asking the teacher for tissue will waste your time. No matter what happens during an exam, please lower your voice as much as possible, don’t affect others.      

Finally, I wish all of you will have an ideal result in the mid-term exam.  

Peng: thank Zhong Hanquan for his wonderful speech.

Cai: this year, in the Science Contest and both the entrance exams to the senior high and universities, our students made great achievements, next, let’s welcome Principal Zou Zheng read out the names. 


Jiang Wanting

Among top ten in the 2017 Nanjing entrance exam to senior high

Zhao Junrui

Among top ten in the 2017 Nanjing entrance exam to senior high

Wang Xinyi

Among top ten in the 2017 Nanjing entrance exam to senior high

Liu Haonan

Among top ten in the 2017 Nanjing entrance exam to universities

Ding Lihuang

Gained the recommendation to universities for the award in the National Olympic Math Competition

Ding Lihuang

Gained the recommendation to universities for the award in the National Information Science Olympic competition  

Gao Yihan

Gained the recommendation to universities for the award in the National Olympic Math Competition

Liu Yiran

Gained the recommendation to universities for the award in the National Olympic Physics Competition



Peng: next, let’s welcome Principal Zou to present the special scholarship of 5000 yuan, provided by the School Funds Association, to Jiang Wanting, Zhao Junrui, Wang Xinyi.

Cai: “there is no royal road to knowledge,there is no end for learning”, we wish everyone get a satisfying result in the mid-term next week.

Peng: Confucius said,” make a promise but not keep it, it’s not feasible.” Kant said,” honesty is the lifeline of life, it is the foundation of all values.” Golgi said, “ honesty is the most perfect quality in life.” in China and other parts of the world, countless heroes stressed the importance of honesty, it is the principle of action, the basic of being a person. 


Cai: no matter the masters had a fight, or chess players played chess in the chess hall, they all stressed “honesty”. as a student who is going to have an exam, we should be like them, be honest, we should keep in our mind “ having an exam with honesty” as a bottom line.

Peng: a dishonest student will be punished by school with our rigid school rules; a dishonest result will lose the meaning of the exam; a dishonest person will find it hard to survive in the society.

Cai: three-month hard work, more than ten days’ busy reviewing, mid-term will be our harvest. Let us cherish this opportunity, get the fruit of success with our own hand, with our own ability. 

Peng: we wish everyone keep the exam rules in mind, never get dishonest result by cheating or other dishonest means, create a healthy, nice atmosphere with our teachers and other students.

Cai: the Study Ministry appeals to everyone here, be honest in the exam, don’t bring any paper with words on it in the exam, no whispering, no electronic products, we remind everyone to be on time, obey exam rules, be familiar with the exam tips, be an honest NFLS student who has good qualities and obey rules  

Together: this is the end of our speech, thank you all!