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The Opening Ceremony of the 29th NFLS Sports Festival ( October 23rd)


Xu: Respectable teachers, dear school friends!

Together: good morning!

Xu: We are the PE Ministers, Xu Yu

Yang: Yang Xihe.

Xu: It’s the season of Autumn with mild breeze, NFLS students now are welcoming our sports ceremony. The theme of this sports festival is: Building a strong body to build a better China .

Yang: first, let’s welcome Teacher Li Hongbin go give an opening speech for the 29th NFLS sports meeting with our applause!

Respectable teachers, dear students, Good morning!

Now it’s the season of laurel blossoming, the NFLS sports festival that we have been looking forward to is now arriving as expected. At this very moment, on behalf of our school’s Teaching Management Office, I declare: the 29th NFLS Sports Festival now begins! Here, I’d like to say “thank you” with sincerity to all the teachers and students who have dedicated themselves to the preparations and participation of the festival!
The aim of the sports festival held every year is to carry forward the requirements in << National High School Students’ Health Standards>>, to wake up the students’ active participation in sports, to foster good habits of doing exercise, to experience the joy of sports so to improve the students’ levels in each sport, to learn the sports spirit of fighting hard, the spirit of cooperation,, to build unique NFLS culture.

We all know that life lies in exercise, a healthy life depends on active exercise to maintain. During the Spring Festival in February, 2014, President Xi Jinping attended the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, when interviewed, he said, “ as a country’s president, I devoted all  myself to the country, overworking, but I need to know when to relax.” he also said,” we will break down if we don’t spend time doing sports.” every day, he squeezed some time to have a swim for 1000 meters. We will take the responsibility to push the society forward and change the world in the future, these require us to have strong body and the habit of doing sports actively.

During this sports festival, each grade group, the PE Group, the Students’ Union, etc. will organize various sports, such as the Football King Cup in senior school, the PE knowledge competition in junior school, sports articles contest, photography contest, etc. This Friday, the school will hold the 55th Field and Track Sports Meeting at Nanjing Olympic Center, which provides a platform for everyone to fully show his/her talents. These various activities aim not only at competing with each other, but showing our spirit in team spirit, fighting and progressing.

We hope and require that everyone should take part in the activities in this sports festival to experience the joy, the progress, to experience the beauty and strength of higher, faster and stronger!

In the end, I wish a wonderful success of this sports festival! thank you!
Xu: thank Teacher Li! NFLS is a school with a good atmosphere of sports. Our school teams achieves with good results in different matches held in the city or the province every year. Next, let’s welcome Lu Yuansheng, a member in the Volleyball Team, to tell us the story about him and the sports. 
Hello, everyone, I am Lu Yuansheng from Class 7, senior Grade 2, today, I’d like to talk about the story about me and sports.
I began practicing the techniques in volleyball from Grade 2 in primary school, it’s been more than 10 years up till now. In primary, I had the training with the professional coaches, so I had a good basic foundation. In junior high, because I seldom practiced, I became a rather rusty in those techniques, but I invented quite some “unprofessional techniques”, for example, heading the ball, etc, in a word, I was criticized by the coaches, Teacher Wang Shaolin, Teacher Xie Yaxiong later as “ too casural”, “non-mainstream”. I didn’t get accepted in the volleyball team until junior Grade 3, in different training, I gradually corrected my mistakes.

A volleyball match is by no means an easy thing. There are six positions, three responsibilities, four hitting balls, position exchange, observing the running position in advance, choose judge the ball direction, the team’s cooperation and ordination, all these require a lot of traning and accumulating experience, the fostering of awareness and cooperation. Each team member is good at different things, so the success of a team means to unify those different abilities into one. Take me for example, I am relatively good at basic skills, so the teacher usually had me to catch the powerful shooting with an intention during the training, such a special training was very effective, in the competitions in both junior high and senior high, I did well in the task of defense, assigned by the teachers, I won the 1st prizes in both of the competition.

In a volleyball match, everything keeps changing, everything is unpredictable, it is especially important to keep you morale. We had a slogan “ unbeatable NFLS”when facing strong opponents, we encourage each other, we cheer when we get scores, we encourage each other when we lose and unify together. So, when facing a very powerful professional team, our school volleyball team still can win the match by the spirit of “unbeatable”, it is really rare spirit.

In the process of those volleyball matches, no matter it was improving my body quality, learned new volley skills or the team spirit, for me, it is a great lifelong asset that will accompany me my whole life. I hope you can benefit from the sports you love, just like I did. 

Yang: thank Lu Yuansheng for his speech, sports brings us not only the glories on the sports field, but has a lot to do with our daily life as well. Next, let’s welcome two of our students to show us the relationship between sports and life.  

Together: respectable teachers, dear school friends, good morning.

Jin Zixi: I am Jin Zixi, the head of Army Wolf Club from Class 3, senior Grade 1.

Li Qianzhe: I am Li Qianzhe from Class 8, senior Grade 1.

Jin Zixi: sports has a inseparable connection with our life, while we gain our PE results and our ranks in a sports event, we should learn something to protect ourselves with our body in an emergency. Learning self-defense is a very good choice. Next, Li and I will show you simple techniques in self-defense. Let’s welcome Yang Xuhe explain for us.
Yang Xuhe: next, everybody imagine, a dark night with moon high up in the sky, Li is walking alone in a lane without anybody in sight. Suddenly, a tough, big, masked guy with evil intentions jumped from behind and grabbed him with two arm! Li had quick wits and thought of the self-defense techniques that the head of Army Wolf Club had taught him. He hit the masked man’s face with his rear head, hit the man’s crotch with his left hand, at the same time, raise his right foot and stepped with force. Three attacks were done simultaneously, Li managed to escape. The masked man was so annoyed that he came up and kicked him from the side, Li stopped the kick with his two arm crossing in his front, the left hand up, right hand caught the man’s neck, pushing him downwards with force, his right foot stepped on the man’s left foot. Losing balance and all supports, the masked man fell down to the ground! Then, Li struggled to stand up, ready to give the man a kick on the back, the masked man couldn’t stand up any more. Li escaped from the danger successfully.
Jin Zixi: thank Yang Xuhe. Now we can see, self-defense techniques are quite useful in our life! I hope that everybody learn more about self-defense when you are doing exercise. Learn more, make reasonable use, be stronger in self-defense in reality. 
Xu: we are all students, our main task is to study, then how can we balance the relationship between sports? Let’s have Cai Haohuan, the Study Minister, to talk about this.
Dear teachers and students, good morning! I am the Study Minister Cai Haohuan from Class 2, senior Grade 1. I am honored to share with every one my opinion about sports and study.
There is a very good saying, “ one needs to learn more since he’s not good-looking, one needs to run often since he’s fat”. From this we can see the complementary relations between each other. Study, is to improve our quality from inside, as for sports, it is to train us to be a person full of sunshine --- we all want to be a top student who “ is filled with knowledge always behaves with elegance and grace”, we want more to have a body that is “ still strong after thousands of attacks”. When you are so obsessed in study all day long, do you ever sigh “ you are incapable of what you want to do”? you love study so much that you forget about yourself, do you want to put down your pen because of the pain? Only by doing exercise can we better devote ourselves into studying. When we feel low and don’t want to study, play a ball game, the clouds over your mind will disappear; when your legs numb under the desk, do some exercise, you can find a refreshed brain. Appropriated amount of relaxation is not remaining stagnant, but accumulating energy before exams.
People always keep trying new things in their whole life, this is also a process of keep learning. From being afraid of long running to overcoming ourselves, we learn courage and persistence; riding a bicycle alone to break through the tossing of “ the three non-sticks” , we learned cooperation and compromise; at the racing field, we rushed to the fore; we got on well with each other, we learned Olympic spirit......
Study and sports, there are countless ties between each other. Though the sports festival, I sincerely hope that everybody can actively participate in the sports, so we will become stronger, having a stronger body, learning from doing exercise, don’t forget to do exercise while we are studying!
Thank you all!
Xu: thank Cai Haohuan for his wonderful speech! Sports is a part of our study, many of us have a deep feeling about it. Next, let’s welcome junior 2nd graders to talk about the sports spirit they learned from sports. 
mzy:hello, everyone, I am Ma Ziyi from Class 20, junior Grade 2. 

llc:hello, everyone, I am Liu Licheng from Class 21, junior Grade 2.  

mzy:Lao Liu, the sports meeting is approaching, you are such a good athlete in our grade.

llc:oh, no, no.

mzy:Every noon when I pass the playground, I can always see your athletic figure.

llc:You are flattering, when we play football, the most important thing is our team members. One swallow can’t make a summer, it hard to succeed if there’s only one to play.

mzy:oh? You had bad experience?

llc:Of course, I used to brought the ball from the back to the front, I quite often got fallen down by the full backs, and my teammates followed me all the way from the back to the front without any scores. Those opportunities to get scores were mostly wasted.

mzy:Later, you changed?

llc:Yes, those were lessons from blood, plus what I know about this team sport of football, I did make a clean break of my past errors. Every time when I see Arsenal’s smooth cooperation, I couldn’t help admiring. Then, at the football field, I was more cooperative with my teammates, so things became smoother.

mzy:It is stranger that you, who fill your mind with getting scores recently ran half of the field just to defend.   

llc:It’s a team, cooperation, means besides doing our own share of work, sometimes, we have to sacrifice.

mzy:In that way, your evil figures dropped a little bit?

llc: Well, don’t say that, actually, they didn’t drop, they increased, we had better achievements. MVP, it’s still me.

mzy:OK, don’t be so obsessed in it. Be serious, the relay race is a big difficulty in the sports meeting.

llc:Our class has me in the relay race, why are you afraid?

mzy:individualism again?
llc: no, no, we have been drilling for such a long time, we are all good at tacit knowledge now. The falling down of baton will not happen. What’s more, if the members are not tacit understanding, it will be no use even if I were Bolt.

mzy:After all, it is the relay race, everybody should concentrate, try our best not to miss anything, fight our best. All these sound like stereotype, but it is a kind of cooperation with the same goal, fight together, then we can win everything.

llc:There is wide cooperation in sports, but for our life, cooperation is even wider. The cooperation in life covers every aspect, we should take one or two good example as the rest of the lot to follow, learn to cooperate well and develop the best value of cooperation.
mzy:Yes, exactly, we hope that everyone of us here can find and learn and cherish every cooperation with others, we sincerely wish that every athlete will make great achievement. Thank you all!

Yang: what the two students just said was so wonderful! The hope of our national team is on you!

Xu: indeed, we are the back of our country’s future, we shoulder the hope of Chinese nation. Next,let’s welcome a big girl from Beijing to tell us about the responsibility that sports represents.

Hello, everyone, I am Yang Ziju from Class 8, senior grade 1. today, I’d like to talk with everyone about a topic, that is, sport is a kind of responsibility.
In the past when I was in Beijing, the required sport in the entrance exam to senior high was long running. We had to force ourselves to obey the PE teachers’ cruel orders again and again under the pressure of the entrance exam. With the PE teachers’ hellish torture, we didn’t collapse, but adapted to their seemingly abnormal requirements.

Later, all the students did an excellent job in the PE test, when we swarmed to the PE teacher to give our thanks, the teacher simply said, “ in fact, you have drilled harder than what the test required from you. The reason why we took such a way to train you was that we didn’t want anything wrong to take place with your health while you were under such pressure.

Yes, the PE teacher had made it clear in his remarks, PE is a way to be responsible for yourself. Your health is like the number “1”, your study, your work, your wealth are a zero after “1”. even if  you own more and more wealth in both material or spirit, without the first number, “1”, no matter how many zeroes followed, the final result is nothing. Nobody wants to have a black face and a sick body to spend the rest of life this way.

At the same time, doing sports is also responsible for the country. Before the Liberation, our sports level was rather poor, we participated the Olympic Games for three times, but nothing got into the final. After the Liberation, especially after the Open and Reform, competitive sports continually broke through historically and made dramatic progress. Since then, our sports developed very quickly and gained respect from many other countries. In the past, we were called “ sick people of east Asia”, now we have become a sports power, because the athletes considered sports as their own task, as the way to the development of China. Surely we don’t want Chinese appear on the world stage with a dark face and a sick body, right?

Running water doesn’t rot, a moving door-hinge is never worm-eaten. Endlessly running water will never freeze into dead water by the roadside, it can water the flowers on both sides; a moving door-hinge will never be eaten by worms, it provides access for people to the outside. Same as humans’ body, the very best of life lies in doing exercise

Let’s all be responsible for our health, be responsible for the country, for the society. Black-haired teenagers, go ride horses on the field freely, write and record your beautiful youth.

Thank you, Ziju for the strength from Beijing.

After listening to the speeches by the above students, I am sure everyone are all clear about the meaning of sports. Sports is not only the glory in the sports field, it has a lot to do with our life.

That we do sports well not only means the responsibility for ourselves, but the responsibility for the country.

So, let us all fight hard and fight to the greatest extent, fight for the best, enjoy our youth, pursue our dream.

let us have our wishes in heart, persistent, practice to be healthier, to be nobler,

Build a stronger body to build a better China!

the morning meeting is over.

Thank you all!