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The Opening Ceremony of the 29th NFLS Sports Festival ( October 23rd)

NFLS Youth Volunteers’ Association ( NFLS YVA) is an non-profit organization attached to the League Committee of NFLS, this year, it will cooperate with Nanjing Lepingfang Charity Development Center to introduce the following projects, now we’d like to recruit volunteers.

I. Object to offer help

Different types of kids with mental disorders or obstacles and other disadvantaged people

II. Type of volunteers

1. companion volunteer in activities

The introduction about the service:

1) take part in the art training courses for the kids with mental disorders or obstacles as a volunteer, help the art training teachers arrange the courses, supervise the art training teachers’ teaching, contact the kids’ parents after class and make records and feedback

2) coordinate with the project groups as a volunteer to offer the blind better service, be able to actively take part in the various social projects and social surveys for the blind.

Volunteers needed: 10-20

2. drama trainer’s assistant

introduction about the service

As a volunteer, take part in the rehearsal of the textbook drama for kids, help the drama trainer make reasonable schedule, supervise the trainers’ teaching, after class help the drama trainers finish the normal contacts with the helped objects, do the tracking record.

Volunteers needed: 4-6

Those who have talents in art or acting experience in drama are preferred in this recruitment.

3. volunteers to publicize activities

Introduction about the service:

Help the project finish the photography of the daily activities, photographing and do the recordings of the activities, help the project publicize the information about those big activities, make videos.

Volunteers needed: 5-6

For this position, a good photography skill is required, the skill of making videos, a good command of writing are both required.

4. social promotion ambassador

Introduction about the service:

Introduce and promote the project within the job duty, make general plan and make arrangement in the early period of the activity, report to the person(s) in charge of the project in time about the recent social situations and the consideration of the whole operation mode.

Volunteers needed: 3-5

For this position, the candidates are required to have good communication skills and good abilities in organizing.

5. the head of branch library, Jinling Library ‘smile-loving” branch library

Introduction about the service:

Help the project manager finish Lepingfang Charity Library daily management work as a volunteer; help the project manager finish the tracking and maintenance of the existing clients. Meanwhile, coordinate the project manager to organize and hold the charity activities.

Volunteer needed: 1-2

III. The requirements of the volunteers:

Be enthusiastic about charity, be willing to serve with “dedication, friendliness, helpfulness and progressiveness”

During all activities, obey concerning laws and regulations, obey the arrangements on the scene;

Be able to be on duty during the service time;

Having enough patience, be careful enough, be able to participate the training of the service and the activities involved;

Be in good health, having good communication skills;

Having sufficient time to take part in the daily volunteer activities.

IV. Application:

Fill in the form attached and submit to Dai Qian, Class 6, senior Grade 1, or Xu Xinya, Class 5, senior Grade 1 before 12:30, November 2nd


1. volunteer application covers all grades from junior Grade 1 To senior Grade 3, responsibility is required.

2. This volunteer application will be long-term once the application is made, every month, a certain length of time must be spent participating in the activities, detailed arrangements will be informed.

3. This recruitment will select good candidates, anyone who has interest is welcome to apply, don’t be afraid of poor experience, that can be coordinate later. 

NFLS Youth Association

October 22nd, 2017