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The 1st Semester of the Youth League School 2017 to 2018 Begins

The first semester of the Youth League School 2017 to 2018 was started from October 16 to 20. Over 120 students of Junior 2 took their first class of the league in the theater of Building E 3 during lunch break.、Led by Secretary Yin Herong of NLFS Youth League Group, Instructor Wang Shaolin of the Youth League Group and the special Instructor Wu Runxin, Ji Yiheng and Tong Ziang, the students learned about the basic things about the league, how to sing the song, the Medium and Long Term Plan for the Development of the Young, Guidance for New Members and how to become an excellent member togerther, and later the First Lesson and Glorious China by themselves. After the study, they were more convinced about being part of the organization, knew about the basic knowledge of it and the procedures of joining it. They also realized what qualities and responsibilities one should have as a member or leader, understood deeper about patriotism and made up their mind to study for the rise of China.

“I am volunteered to join the Communist Youth League of China, determined to support the leading of the Communist Party of China, to observe the guidelines of the league, to carry out what is decided by the league and the obligations as a member, to obey the rules, to study and work hard before enjoyment and to fight for the career of Communism.” One must read between the lines of the oath. Just as Secretary Yin put forward in the class, they must study hard, put what they learn into practice, try to play an important part and be a good example to others. Everyone should make his own contribution for the league, the party and the country.

By Chen Siyuan and Yang Jingyu from Class 7 Junior Grade 2

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