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Respect ( the Morning Meeting on October 9th


F: hello, everyone, I am Fang Ran from Class 4, senior Grade 2

S: hello, everyone, I am Shen Haolin from Class 4, senior Grade 2. in today’s morning, we’d like to talk with you about what respect is.  
F: Maslow, famous American psychologist divided human needs into five levels, humans’ need for respect is at the 4th level. Respect, divided further, are two parts: being respected by others and self-respect: the former hopes to get respect from others and get honor and status; the latter hopes to have self-value, hopes to be recognized in terms of personal ability and achievement.
S: in this way, respect means the recognition between two parties. But meanwhile, respect is a kind of manner, it is also a kind of quality. It is pointless to talk about respect on the surface, what counts is to show respect in one’s psychology and behavior.
F: our alumni, an excellent student, Xu Jiru once said, the most important lesson she learned at NFLS was respect. It is my fifth year in NFLS, I can feel our school’s tolerance and openness which creates such diverse culture surroundings at all times, here, all voices can be heard, all figures will blossom.
S: right, diverse culture surroundings mean the continual collisions and fusions. What if the students around you have different opinions? What if the students from other grades have opposite views about the world, the life and values from yours? At these moments, the importance of communication take its place.
F: how to deal with the problems such as the respect to each other and communication? Let us hear what Song Siyuan, a junior high, says. 

Dear teachers and school friends:

Hello, everyone! I am Song Siyuan from junior Grade 2, I am an ordinary student of NFLS, I have been in this school for more than a year, I enjoy happiness and gain something every day.
In our school, every morning, the students on weekly duty greet us with warmth, a beautiful day begins, many students return the greeting with a smile or a wave of hand; at the speech before the class, the addresser talks with enthusiasm, others listen carefully and give appropriate comments; at meals, though time is so limited, we can see a long line in order; the school appoints senior highs to junior high school as instructors to offer help with patience, to show them how to do so junior highs can better and faster adapt to new school life... all these, makes me feel proud and happy as a NFLS student.
Of course, there are some minor frictions in our school life. Some of them provoke our thinking, make us growing. For example, not long ago, while doing exercise during the break, some students clapped hands for each other, though it happened among just some students, the applause seemed like boo and hoot, now, with the teachers’ timely reminding, that kidding applause is no long happening again. One more example, in the students’ union election which just ended, when the candidates wanted to give a speech at noon in the classrooms, some students refuse to open the door because they worried it might interfere with their study, it was not proper ... these incidents provoked my thoughts and made me feel that how important the respect between each other is, how important a good communication is.
Respect is the premise of the communication between each other, a smile to the students at the school gate, obey the rules while waiting in a queue, greet the teachers when seeing them, help those in the low grades with sincerity, all theses show our respect to others, it is due to respect in our life that produce an harmonious atmosphere.
On the basis of respecting each other, when different opinions arise, we can communicate in a friendly way with others, solve the problems better. Communication is a bridge between individuals, being able to communicate with others is a skill that we are supposed to have. NFLS junior high and senior high are in the same campus, let us have more communications with our alumni and learn from them. In junior Grade 1, the teachers in the Students’ Management Office built a bridge of communication, our little tutors exchange ideas with us sincerely, so we could better adapt ourselves to the life in junior high school; at sports field, after friendly consultation among the students in different grades, we had reasonable allocation at the sports field and the friendship matches between grades. In the students’ union election that just ended, some junior highs participated in the campaign team, gave the candidates some help in the election, so the loud cheers at the school gate could be heard. For the sake of communication, we have a pleasant life on campus.
The campus is a small society, the campus is our home. There will be different things happening, we will meet different people. But, once we keep this in heart that we should respect others, once we learn to have sincere and effective communication with others, this small society will be more harmonious, our home will be warmer and more beautiful. I think, all these are around us. Thank you for such an opportunity to allow me to express my thoughts and feelings, dear school friends, let us work together and build a more civilized and more beautiful school together! 

S: thank Song Siyuan for his wonderful speech. It is important for people to respect each other, reasonable and friendly communication is just as important, learn to listen, be good at communicating, then the interrelationship among people can be harmonious.

F: besides the respect between each other, it is also the same important to respect rules. The rules are everywhere, in our school life, we have school rules, class rules, both of them restrict our behavior, and guarantee our rights at the same time, next, let’s welcome Li Jiawen from Class 2, senior Grade 1 to talk about how he feels. 
Hello everyone, I am Li Jiawen from Class 2, Senior Grade 1, I am very honored to give a speech here. Today, I’d like to give my opinions about the
Then, what’s  respect? Respect means take things seriously with respect, treat others equally; never can we be self-important, never can we do things opposite to what we say, never can we be pretentious. When mentioning the respect at school, I must come clean with what we must respect.
It is natural and doesn’t need to mention the respect to our teachers and other students, just then, the incident of applause was talked about, no matter what the cause was, there must be someone who stopped clapping hands first, then everything would be settled and the quietness resumed, as senior high, we should set a good example. As NFLS students, we should respect each other, be lenient to each other and create a more harmonious surroundings, why not do this?
Apart from the above mentioned, school is a miniature of the society, which is full of competition, we must learn to respect our competitors and respect the rules.
A few weeks ago, the students’ union election was over with great success, the campaign team was responsible, well-prepared and devoted. As one of the candidates, I clearly knew how fierce the competition was, everyone wanted show his/her best. However, our competitors are also good examples for us to learn from. Everybody was filled with enthusiasm of building a more beautiful school, we had a same goal, why not learn from each other? Why not cooperate with each other so win-win would be achieved? In the company of three, one always can find a teacher. Respect your rivals, appreciate them, it is important to think in others’ place.
In the election, some regrettable thing happened, it was not in accordance with the rules, the reform committee members discussed again and again and made fair judgment in the end. There are no perfect rules in the world, the rule makers explore and perfect the rules gradually, try to be fair to everyone, but for the performers, they should respect the rules, doing things according to the rules,try their best and fight to achieve their goals. For those who have a fluke mind, those who make mistakes on purpose, those who want to take advantage of the flaws in the rules will reap what they have sown. Today, we are at school, being punished by violating the rules is actually giving us a warning alarm,which keeps reminding us to respect rules. When we walk out of the campus and enter for social competitions, we should be more self-disciplined. The result is not that important, what matters is the reflections and growing. Cheer for ourselves, cheer for others, learning to respect the rivals, learning to respect rules are the highest.
Here, I’d like to write more and talk about how to enjoy the school life freely with the rules’ restriction. For example, in many international cities, such as London, Paris, Berlin and Hongkong which has such good city planning, the roads lead to all directions, there are many vehicles, all are driving at high speed, however, accidents are rare. Both drivers and pedestrians obey traffic rules, only by obeying rules can we benefit from high speed and efficiency. So it is not contradicting between the restriction of rules and the individual freedom, only by the restriction of rules will the freedom be safe and civilized.
You might as well open the school brochure to take a look, there are always more or less a few rules that we don’t act to, that we are clear about. Respect is not enough, learning them by heart, practicing them are the higher demand for NFLS students. For example, we shouldn’t chase in classroom or on campus, shouldn’t talk loudly, shouldn’t take food into teaching area.
NFLS is a warm family, here we grow up, we absorb new knowledge, improve our qualities. One day we will say goodbye to this beautiful school, and walk toward a wider world. Please cherish every minute, every second and leave more sweet memories. Please respect yourself, respect your friends, your teachers and the rules. In this way, will our campus be more harmonious and beautiful and benefit everyone from it.
Thank you all!

F: thank the students for their wonderful speech.

S: yes, like Li Jiawen said in the speech, the respect is mutual, the final beneficiary will be the two parties who respect each other. We respect not only each other, but the rules as well.
F: “cheer for ourselves, cheer for others”, in competitions, we need to learn to respect our rivals, respect the rules, there is no difference in terms of respecting others, poor or rich, aristocratic or common, young or old, respectable or humble, as a capitalized person, you need some fundamental qualities.
F&S: let us remember respect, learn to communicate, work together for a better NFLS tomorrow!
Today’s morning meeting is over, thank you all.