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Student Union Handover Meeting

Good morning, students and teachers. I am Chairman of the Student Union 2016 to 2017. The Student Union accomplished a lot of task last year. We work hard because we love NFLS and keep our promise. Today in this transition ceremony, first of all I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Student Union last year for the teachers’ support and the students’ trust and the joint effort of all members, thank you! In the campaign last week, all the candidates displayed their excellent capabilities. It is believed that NFLS have put their trust in a group of leaders with ideas, ability and passion. They are Chairman Cheng Ruoheng and Wang Ran, Chairman Assistant Xue Dongyun and Xu Ruoyao, Director of the Study Department Cai Haohuan and Peng Fei, Director of the Propaganda Department Sun Zihe and Zhong Hanquan, Director of the Discipline Inspection Department Li You and Xiao Xiao, Director of the Liaison Department Han Shuyuan and Wang Yuyao, Director of the Student Life Department Jiang Qile and Jiang Wanting, Director of the PE Department Xu Yi and Yang Xihe, Director of the Art Department Pu Yadi and Zhang Xi, Assistant of the Art Department directors Qian Yixin and Sha Yumeng.

Let us look forward to the changes that they are going to bring to the school.

Hello everyone. We are Cheng Ruoheng and Wang Ran. On behalf of all the members of the Student Union we want to thank all the voters who have taken part in the election week, the students of the Reform Committee as well as the teachers for their hard work. We are going to do our best to meet your expectations. We will lead the Union, serve the students, take our responsibilities, and try to build a better campus with you all.

Hi, everyone. We are Xue Dongyun and Xu Ruoyao. As the Assistants of Chairman, we will help the chairmen together with different departments.
Hello! We are Cai Haohuan and Peng Fei. As Director of the Study Department, we will be responsible for organizing different kinds of learning activities, seeing how the students do with their study and listening to different advice. Hopefully we would be able to create a good learning environment so that the students would make more and more progress in their study day after day.
Hi! We are Zhong Hanquan and Sun Zihe. As directors of the Propaganda Department, we will be responsible for the publicity of the Union, take part in the decorating the display windows, organize blackboard newspaper competitions and promote the construction of campus culture. We will make use of the school network, TV, radio, newspaper and other ways, aiming to create wonderful memories for the students by faith, sincerity and persistence.
Hello, everyone. We are Xiao Xiao and Li You. As directors of the Discipline Inspection Department, we will check and supervise whether the students observe the rules of the school or not, and also we will organize the Student Autonomy Committee and maintain the normal teaching order. We are going to take every good example and every violation of rules seriously, using the right given by the students to serve the students and creating a harmonious campus.
Hi, we are Wang Yuyao and Han Shuyuan. As the directors of the Liaison Department, on the one hand, we will manage the student association, coordinate events and organize materials and competitions, so as to enrich the students’ life; on the other hand, we will be in charge of the connection among different departments in and out of school, enhancing the influence of our school and making contribution to the friendship with other schools. Connection has to be done by heart.
Hi, everyone. We are Jiang Qile and Jiang Wanting. As directors of the Student Life Department, we will try to understand the requests of the students, actively seek for solutions, provide what the students want in school and listen to what they think. We will also be responsible for the financial management of the Student Union, participate in managing the charity fund so that life of students may not be dull but full of fun.
Hello, everyone. We are Yang Xihe and Xu Yi. As directors of the PE Department, we will organize various sports that many people could be part of, and encourage the students to do sports and love sports. Of course we would also check and evaluate students’ exercise between classes, help them to do sports on their own, to find fun and enjoy the changes that sports bring about.
Hello everyone. We are Pu Yadi and Zhang Xi. As directors of the Art Department, we will be in charge of the entertainment in the school, including organizing parties during festivals and anniversaries and carrying out event that are suitable for the students. We will work hard and be practical, ready to try new things, always remembering our initial intention and enjoying youth. Let us love art and let art shine and bring light to our life.
Hi, everyone. We are Qian Yixin and Sha Yumeng. As assistants of the directors of Art Department, we will work hard to help the directors to dedicate marvelous performance in the Art Festivals and Foreign Language Festivals.
After hearing our speeches, we want you to believe that each department will do what they can to realize the goals that they has set up and to make a better NFLS. Lastly, let us express our determination to work hard with two poems.
Chairman Wang
To Fighting
  Every morning when we wake up
The glimmer of dawn lights up the world
We have set out
 On the journey of dream 
To the distant place of challenges.

 In spite of wind, rain, thunder or lightning

The persistence in our eyes never changes  

   Even if in tough circumstances

   We will never give up

 Inspection and Discipline

 In the battle of defending dreams 

We have only one pledge to make
That is to fight with no fear
To experience all the gentleness and strength after hardships
  And all the trouble and growth with no regrets

 In that moment

 We proclaim to the world 
  That we are proud and confident
In the battlefield of youth
We fight with swords
 We cry and laugh
  And the winners obtain the final growth
 Hardworking steps never stop
 The chapter of youth never ends
We will always believe
 That the world is for us to experience


To Youth
  With wings covered by sunshine
  We are now at the stop of youth 
With hustle in our blood,
And hands of welcoming the sun
 We open the gate of light and hope 
In order to look for the glow of youth
For numerous times for our dream
 We start with the bell ring in the middle of night
We go on with great passion
 To search for the glory that belongs to our youth
 Maybe the road is long and difficult
But we work for it, our dream.  
  Walking towards the distant destination
 In the tunnel of time
Let the light from our eyes drill the sky until it is blue
Let the excitement from our heart pierce through the endless sky
To the high and distant universe
Assistant of Art
  Stay till the end of life
The bell of hope rings in the sky of dawn 
Assistant of Chairman
 Believe that sunshine of each morning will be more bright
Believe that light of youth will illuminate the way for young people with dreams
Chairman Cheng
 Let us join hands
To go through time in the sunlight
Let us be faster
To light up the dreams in the heart 
Let us sing a song of youth with true love