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A Long-standing Melody of Ancient Chinese Literature, A Thousand-year Chinese Soul --- the 1st Jiangsu ““Jingjing Cup”
Pupils & Middle School Students “ Ancient Chinese Literature Talents"Challenge Contest Report 

On the afternoon of August 26th,the 1st Jiangsu “Jingjing Cup” pupils and middle school students “ Ancient Chinese Literature Talents” challenge contest was held in Jiangsu No. 2 Normal College. Six NFLS students, junior and senior, had over ten days’ busy training, taking with them the teachers’ expectations, namely Xu Hongman, Dai Yaping, Dai Xia, Tang Yuanyuan, walked into the contest room in heavy rain. They performed with calmness and certainty and won NO. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 in junior group, No. 2 and No. 4 in senior group, finishing the 1st round with outstanding results. In the final, the contest system changed to answer first system, the junior highs were calm, two of them passed and entered for the next round, the senior highs learned some lesson from the junior highs after watching their performance and made some adjustment. Their agile and smart performance received cheers from the audience, and upgraded to a higher level round. In the third round of contest, two of the junior highs improvised about learning hard and respecting teachers their thoughts were clear and they performed with grace, Tang Juanyan upgraded to the top 4. in the senior high group, the students had debates on one of ancient celebrities combining with the actual situation,, they were quick-witted and well-founded. Two of them emerged as the best candidates for the top 4 contest. In the final of competing the champion and runner-up, Tang Juanyan and Wang Yuhan won the Special Prize in junior group and senior group respectively, Jiang Haiyue and Song Tianze won the 1st Prize in junior group and senior group respectively, Yu Yunjia won the 2nd Prize in junior group, Li Jiaqi won the Excellent Prize.

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3   4
5   6

Our students achieved satisfactorily in the contest. 

A Long-standing Ancient Chinese Literature, A Thousand-year Chinese Soul

Li Jiaqi, Class 2, senior Grade 2

The star river of Chinese culture, more than a thousand years, is shining with intelligent philosophy, long history, splendid rhetoric, they are numerous, breathtaking. Up till now, all forms of culture are fused into new knowledge --- ancient Chinese literature, just like a hundred rivers flowing to the ocean, 

Before Xia Dynasty, such a theory, for me, was like attic in the air, so far away that it was hard to reach. Unexpectedly, I was reading EightDragons and I happened to fall in love with ancient Chinese literature written by Jin Yong while stuck by Qiao Feng’s “ I will go regardless of thousands of people”, I thought it was concise in just a few words, the feeling was subtle. From the research about the relationship between Beating Dragon 18 Palms and the six-four divinatory symbols in Yi Jing,to the search for the masterpiece throughout the ages Guang Ling San by Ji Kang... I began obsess myself in ancient Chinese literature and I felt Chinese culture was broad and profound.   
After that, out of the love of my country, with the teachers’ encouragement, I entered for the ancient Chinese culture contest held in August and had the training at school. From Si Maqian’s “to form a philosophy of one’s own”,to see how he viewed, to Cao Xueqin’s “ all the words were written with blood”, to see how he wrote with great caution, I read a lot of books, tasted the long-standing ancient literature; from those grand ceremonies of worship heaven by the emperors, to common people’s daily life, I felt like I was with them, exploring the thousand-year Chinese soul. After this culture exploration, I suddenly realized things, from policy-making which has a lot to do with the common people, to some behavior principles which are so minor, all the above are influenced by culture genes. Zhang Qian’s travel in the West set a foundation of friendly diplomacy, which led to today’s “one road, one belt” strategy; diligent students’ spirit is motivated by Sun Jing, Su Qin and the like thousands of others’ mental encouragement. Without the teachers’ instructions, how could I feel the “soft force” that ancient literature has given me? How could I find my “ Chinese soul’? when I think of this, I begin to understand the meaning of having ancient literature course at school, I can’t help feeling grateful for the school’s efforts in building NFLS students’ with “Chinese soul”!
As a NFLS student, I often think, what’s it like to have a Chinese soul? While learning ancient literature, I gradually found the answer. From over 2000 years ago, in Qin Dynasty, the philosophers contributed their thoughts, their ideas, to the contemporary times, when patriots tried their best to save the country, isn’t such patriotism “Chinese soul’? from ancient times, Kong Rong, Zhu Xi, who were so filial to their parents and nice to their brothers, to today’s Tian Shiguo, who touched the whole country by donating his kidney to his own mother, aren’t all these examples of “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues”? “good timing is no better than geographical convenience, geographical convenience is no better than good human relations”, such philosophy has given Chinese nation endless strong cohesive force. Isn’t it “Chinese soul”?
Since late Qing Dynasty, we have been experiencing Xinhai Revolution, Open and Reform, our traditional culture has been impacted by West culture and Japanese Barrage culture, was once at the trough, in January this year, the General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC, State Council Office both issued “Act on how to carry out Chinese traditional culture and inherit it development project”. CCTV had shows about “Chinese Character Writing Contest” and  “Chinese Poems Contest” which became popular for quite a while, it seemed that ancient literature revived. At present age, we NFLS students should take the responsibility of developing Chinese culture as our own duty, absorb Chinese wisdom, carry forward Chinese spirit, publicize Chinese values, build our confidence in culture, never forget the original attentions, face the future, to be a modern human with Chinese soul and an international mind.

           Unforgettable Experience

Jiang Haiyue, Class 5, junior Grade 2

 Before it, I always like poems only, but in such a wide range of ancient literature, I didn’t spend a lot of time in it. Before entering for the contest, I thought, since they were both classic literature, they were both what I liked, what I longed for, why not try? Once selected, I would learn more, if not, it is a good experience. From the day when I applied to the selection, from learning on my own to having a collective training, from being at loss to being full of confidence, within two months, we gained a lot and grew up a lot.

In our contest, there was one form, that was improvising. For those who know me well, I am not someone who is good at making speeches, not to mention improvising. But no matter in the  training or in the actual contest, improvising was an unavoidable part of the contest, it was impossible to avoid, all I could do was to greet the challenge. Not that I didn’t think of giving it up, I couldn’t give up. Because I was not only on behalf of myself, I was on behalf of our team, our school, on behalf of Nanjing City.
During the training of making speeches, all the topics were deprived from an ancient Chinese sentence, before the speeches, we had to search for involving information so we could understand better. Of all the topics, what impressed me most was the topic of wealth and poverty. It made me think more deeply about these two familiar words. There is a line in Meng Zi “ Neither riches nor honors can corrupt him; neither poverty nor humbleness can make him swerve from principles”, in fact, no matter wealth or poverty, for us it is a test. When we are wealthy, it is a test to see if we are obsessed in it, if we are persistent enough; when we are poor, it is a test to see if we can overcome poverty and difficulty, if we give up our goal or not, or give our dignity or not. I think wealth or poverty are not eternal, they will change in accordance with our action.
In those training, my speech level was improved. In the later contest, I finished the part of making a speech. Though I didn’t upgrade due to the gap between my speech and others’, I broke through myself, after all, this was the first time that I had improvised a speech in front of so many people.
I asked myself: after two-month effort, was it worth just being one of the top eight and couldn’t be better? Was it regrettable? My answer was yes. Because I have moved a step further forward, I learned more knowledge, I broke through myself, I think, this is more important than the contest itself. I have never regretted the two-month devotion, all I hope is that we won’t forget our original wishes and carry forward the ancient culture.
Of course, in this contest, what I achieved was indispensable from many people. Taking this opportunity to share my experience, I want to say “thank you” to all my friends who encouraged me, to my classmates who have been with me all the way, to my parents who have bee supportive, most of all, to Teacher Xu Hongman, Teacher Dai Xia, Teacher Dai Yaping, Teacher Tang Yuanyuan for their diligent devotion and instruction. Thank you for guiding me to grow up.