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Military Training Day 3

It is the 3rd day of military training. The students have gradually got used to the life in the base. They have worked very hard under the hot summer sun, saluting, standing, formation training, goose-stepping and so on like real soldiers, which serves to improve the students’ strength of will, persistence, self-care ability and other aspects. They say in the middle of training one must remember the goal of physical health, the determination not to jeopardize the reputation of their classes as well as the endurance to hold on to the end.

In the morning, Principal Zou and Secretary Liu came to the base. Principal Zou spoke highly of the students’ training, and put forward his requirement. He said beside military training we must also pay attention to medical care. Professional medical staff should be there with the troop to provide immediate help and the emergency medical service car should always be ready. Make sure the training go on smoothly.

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