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Ten Questions and Answers about NFLS Student Associations/Clubs 2017 to 2018

Question 1: What can you get from a student association or club?
Answer: First you will be developed with more freedom, individuality and professional help. Friends of similar interests interact with one another and learn from one another. Here could be your starting point of academic life and hobbies of a life time.  
Second, star associations will be honored by the school, so do the leaders of 5 star associations. The clubs will not be included in any evaluation.
Question 2: What should I do if I want to start a new association or club?
Answer:  First of all we need to ask whether you have enough determination and time to do this and be responsible for the members who trust you. If yes, then you must prepare the following things: a rough plan for the development of the club, including how to manage it and plans, material of the starter, draft of your badge, advice of your instructors in or out of school. Then send these materials to the school Association League (office 309 of Administrative Building) before 4:00 PM, September 15th to offer your application and then wait for the feedback. From now on, one can apply within the first two weeks of each semester. The club only needs to register at the head teachers and put on file at the headquarters of Young Pioneer Group.
Question 3:  What’s difference between an association and a club?
Answer:  Associations are for high school students and clubs for junior high students.
Question 4: In what ways could one know about the associations or clubs before they choose the right one?
Answer: This year we have decided to recruit new members on October 11. At that time the old and new associations will have meetings. You will get to know the ones you are interested in and apply by then. The recruitment will be organized by the groups of Young Pioneers.
Question 5: Is there any limitation for joining associations or clubs?
Answer: Joining associations or clubs is the right for each NFLS student for self-development. As long as you are interested and the associations or clubs accept, the school has no right to stop you. We hope that you join one at least and 2 at most. Too many would affect your study. 
Question 6: Do they charge for joining the associations or clubs?
Answer: Associations or clubs are non-profit organizations. However, some may charge necessary fee for organizing activities. Some may have membership. Fee for senior memberss will be reduced. Besides, the school will provide necessary support, for instance, poster printing, inviting experts for lectures, reward for star associations or clubs.
Question 7: Do associations or clubs accept social sponsorship?
Answer: Associations or clubs could accept social sponsorship if they have a large amount of financial need. But it should be pointed out that they must know something about law and finance and take detailed record about the use of money. And also they need to sign contract with the party of sponsor, making sure about the rights and responsibilities of each party, which should meet the requirements of the law and do not harm the benefit of the school. So associations and clubs must be careful and get help from the Association League before accepting any social financial support.
Question 8: Is the membership a lifelong tenure?
Answer: We hope that every association or club could last and carried on from generation to generation. So we keep the honorary membership of graduates and set up a system to guarantee that our associations or clubs are healthy, tasteful and loved by students. For the ones that have made mistakes or with no future, we would close them and make it known to the school.
Besides, we have a star evaluation system. For detailed information, please go to “Evaluation Rules of NFLS Student Associations”. It is suggested that each association should have their own evaluation system. The members who do not meet the requirements could be rejected.
If you join an association, you should take part in its activities every time of a school year. With no right reasons for absence or quitting, the association or club could put a record in the League so that the league will suggest other associations be careful about your participation.
Question 9: How does one join an association or club?
Answer: You could sign in during the recruitment time of each school year according to the requirement of each association or club. As long as they accept you and put on file in the League or the Young Pioneer Group. If you miss it you have to wait till next year.
Question 10: What procedures are there for each event?
Answer: We hope that each activity will be wonderful and let every student learn something from it. Usually speaking, every time an event must go through the following steps: first, making plan with your instructors; second, sending your plan and poster to the league; third, the league printing the poster and putting it up on the appointed place; fourth, carrying out the event, taking a record of the process, writing a summary and sending all the materials to the league for future evaluation.
With the head of the club taking the lead, every member must take turns to organize a communicative activity once a month. Keep record of the process and enhance publicity and influence.
The ten questions and answers above serve as an explanation of the management of the student Association League. For more information, please join NFLS QQ group 324625665 or call 83282361 for the instructors of the League. The rules have not been set yet. You are welcomed to give advice or suggestions for the development of NFLS student associations and clubs.
Youth League NFLS Committee
NFLS Student Association League
August 28, 2017