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NFLS Got the Best Organizer Award in “Meiyuan Cup”My Favorite Museum Writing Contest
Summer of Museums, Heritage from the Ancient Time
On August 25th, around 9:00 AM, my companions and I walked into the Museum of the Six Dynasties with great interest and respect for the ancient city, to attend the closing ceremony of the 15th Summer of Museums.
Leaders of Nanjing Culture Broadcasting and TV News Press, Nanjing Culture Office, Nanjing Education Bureau, Nanjing Committee for the Next Generation and Nanjing Museum were present. First of all, the leaders summarized the event and spoke highly of each part of it. After that they presented the awards to the students. In the writing contest, there were 25 prize winners from middle schools, and 8 of them from NFLS. Sun Zhiyao and Fang Qiaoxi got the 1st Prize, Song Tianze, Dai Jiangqi and Hu Tianrun the 2nd Prize, Li Linwan the 3rd Prize, Hu Xinran and Zhu Yechen the Excellency Prize, NFLS the Best Organizer Prize.
After the ceremony, the students visited the Museum of Six Dynasties. We spent time on a specific period of history, from which we benefited a lot. We learned not only knowledge but also the passion for history and the protection of historical relics. History needs to be remembered and treated well, and only way to present real history is by the things from the past. The best attitude is to protect and appreciate with respect.
I must say it was a successful event. The students were quite involved and learned from it. Wish Summer of Museums a better future. Hopefully there will be more helpful activities of all kinds.