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NFLS Regulation for the Students’ Union Competition in 2017-2018 School Year


NFLS  Students’ Union is an mass organization led by school party committee, its aim is to advocate the students in self-development, self-management, self-service and self-training, follow and serve the school’s education work, make efforts to realize the school’s training goals.
In order to have a fair,just and open process in the shift election in 2017-2018 school year students’ union, we especially made the regulations. This regulation is in accordance with NFLS Students’ Union Regulation ( drift) the 6th Chapter “ the Students’ Union Shift Election”, the specific details are made for the 2017-2018 school year’s shift election of the NFLS students’ union ( refer to as students’ union or this union in the following part).

I. Candidacy
The senior 1st graders and senior 2nd graders who are the members in this union must meet the following requirements to participate in the union’s election.
(i) the candidates running for the head of the union must be the 4-star Student for at least one semester. Besides this, the candidates for Study Minister must acquire the Study Ability Star; the candidates for Life Minister, Liaison Minister must acquire the Exchange-cooperation Star; the candidates for Discipline Inspection Minister must acquire the Citizen Quality Star; among the partners of the PE Minister, at least one of them must acquire the Sports and Health Star; among the partners of Entertainment, Publicity Minister, at least one of them must acquire the Aesthetics and Performance Star.
(ii) the candidates for the chairman must acquire the 5-star Student for at least one semester ( the stars must  include the Virtue Star and Study Ability Star) 
( iii) all the candidates’ average academic grades must be 80 scores or above in each subject in the last semester ( excluding PE, music, art), collective recommendations from the Students’ Management Office, the League Committee teachers in the last semester are necessary.

II. The functions of each minister
(i) the   function of the chairman in the union: take the comprehensive responsibility of the union’s work, fully know the work of each minister, give opinions and requirements; preside the regular meeting in the union, class monitor meeting and grade director meeting, be in charge of the enforcement of the union’s decisions; make the work plan for the union, report the work to higher department regularly and deliver the higher department’s instructions and their enforcement; adjust the members in the union and suggest the appointment and dismissal of the members.
(ii) the function of the Study Ministry: be in charge of the editing of Broad Sea & Sky magazine, organize the study activities, fully know the students’ study, listen to the students’ opinion and requirements about the teaching and report them to the department involved.
(iii) the function of the Publicity Ministry: be in charge of the publicity of the school activities, get involved in the arrangement of the school window, organize the blackboard design contest and inspection, publicize via school website, school TV station, school broadcast radio station, school newspaper, etc., to push the school civilization forward.
( iv) the function of the Discipline & Inspection Ministry: be in charge of the supervision of how the students obey the school rules, organize and have students self-rule committee work, get involved in the construction of school civilization, maintain normal education & teaching order. 
( v.) the function of Life Ministry: fully know the students’ needs in life and report them to the concerning department(s) in time, seek solutions; be in charge of the management of Love umbrella; get involved in the management of Love Funds; participate in check of the school cleaning work; be in charge of the finance work in the union.
( vi) the function of the Liaison Ministry: be in charge of the communication between the school and the units / departments outside the school, try to promote the construction of the common practice at school, enhance the school’s influence; be in charge of the management of the clubs, coordinate the activities between the clubs, adjust the the working files in the students’ clubs, organize the contests and display of the clubs.
( vii) the function of the Entertainment Ministry: be in charge of relevant entertainment activities, organized festival parties, commemoration activities and other activities that are suitable for the students’ physical and mental growth.
(viii) the function of the PE Ministry: try best to make opportunities, organize the students to have diversified mass sports activities, participate in the break exercise inspection and judgment.
III. The election procedure
( i) the shift election will be done in the form of direct voting in a democratic way. 
(ii) shift election committee
The shift election committee consists of 6 grader directors, 6 self-recommending students ( theoretically, 4 in junior high, 2 in senior high), the present union member consists of 3 students. Self-recommending student representatives are from among the self-recommending students, this will be produced on the first Friday after the new semester begins ( September 1st) in the form of drawing lots openly.
(iii) the election of the candidates will be produced in combined form of self-recommendation and recommendation, anyone who is interested please fill in the application form online and send to the mailbox of the committee from August 26-28, the shift election committee will submit to the grade group after confirming, only with the collective recommendation from the grade, will the applicants acquire the candidacy; candidates should be guided with “ serve the public, add glory to the campus”, make the yearly work plan, that is the working guidance, on the basis of the position function, combine the school’s virtue education requirements and the candidates’ advantage, submit the application form and the working guidance to the shift election committee on the second Monday in the new semester ( September 4th). Meanwhile, every candidate can submit a less than 2-minute DV ( MPEG)  or PPT ( auto play) about the introduction of the two candidates’ ability in the applying positions and their achievements. After the shift election committee has confirmed, it will submit to the Students’ Management, the League Committee for permission, shift election committee will announce the candidates’ name list from the 2nd week and broadcast the candidates’ introduction materials at the school TV station.
(iv) all the candidates are supposed to submit his/her publicized materials on A 4 paper before 13:00, September 8th, the second week so the shift election committee will collect them and and distribute to each class for publicity, two candidates can have one A 4 paper ( the weight of the paper is less than 80 grams, black & white printing or color printing), 70 copies; each candidate prepares a big poster ( size: height108cm x wide78 cm, KT material is advised, with four holes so a string can be used to fixed firmly), the publicity instructions, the poster of each minister candidate must be done with hand and will be hung in the appointed places at 15:00, September 10th after the committee confirms. 
( v) the election publicity will be held in the 3rd week ( from September 11th to 15th) in the semester, no publicity is allowed before or after the dates or it will be handled as misdeeds. On the whole, the candidates’ publicity time is from 6:30 to 7:30 am, each candidate’s poster length and stand must be less than 3 meters. From 12:00 to 12: 45 between September 11th to 14th, the candidates can publicize at the specified time in the classrooms. At the branch schools, the publicity time is from 12:15 to 12: 40 on September 15th, the place is the lots excluding the Teaching Building, other times are forbidden to use to publicize in the branch schools or it will be handled as misdeeds. The last canvassing speech will be going on at 16:00, Friday, the 3rd week at the school TV station, the length of the speech will be announced later. This school year’s shift election will decide if it will organize the candidates to have an open debate on the base of the application situations, applicants please attend the election meeting for details, which is held at 10:00 am, on August 30th, at the lecture classroom E. 
( vi) the new union election will be done in secret ballots, all the students’ union members will participate and elect the new union chairman, all the ministers, the voting date is temporary scheduled on Monday, September 18th, the 4th week.      ( vii) the ballots of the union shift election will be printed by the union and with a seal, other ballots are considered invalid.
VI. The process of calling out the names of candidates. 
( i) the shift election committee will organize non-applicants to call out the candidates names with 48 hours after the voting, the calling names will be supervised by the school League Committee and the Students’ Management Office.
V. The election result
( i) if two groups or more than two groups have the same ballots in the election of chairman, then the shift election committee will have an election again with a week, before voting, the candidates are given some time to give a speech, if two groups or more than two groups have the same ballots in the election of ministers, then both the groups are elected.
VI. The announcement of the result
( i) the shift election committee will announce the result 3 days after voting and the positions to all the members;
(ii) if any candidate disagrees with the result, he can apply for revision to the committee within 24 hours after the result announcement, the committee should report it to the Students’ Management Office and the League Committee in time and prepare for the reply and recheck within 24 hours.
VII violation handling
 (i) in the process of election, all the candidates are forbidden to offer gifts to the teachers, the students and other school faculty, or it will be considered as bribery and the candidacy will be canceled.
( ii) during the election, it is forbidden to paste publicity materials other than the appointed places, once discovered, the candidacy will be canceled. During the election, it is forbidden to distribute any publicity materials to the teachers and students, once discovered, the committee will record it in the file and reduce 50 ballots for each poster. ( can be added up)
(x) for the unmentioned details, please report to the committee to discuss and decide the handling plan,
VIII. Appendix
The rights to interpret this charter is owned by the NFLS Students’ Union.

( i) the shift election committee will collect all the ballots and seal them after the speeches on the voting day.
(ii) for each post in the union, the candidate will win the most ballots will be offered the post; in order to better begin the work, each post will choose the two candidates from senior Grade 1 who have the most ballots as the assistants to the post.
(iii) the election campaign is on a fair, just basis. From the application to the result announcement, if any candidate violates, he/she will be seriously dealt with after being confirmed
( iv) during the publicity week, the candidates can wear publicity clothes according to his/her requirements, the assistant can’t, or it will be considered as violation and the candidacy will be canceled.
(v) the candidates can have his/her election publicity in the appointed places, communication must be done with the concerning teachers and report to the shift election committee, the permission of the Students’ Management Office is obliged, or it will be considered violation and the candidacy is canceled.
( vi) all the election publicity will be held on campus, the participants are not allowed to have any form of publicity activities outside the school ( including internet) , once violated, the candidacy is canceled.
( vii) the candidate ( including the assistant group) will be canceled his/her candidacy once found to defame, curse, gossip other candidates’ interests.
( viii) the shift election committee will provide election report box and online report box on the 2nd week end, everybody is welcome to get involved in the supervision of the election and report the problems in the election process with your real name; the committee will check the report information in the afternoon every day, investigate and confirm the problems, once any report is confirmed, the committee will inform the candidate in the first place and make the punishment according to the concerning rules before calculating the ballots.
( ix) the publicity at the school gate in the morning, no parents are allowed to enter the campus or publicize, or they will be considered violating the rules, the committee will reduce 50 ballots per time per person.
NFLS Students Union