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Summer of Museums and Culture 2017 Announcement

Each Youth League Branch, Young Pioneer Group,
In order to enrich the students’ summer vacation, improve our study of Chinese history and culture, we are going to organize an event called Summer of Culture and Museums 2017. It aims to encourage the students to go to museums to learn something or do something so that they may improve themselves and help spread Chinese culture. The requirements are as follows:
ⅠMy Favorite Museum or Memorial writing competitionRequirements of the writing: it should be mainly about your experience of visiting a museum or memorial, and related to Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, Socialism Core Values, or Inheritance of traditional Chinese culture and so on. There is no limit to theme, style or name of the writing. Please include your class, name, gender, and contact information in the writing, which is supposed to be about 600 words.
Submission of the writing: please send your writing to before July 20. The school will choose the best from writings of the 1st, 2ndand 3rdPrize to participate in the “Meiyuan Cup” writing competition organized by Meiyuan Xincun Memorial.
Please see the attachment for detailed information about the museums or memorials.
Ⅱ Museum or Memorial Volunteer Service
Young Pioneer groups and Youth League Branches should organize the members to take part in the volunteer work in museums or memorials, for instance as guide or explainer. The process of the service should be recorded by writings and pictures.
Requirements: the writings and pictures should be collected by the monitor or league branch secretary. We will take a class as a group to take part in the group and individual appraisal of summer social practice. 
 Youth League NFLS Committee
Young Pioneer NFLS Headquarters
June 28, 2017