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Museum Volunteers Recruitment Announcement 2017-2018

This is a volunteer event between Nanjing Meteorology Museum and Nanjing Archive Museum. The students who apply and pass the selection procedure will have to participate in several times of activities a year, each time 2 hours. Those whose service is considered qualified will be given public service points by the school Youth League Committee. The specific service time will be announced later.

Main job of the volunteers

Explanation in specific areas     Consultation and guidance    Maintenance of order   Culture publicity

Work time and place

Summer vacation: 13:40 PM---15:30 PM
Meteorology Museum, Gulou Archive Museum, Hexi

Selection standards

●passionate about public service, working without any selfish intention
●knowing something about the museum, for instance its structure, things in it
●clear expression, the ability to use mandarin in public speaking, flexible, good communication
●good looking, responsible, physically and mentally healthy
●available for the training and relevant activities before working officially as a guide, having time to get familiar with the speeches

Application time and how

Go to the campus network, Moral Education, you will see Museum Volunteers Recruitment Announcement 2017-2018, download the attachment Museum Volunteer Application Form, and send it to before June 30, 2017. Make sure to have your class and name in the mail and join the qq group 650211013.

Volunteer selection arrangement

The results of selection and service time will be sent to you by email. The applicants are required to go to the training on July 5 or 6. For detailed information, please look at the attachment.

NFLS Youth League Committee

NFLS Youth Association
June 24, 2017