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The Security of Internet Civilization and Internet Violence ( the Morning Meeting on June 5th)

Chen: hello, everyone, I am Chen Ruohan from Class 3, senior Grade 1
Ou: hello, I am Ouyang Ganlin from Class 3, senior Grade 1.
Chen: Ouyang, have you ever experienced the attack of internet virus?
Ou: never!
Chen: how come?
Chen: because I have never used any electronic products.
Chen: oh??!
Ou: I was kidding. In fact, I am quite alert about it. But the two students coming up here soon have a tight connection with internet virus. Please welcome them.
Pan: hey, Liu Bohan, why are your eyes full of tears recent days?
Liu: eh, you don’t know recently, my computer at home was attacked by ransomware, wanna cry, my political group report has been trapped in the computer and I can’t recall it, I have to redo it.
Pan: that’s really terrible.
Liu: yes, I felt such a thing was far away from me. The firewall and thing like that don’t work at all.
Pan: Liu Bohan’s sad experience is a case in point about the internet security. When talking about internet security, we first think it has something to do with the safe spreading of information. Virus, which has various forms, is the most typical example. They have been accompanied every netizen years, but virus are actually our familiar strangers. The ransomware, wanna cry, which was mentioned just now, was spreading all over the world, has made a lot of people truly realize how horrible virus are. Not all virus can be defended by firewall or anti-virus softwares, they are not easily-killed scattered salted fish, large scaled internet weapons like wanna cry,which can be used in a military war and are operated by powerful hacker organizatioin, they are just a tip of the iceberg in internet terrorism. Pan: though they are not like virus which can devastatingly attack the whole world, those overrunning weird links on websites and those public wifi which seem harmless are both hidden problmes about internet security. First of all, our imprssion about the ill-intentioned links can’t be kept on those ugly letters which pop out and tempt you to click, they are, in many cases, set quietly on some illegal or irregular softwares. When you are so lazy to distinguish its security and download it immeditely, they will steal your information arbituarily. Those bad links are usually the ones that attack you as virus, once you click it, you will be infected and the virus will spread, what happens next will be out of control.

Pan: CCTV 315 has exposed the main criminal of stealing others’ information is the public wifi which we both love and hate. Different from the vicious links which steals information without being noticed, public wife has a friendly face. Behind the smile, we don’t know if there is hiding a knife. The feature of public wifi means low grade when you log on and type in the password, or there is something unsafe in its router, so it is very easy to be attacked by hacker to acquire the figures delivered by wireless routers. Similarly, because some sofewars on our cellphone don’t comply with the Engineering & Communication Ministry’s requirements to take some necessary protective precautions for the information, hackers can get the users’ name, birth dates, ID numbers, addresses, shopping records and other private information form the figures that they intercept.



Pan: actually, the security of internet is a topic that needs to be long discussed. People hope while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten, but the reality is usually the opposite. The patches comes from the hole, and even though Microsoft makes the corresponding patches, because most users are unaware of upgrading the operation system, wanna cry then finds a chance to attack Windows operation system and makes it collapse. The so-called anti-virus software is just a make-up afterthought. Facing the well-organized, pre-schemed internet security attack with certain political purpose, facing the lack of hardware and software, we, a group of ordinary people don’t know what to do. A real effective way to reduce the loss of the individuals’ interests and reduce the possibility of being attacked by internet security, is to keep alert, make our own protective net, reduce the chances by which virus, bad links and those public wifi that steals personal information to break through the defense.

Liu: when we talk about internet security, it’s very easy for us to neglect the bad information online. Besides the bad informaiton about pornography, gambling and drugs that we have emphasized not just once, false information online is also the object that we must guard against. For example, we have heard from internet that some college students join in the lottery group and make a million yuan every month. Such news is actually luring us to join in the QQ group mentioned, then take further action.such things will become fraud. This kind of low-level fraud can be detected by us easily and becomes our topic after meals. But, give it a second thought, the students’ bank account are in their hands, how can the news “ college students bought lotteries” spread out automatically? Behind it is the reason that has something to do with the security of some amateurish websits and the temptation of the bad information. The accounts which is not controled have given their jurisdictions to some unknown websites, then the accounts are used by some criminals. We can still see such pages online, for example, astrology, the questionaires about personality analysis, etc. These pages all mislead us to give them our jurisdictions when we visit them, eventually, our voices are used to spread the false information. With the development of internet technology nowadays, the approaches to acquire our information are diversified, the criminals’ means to cheat is being updating continually. For this, we should be more alert, avoid to reveal our personal information and account information online.

Liu: in fact, our personal safety is a part of internet security.for instance, not long ago, the blue whale game is a typical case about how internet security affects personal security. Not long ago, a 17-year-old teenager was affected by the blue whale game and almost committed suicide by jumping into the river. The influence from the information online on our personal life has gone beyond our imagination. Recently, many college students were lured by the temptation of usury online, as a result, they are in debt, in such a heavy debt that debt companies came to where they lived and forced them to repay the debts. Many students were tempted by online part-time jobs and lost both themselves and their money. These events keep warning us of the dark side of internet. 

Pan: as high school students, we should pay more attention to self-protection when we are on line, so we can avoid being involved in the problems concerning our personal health and finance. When we are facing the changeable, diversified, fast virtual world online, the old saying becomes distinctively valuable:” think before leap.”

Ou: ( yawning)

Chen: hey, what’s the matter with you? You didn’t sleep well last night?

Ou: yes, definitely, at early morning, I went through my microblog and saw some people dumped on my favorite soccer star, I had a heated debate with them.

Chen: oh, that was your own fault, you forced others to accept your points of view, then internet violence will be formed unconsciouslessly, next, let’s welcome Pan Hao from Class 3, senior Grade 1 to talk about his opinions.


Hello, dear teachers, school friends! I am Liu Fengkai from Class 1, junior Grade 1, my topic today is: protect internet security and cililization with both science and laws.

When talking about internet security, I am sure it’s not somethign new to everyone. Panda Burning Incense,Ransom virus, and othe virus once severely damaged the internet security, and did great harm to the internet world. Internet virus are like ghosts wandering in the internet world, waiting for an opportunity to make trouble, bringing horror and danger to internet world and the people on line.

As a netizen, how can we protect ourselves, protect the security of the internet world? I think, first of all, we need a scientific brain, we need to learn necessary knowledge about internet, we must develop good habits of using internet scientifically --- how to effectively use anti-virus softwares and firewall, no logging on bad websites, no clickig strange documents and links, learning to distinguish bad guys in internet world, etc. Secondly, we, as individuals, should protect the internet security with consciousness, be legal netizens ---- no spreading virus, no making virus, once we find anything that threatens the internet security, we should shield in time and report. Of course, the internet world also needs capable talented heroes who has a sword in the hand and kill hackers and virus.In real life, civilization is a kind of regualtion and a kind of virtue, too, the internet world needs civilization as well. But at present, the internet world is full of incivilized behavior --- online attack, fraud, ill-intentioned dumping, crowd booing, one kind of another online violence keep appearing, the internelt order is seriously disturbed, our life is also greatly harmed and damaged. As high school students, we should be polite citizens in the internet world --- no making up of rumors, no spreading rumors, no insulting others, no peeping others’ privacy or no searchign for others’ information, no stealing and using other users’ names, no involving ourselves with online fraud or doing dangerous things to harm national seurity or social order, no logging on bad websites, no watching those vulgar, violent contents.

Internet world is the home we share. Whether internet security or internet civilization is the principle of the internet world. We, high school students are having our views of the world, our values forming, maintain the security and the civilization of the internet world is our task and duty! Let’s defend the crimes in the internet world with a scientific mind and legal consiciousness hand in hand, let’s create and maintain a safe, polite internet world! Thank you!

Ou: I learned something from Liu’s presentation. Next time, when the same thing happens, I will express myself in a more polite way.

Chen: in the world in which internet is developing fast, we should be rational netizens with good thinking ability and good judgment, try our best to influence people around us, make the internet world safer and more civilized, make online violence have no place to exist.

This is the end of today’s moring meeting. Thank you!