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Jiang Tianyi from Our school Attended Jiangsu Province 7th  Representatives’ Conference of China Young Pioneer 

From May 30thto June 1st, Jiangsu Province 7th Representatives’ Conference of China Young Pioneer was held in Jiangsu Province Party School. Jiang Tianyi, a junior first grader from our school represented all the Young Pioneers of NFLS to attend the conference as one of the Nanjing delegation members, he was elected as a committee member of Jiangsu Province’s Young Pioneer Committee.
The provinciial young pioneer representatives conference is held every 5 years, it was a great honor to attend the 7thconference, moreover, it was due to NFLS, a good platform. Though the conference was over, those exciting moments are still often in front of him.

The Provincial Party Scretary, the director of the Provincial NPC Standing Committee, Li Qiang,Wu Zhenglong, Jiang Dingzhi and some other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the conference, Secretary Li Qiang encouraged all the young pioneers in the province to set up high goals, foster good virtues, study hard and happily, exercise strong physique, try best to be useful talents for the country and society. The opening ceremony was held in a new form, a themed show, named “Star, Torch, Children Create Future”. The young pioneers show the attendees their gains in the provincial young pioneers’activity of “ Search for Prosperous, Beautiful, Hi-tech, New Jiangsu”in the forms of videos, singing and dancing, reading aloud, etc, to show the fruitful gains that Jiangsu young pioneers had achieved in the past five years. The young pioneers vowed solemnly: create the future, be usuful talents, they expressed their firm determination to set high goals, follow the Party, be creative, develop themselves in all fields, get ready for the building of Jiangsu Province as a preparatory team.

At the opening ceremony, wishes and hopes were sent to the conference by amazing Jiangsu people one by one, which added colors to the conference. Three themed reports fully showed the young pioneers’ good organization and expressed their determination of “ never forgetting our original decisions and moving forward”. The representatives submitted “ Red Scarfs’ bills”, decorated “the Wall of Wishes”, had “the news conference of Red Scarfs’ Bills”. These bills and wishes include the concerns about the society, the appeal for young children’s growth. These forms made the representatives feel their sacred rights to conduct democracy as representatives. It is the direction that NFgh goals, do minor things, to be a modern person with Chinese soul and a global mind.LS young pionners have been practicing to; on one hand, keeping the communication lines open for the students to speak their minds so everybody could hear their voices; on the other, guiding the students to learn to reflect on their responsibilities and behavior, helping them be the host of the team and begin practice. Leading the students to set hi


During the conference, Jiang Tianyi talked a lot with the young pioneer representatives, he was serious in the conference, fully showed good spirit of a NFLS student. The second day, he gave a report, as a candidate of the Provincial Young Pioneer Committee, about his plans, his reported was approved by the representatives in unison, thus, he was elected as a member of the Young Pioneer Committee.this was an honor, this was a responsibility, he will never forget the original decisions, keep moving forward, go on emphasizing his role as a committee member, improve his own ability in giving advisory opinions and carry them out, have the love of Party pass on to every teenager and every kid, moreover, he will deliver what the young kids’ want, wish, complain to the Young Pioneer Committee, serve the children in the province, make them live happily, healthily and develop fully.

The conference was a high-leveled one, some high officials from the the provincial party committee and the provincial government attended the conference, they didn’t sit on the rostrum, but with the representatives, they left the stage to the representatives. Having a young pioneers’s representatives’ conference meant to build a platform to show the Party’s leadership to the young pioneers, concern about the teenagers and kids, keep the communication lines between the Party and the young pioneers open, make the Party’s hope, expectations and demands from the kids known. This conference did build a platform from which the Party leaders and the symbol of the Party walked to us, to our hearts.


The conference was over, but the horn blown by the conference is still leading us to move forward. Pass on the team flag, pass on the torch, never forget our original determination, move forward!

Correspondent: Jiang Tianyi, Class 11, junior Grade 1