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 Junior 1 Students Had Fun on Children’s Day
Last year we spent the day with our childhood friends.
This year we have new friends around us.
During the extraordinary past year we said goodbye to primary school classmates and experienced the challenge of middle school entrance application.  Then  we stepped in NFLS and started a new journey. From strangers to good friends, we might have regrets or tears, but more importantly laughters and thanks. It is our destiny and our choice. On a day as this, there is not only the happiness of festival but also the joy of growth. When the song rises, we wave our hands as a farewell to the old days and look forward to the future. Let us celebrate it together!

1 2 3
 Singing the Song ofthe Young Pioneers
4 5 6
Mr. Sha Xuanyongannouncing the results of the sports meet and presenting awards
Poem reading:  NFLS in Our Heart
9 10  
Dancing:  the Land of Joy and Purity
Singing: Actors
111 22 33  
Short drama: the Art of Brownnose
Dancing: Worth It
Dancing: Gee
Instrument Playing: Carnival of Venice
77 88  
Cross Talk: Kung fu
89 100 12 14
Singing and Dancing: Gold Time
1 2  3 4
Singing: Black Space
Cross Talk:  Innovation of Cross Talk
5 6  
Singing: If You
7 8  
Play: Let Bygones Be Bygones
9 11  
Dancing: Meteor Stream and Show Halation
 1 2
Play: The Million Pound Note
3 4  
Good time passes quickly. The first Children’s Day of NFLS has come to an end. Wish to see you on stage next year.