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A Successful Ending to the Exchange between the Teachers and the Students in the Literature Club

Late spring, early summer, with the rustling sounds from the grass outside the window and the increasingly dazzling sunlight, the annual club tour opened.


In this club tour, with the help of Teacher Li Wei, who’s from the Club League, Literature Club was very honored to invite Professor Zhang Peng, the Associated Party Secretary of Literature Institute, Nanjing Normal University, who’s also a vice professor, an instructor of postgraduates, a researcher in cultural creation field and movie/TV development strategy, a research in National Culture Industry Research Center, Nanjing University, a board member of Jiangsu Culture Industry Association, to have an unusual exchange between the teachers and the students.


First, Professor Zhang began his talk from some interesting stories and cases, he mainly talked about the fast development of applied literature in the mainstream social background, proved the existence of contemporary literature was not limited to just a few traditional types, it was not only the personal special ideology, but also a tool that could be converted into a practical use, even an industry. Applied literature is the form of literature that was born to cater to different demands and changes, it is growing fastest at present.

At the talk, the student spoke their minds, they asked Professor Zhang some questions that they had doubts about. The atmosphere was active, the students’ understanding of literature  broke the limits that were once existent.

In Huannanzi Shuo Linxun by Liu An, it says,” If admiring the fish by the river, you might as well weave a net home.”indeed, to fish by the water can empty your worries, your worries are erased from your mind, once the waves are calm, the impatience and depression are relieved; to think by the water can defuse the hostility, make things and direction clear, increase your tolerance.


The 2017 journal by Literature Club Mirror by the Water was published with expectations and emotions. By this opportunity, the head of Literature Club and his predecessor, who’s the chief editor, gave the journal to Professor Zhang Peng:” Literature makes life better.”this is the wish to Literature Club from Professor Zhang.


It is hoped that all NFLS students will keep the love of literature as they did at the beginning and go forward!
When We Talk about Literature, What do We Talk about --- the Reflection on the Exchange
What is literature? Teacher Zhang asked, “ the four students sitting in the front row, please answer.””it’s the works that shows beauty with verbal language.” I answered with a superficial look.
This was the best answer I could find within five seconds before I came to the lecture.


There was a lecture in Literature Club yesterday, an excellent professor was invited to talk about literature, learning the news, I came to school to listen with excitement. It was perfect timing, I happened to encounter Teacher Wu make for the classroom with a middle-aged man, I said to myself, is he the professor? I greeted the teachers by saying,” hello”, with frustration I entered the classroom. I didn’t expect he WAS the professor. He was well-dressed, with a kind smile on the face, he greeted other students but didn’t come to the altar.

I watched him from distance, I felt he made an unusual entrance, he was surprisingly approachable, those “unusual things”that I felt pushed forward one by one as he began his lecture. From his series of titles to his admiring experience, form his understanding about the application of literature in contemporary society, everything was “unusual”. Teacher Zhang didn’t come to the altar, he didn’t hold a microphone and talk about those great truths, but stood straight in front of the altar, about three or four meters away from us, he spoke clearly.

The theme of the lecture was literature. In the lecture, Teacher Zhang talked about “private writing”and “public writing”. Private writing is for ourselves, a kind of writing that doesn’t seek approval from outside; while public writing is market-oriented, seeking recognition from the public. Teacher Zhang gave some examples from the movie industry, those interesting stories by the playwrights and the works which were either successful or failure, the students ( including me) were impressed. At the same time, Professor Zhang Peng taught us some writing techniques, for example, “handling by making it strange” and “ hiding desires and conflicts”. He told us how to make a daily necessity seem strange, he gave some vivid examples, from the mini-lobster to the making of news events, he gave so many examples, examples in heaven, on earth, in north, in south. In addition, he gave more other examples. In the process of answering questions, the students’ enthusiasm went beyond everyone’s imagination, this process lasted for more than 40 minutes, the questions from the audience were one after another, and Teacher Zhang answer them patiently.


“language is like a cell phone.” Teacher Zhang said, “ it delivers information, it keep everyone in touch, nobody can survive without it, but what about literature? There are a thousand Hamlet in a thousand readers’ eye, so literature is different in the eye of different individuals.” Professor Zhang said the above in the end of the lecture. I dare not to say that this lecture “ changed my life”, or “changed my points of view about literature completely”, and I dare not to repeat the teacher’s every key point ( because I  am afraid of misunderstanding the teacher’s points of view and gave a wrong interpretation), but I am very convinced to say, from me, a common high school student who is a literature enthusiast in senior Grade 2, this was an interesting, sincere, thought-provoking lecture. Teacher Zhang told us not only the techniques of writing, the importance of stories, more importantly,he told us the more common possibilities in literature, what literature and we could do in complicated reality. When we talk about literature, what shall we talk about? At present, after this lecture concerning literature, I learned: when we talk about literature, we talk about the purest words and the most practical world, it is both mysterious aesthetics and open market, it is both a high platform and a plain, it is both private and public; when we talk about literature, the things we talk about are more than what any of us could imagine.