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NFLS Clubs‘s Tour Begins ( the Morning Meeting on May 22nd)

Hello, dear teachers and school friends, I am Su Wanting, the head of the Liaison Club from Class 2, senior Grade 1.
I am Zheng Linghui from the Social Workers’ Club, I’m from Class 6, senior Grade 1. We are going to host today’s morning meeting.


The early summer comes at a brink. In the hot months of May and June, we are going to greet the assessments of the clubs and activities that we have been looking forward to for a long time.

Not long ago, the poll of NFLS My Favorite Top Ten Clubs, which was held by the Students’ Management Office and the Clubs League, was going on at a large scale on NFLS WeChat public number. In the poll, the students from different grades took part in with great enthusiasm and we selected the excellent clubs in our heart.

After a fortnight poll, my favorite top ten favorite clubs were selected. They are: the Philosophy Club, the Engineering Club, the Tennis Club, Light of Wisdom Book Club, Chinese Herbs Club, the Divination Club, the 8848 Volunteer Teaching Club, Art Creation Club, Chemical Life Club, National Music Club. Let’s give them applause to congratulate.

The reason why these clubs are so popular with the students must be that they have made unimaginable contributions in their field. Next, let’s welcome the representatives of each club to come to the stage and talk about how they feel about getting selected as the school’s top ten clubs.


The Philosophy Club

Russell once said, “ philosophy is something between theology and science.” wisdom is the nature of philosophy, but our life is the theme of it. We wish more students will join in the thinkers’ league, keep thinking, maintain curiosity and keep forward.

The Engineering Club

With the purpose of “ embrace engineering, create a harmonious society”, provide a platform for the engineering enthusiasts to approach and experience engineering, guide the students to have a overall understanding about engineering in the form of a club. Advocate the concept of green engineering to the students, establish a more beautiful and more harmonious society by green engineering.

The Tennis Club

Tennis is a popular sport in all over the world, we aim at popularizing this sport, introducing tennis culture. Help the students get to know the knowledge about tennis and feel the beauty and charm of the sport of tennis with practical participation.

The Light of Wisdom Book Club

Established in 2015 until now, the Book Club holds weekly activity as scheduled without any delay. During the two years, we have introduced English reading among high school students and pupils deeply.

Chinese Herbs Club

With Tu Yoyo’s winning of Nobel Prize in Biology for the extraction of Artemisinin from Chinese medicine, artemisia annua, there has been a trend of Chinese medicine. Please join us and find Chinese herbs, be concerned about its development, understand it, inherit it and develop it.

the Divination Club

Enjoying a long history, but misused, spread wrongly and criticized a lot. Our club aims to erase misunderstandings, diminish superstition and explore the best of culture. We were one of the Top Best 10 this time, thank you, everyone, for your understanding and support.

8848 Volunteer Teaching Club    

After the preparations of the lessons, the making of teaching videos again and again, we believed that we could build diversified distant English teaching platform through internet, we could conquer the Everest Mountain with love.

Art Creation Club

We aim to explore an unusual world of art, the 3-year dream, the discovery of new, interesting creative field. In the new journey, the future will bring us more inspirations, let’s create freely. 

Chemical Life Club

During the few years after the club was established in 2014, we have been trying to create with great efforts, we turned chemistry experiments done on the altar like a show into the operations that everybody could participate in with our own hands. This year, this new style of activity was welcome by all the students, we will try to widen the approaches to learning chemistry and pursuing truth for all the students. 

National Music Club

We are the most common players, we get together owing to our common interests, we get along with each other, help each other to improve, so we can all be better players. We will have this as motivation, try our best to publicized Chinese culture, inherit the best of our folk instruments and contribute more beautiful music

Thank you, the representatives of each club, for your wonderful speeches. The growth and development of an excellent club depends on the club directors’ long-term hard work and dedication. Next, let’s welcome the winners of Nanjing City Best Top Ten in Senior High Clubs, the representatives of our school Literature Club, Wang Yujing & Xu Yiruo, both senior 3rd graders, to share with us their experience.

I took over the Literature Club from my senior alumna in the fall of 2015. Several other students and I were waiting for the alumna to tell us about the arrangements of our positions. At that time, we were both excited and nervous. After that, we began a new year of our own.

The year of the Literature Club of my own began with the sudden idea of “Special Issue for the 20th Anniversary of the Literature Club“。 Such a flash of thought pushed the progress of the whole year.

At the beginning, everybody was full of excitement. Literature editors, art editors got together very often to discuss the names of the special issue, the design of each column, contribution, illustrations, covers, etc. a poster that asked for contribution once was put on the wall, all  the editors would gathered in front of it, reading, looking. At that time, the Literature Club gave us a feeling that it was warm and lively, it was like a fish who had been swimming along in the ocean of literature, finally returned back to its hometown.

With time passing by bit by bit, many people lost their interest in “compiling a book”, which seemed glorious and hard. In the Literature Editing Group, it became quieter and quieter, day after day, it happened quiet often that once a question was asked, nobody answered, just like a stone was thrown into the ocean. During that period, the days were a time when everybody was exploring and waling forward alone. Nobody gave a helping hand, nobody came to comfort you, besides the concerning work in the club, I had to be concerned about the club’s activities. People were used to taking shelter under the shade of the tree of Literature,used to call themselves “ a literature enthusiast” or “ a member of the Literature Club”, but they didn’t want to make the equal efforts for this place.

However, literature exists by giving us hope after all, on the way to the literature development, one will never be alone forever. On this way, there are so many beautiful things and people to remember. For example, the teachers of Chinese Teaching Group were generous in terms of helping and encouraging us; the alumni who have graduated would send us contributions from abroad despite the jet lag, talk with us about the development of our club; our predecessors, in different grades, contacted interview arrangements and obtained the sense of belongings, and the Type Setting Office worked overtime just for us. What made us grateful most of all, might be the chief-editor, who began from a common club member, then got involved in the work as an art editor, after a while, took over the work as a literature editor, finally, worked with me shoulder by shoulder on the compiling the special issue as a chief editor. Her joining and dedication made me feel that I am not alone. During the days when we helped each other to go forward, we experienced the proofreading of piles of contributions night after night, we went to different type setting companies, we experienced the survival of the collapsing situations. It was those hardships we bore together that we could catch those sudden flashes: for example, the Chinese teacher was talking about the words that we were searching, we gave each other a meaningful look; there were many moments, sad or happy, when we were proofreading the drafts. All these moments wouldn’t have been experienced if shared with four other people.

On the day when the special issue was published into a book, it was on January 22nd, 2016, Jinling City was having her first snow in that winter. I told my chief editor and my head teacher, Teacher Jiang: the book is finished, I’d like to give you a copy. So Teacher Jiang and I waited for the arrival of Mirror. Embrace of Morning, though just a few copies, but it was full of expectations. On that afternoon, it was windy and snowy, but I was filled with joy, and I almost cried, with the new book in my hand. Lines of words were read so many times that I could remember them all, but they seemed to be seen by me the first time, I wanted to read it with the touching of every word.

At that moment, I learned what harvest meant. The harvest, was not others’ praises, not the winning of some prizes, but was after I sold copies of our issue, saw the readers’ smile, read the passionate letters from our readers, or mailed copies of new books to our alumni who were so far way abroad, listened to their expectations, the heartfelt, pure, regretless calmness.

Without guilt, this was our original thought when we first took over Literature Club and began to make plans and edit the journal. I felt lucky, the thought guided us to spend the rest of the half semester in the club. In the second semester in senior Grade 2, more literature enthusiasts joined us together, we compiled our 2016 club journal Mirror. Green Sky and held a lot of activities, meanwhile, we passed hopes, dreams and experience onto the person in charge in the next grade.

Earlier this year, we, who were no longer on the club member name list, attended the competition of Nanjing City High School Top Best 10 Club on behalf of the then club members who were busy with their school work. That was the recollection of the things happened 6 months ago, taking the chance of preparing the materials for the competition, we recalled things that took place between us and the Literature Club members. Form the disk, we found photos with memory of the past, everything is still vivid, like flashes in front of us. When we stood on the debate altar to present the club’s history, honors, features, like we were talking about our own family things, the unconscious pride from our hearts, I was sure, did pass to the judges beneath the altar. From the bottom of my heart, I was quite convinced that the club deserved one of the Top Best 10 Club, this was the confidence of the club which I gave my enthusiasm and the recognition of the past year’s effort. A student club is like this, it never oblige any club member to do anything, the only standard of assessment is in everybody’s heart. Our retirement makes it acceptable to leave all these assessment issues to the students in the next grade, but the love and responsibility for the club promoted us to accept the job, it was just that we didn’t want to feel regretful, we wanted to leave something that satisfied us, something that we can recall our past with pride.

So, our play came to an end. In senior Grade 3, the impression of literature is watching from distance, expecting more than acting. I am so glad that during the year, no matter what we recall, we can see the busy figures of the new club members’. I feel sorry that they fell on this way, I feel glad that they made progress little by little. Such a thought is just like someone who is far away looks back upon his hometown. There are a lot of changes in hometown, same as the Literature Club, which has its own joy, anger, sadness, its own sweet, sour, bitter and spicy; but hometown is always there, literature is there, too, bearing endless expectations and recollection.

I think,  coming back to the club as a senior 3rd grader always has an atmosphere of departure, to mention expectations, I don’t know how to start. On the whole, I wish everybody would love your club, work for it, develop it and grow up with it. No for the prizes you win, not for how beautiful resume you write, but for the original thought: never let down, should not let down.

Thank you, the two senior alumni, for your wonderful speeches. From today on, the club tour will formally begin. In such a unusual festival full of surprises and excitement, we can enjoy colorful school activities on campus every day. No matter we are full of passion today and tomorrow, lively singing and dancing shows, or it’s on Thursday afternoon, at the mini-theater, the teachers from Nanjing Normal University and the students’ from the Literature Club exchange, no matter it’s on Wednesday afternoon, the diversified result exhibition of important practice and charity club, or the psychology experiment class on Thursday afternoon, or on Friday, the Moving-making club which will bring us a feast of knowledge about movies, these different and colorful forms of club activities will add romanticism and livelihood to our lovely life on campus. At the same time, they will show us that we never forget the original thought, we spirits of being persistent in pursuing beautiful things and dreams,

During the club tour, there will be boards for publicizing to show each club’s achievements in the past year. In June, the competition for Star Club is full of expectations, the Club League will announce the list of star clubs, best club directors, club member at the club publicizing announcement board. Let us witness all the clubs’ achievements in the year and show our appreciation to the clubs and their members.