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We spent May the 4th Youth Day This Way

Correspondent: Yang Chengyue

At the arrival of May the 4th Youth Day, it is also the 95th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Youth League. In such a sacred day, our senior high students had an educational activity themed as “Encouraging the passion of youth, advancing bravely” at the school report hall. The student spoke their minds about youth, their heated discussions revolved around trying things in different ways, or focusing their aims, whether senior high students should read a lot of books or read good books only, they had debates, too. With the discussions and debates, the students had a better and clearer understanding about how to set a goal, what goal should be set, how to pursue the goal in high school.


After the debates, each League Union organized their members to have the activity themed as “simulating the People’s Representatives’ Conference, Learning to Write Bills” hoping the students can actively participate in social practice, reflect on themselves, on school and the phenomenon in the society, give suggestions on the base of investigation and research, develop their role as an pioneer youth. At the same time, this semester’s new League member’s  joining in ceremony was held at the school mini-theater. Wang Tianyu, a senior 3rd grader who was enrolled by Beijing Foreign Diplomacy College presided the ceremony. The ceremony began with the singing of the national anthems by new league members facing to the national flag. The old league members in senior high distributed the league member certificates, league member badges. The new league members put on the badges, faced to the league flag, took an oath, led by the league secretary, Teacher  Yin Herong, they called out their own names one by one, the ceremony gave the new members a sense of mission and a sense of responsibility. After that, Yang Kexin, a member of the school league committee, read the league members’ rights and obligations, the representative of the new league members, Yang Guanting clarified his position and made a speech, Liu Lucheng, a Jiangsu Provincial Excellent League Member, who was enrolled by Qinghua University gave a speech as an old league member representative, he combined his growth in the League after he joined in it, gave the students sincere expectations. In the end, the League Secretary, Ms. Yin Herong hoped that the new league members should follow the Party, work hard under the new start, never forget our original determination; learn the Chief Secretary’s words by heart, be determined to do big things instead of big officials; she hoped that every new league members should actively participate in and practice the simulation of the People’s Representatives’ Conference and write bills, try to be a role model for the youth with our behaviors.