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The 4th Jiangsu 100 Youngsters of Virtue and 10 Young Pacesetters of Virtue

According to the Announcement by the Provincial Civilization Office, Education Department, Youth League Committee, Committee of Concerning about the Younger Generation, Xinhua Newspaper Group and the Provincial Broadcasting and Television Station, the Provincial Event Organizing Committee launched the 4th Jiangsu 100 Youngsters of Virtue and 10 Young Pacesetters of Virtue Election in January. Each district and city promoted the primary and secondary schools to participate in the election and recommend candidates in accordance with the standards, procedures and the comprehensive qualities of the candidates. The best of the good will be recommended from the local schools to the district, the city and eventually the committee. With the evaluation of the committee, voting by the 1000 people representatives and the approval of the leaders of the committee, now the names and story of the elected persons should be published.

From May 8th to 14th, the announcement will be released in Xinhua Daily, Yangtse Evening, Jiangsu Civilization Web, Junction News, Lizhi News and so on. After that the Youngsters of Virtue and their stories could be seen in the Provincial Broadcasting Station and TV Station and in the special column of Yangstse Evening.

Number 289, Wei Zihan, male, 14, from Class 2 Junior 2 Nanjing Foreign Language School

He is kind, easy going and willing to help others, an active volunteer in all sorts of service, the school’s Best 10 Examples of Virtue and Star of Good Manners. He is also hard-working, good at study, painting, music, chess and hand-writing, the Six Star Student and Top 10 Students of Art for many times.