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The Opening Ceremony of the Reading Festival ( the morning meeting on April, 24th)

Good morning, dear teachers and school friends. I am Ding Yutong from Class 5, senior Grade 2.
I am Chen Yue from Class 3, senior Grade 2. Today, we are going to host the morning meeting.
It was the 21st International Reading Day yesterday. More than 20 teachers from our school’s Joy Reading Club had sharing at Nanjing Library.
On this sunny morning, we are greeting the arrival of our 30th Reading Festival.
Reading is a “conversation” between the books and the most virtuous people, reading is the soul’s journey.
The young read, it’s like the lights of sunrise.
The old read, it’s like the light of a candle.
With good knowledge inside, the temperament is naturally shiny, only the fragrance of books can spread to a far distance.
There is such a person, who described the stories of the people from different backgrounds in the real society with the subtle and changeable writing style, though changeable “inner landscape” one after another, he disclosed the people with humble backgrounds who fight hard, struggle and the distortion of human nature in the reforming society, the writer found expression in critical awareness and deep concern about virtues.
There is such a person, he had quite some novels published and won the Zijinshan Literature Prize. He, is the member of Chinese Writers’ Association, the leader of Nanjing City Chinese subject, our teacher Mr. Yu Yiming.
Next, let’s welcome Mr. Yu to talk about reading with us. Mr. Yu, please.

Mr. Yu Yiming:
There are quite some activities about reading these days in different places, the media is now very concerned about the issue of reading. Reading itself is the high school students duty, but what to read is also very important.
Calvino wrote a book titled Why We Should Read the Classics, after the time, after the years, there are not many that become the classics. Many famous Chinese writers suddenly realized that they had written thousands of words, millions of words, but what was worth being left for the world seemed almost none before they died. Why do I say so? Because they thought their works were too far away from those classics. Calvino said, the real classics can influence your literature quality, how you behave, your emotions, your taste, even your attitude toward life, it is a complete text book. Now we are reading a lot of classics, such as the Dream of the Red Mansion, many scholars do their research from many different angles, not from the angle of literature. Lu Xun once had very famous judgment, the readers would feel and benefit different when they view at a different angle.
For our high school students, the value and meaning of the classics are fairly important, because we have just begun our life, our view upon life is still being shaped. The infection and influence of literature on us are rather great. When our view upon life is not yet shaped, first of all, we should read classics. Literature classics tell us kindness, the moral bottom line, the attitude toward life, though not tell you directly, it is hidden on the characters. In the process of reading, it is actually many forms of mixed thoughts, and the progress of many kinds of learning.
Many students complain that they don’t have time to read, in senior high, some reading tasks are added, but the students still say that they are too busy to read. Some say that Chinese students read less than the students in western countries. But they don’t know that Chinese high school students work harder and have to finish a lot of homework. Meanwhile, in Chinese exam, the part about literature doesn’t possess a high proportion, compared with other subjects, its utility is not enough. Many students prefer to read the brief summary of the original version, because the simplified copy contains the exam questions, some even watch TV series plays, we definitely don’t advocate such things. Because reading can bring us space to think, what a careful reader benefit from reading, his depth in thinking will go beyond the depth of think he acquires from the pictures, visual sense. So at this point, the script can’t be replaced.

Then, when shall we read? As a high school student, we should have a reading classics plan during the vacation, when it is a suitable time to read long novels. On the usual school days, we have a lot of school work to finish, so it will be better to read the short novels, prose, magazines, and journals. When our time is too limited, then what to read is the classics. For high school students whose time is really precious, classics are the best choice, and they are the teachers’ recommendation. I hope that you can read more, find good reasons to convince the parents, don’t avoid, don’t give up reading so our leaning will be lacked because the parents’ eagerness for success.

The other meaning of reading classics lies in the learning habit, the depth of thinking. Some students may benefit nothing if they care just the plots, the stories and thing like that. For a high school student, I recommend that everybody write notes while reading. We must have learning writing notes in primary school, this basic reading skill is alienated in junior high and senior high, many teachers require you to write reflection after you finish reading the classics. I suggest that you should read the books for one time, when you read them again, write notes, write down what you think, what you approve, make comparisons, think about how you would write it if you were writing it. You can praise it, you can criticize it, I believe you can do it completely. A 10-yuan book can be sold at the price of 100 yuan after you have finished it. This is the value of reading. Having a habit of reading, a habit of how to read, are very important.

The third question, is the conflict of fragment reading and the reading of original version. Many students think that the articles from we-chat or microblog have provided enough information. What is the strength of fragment reading? Its weaknesses? First of all, let’s talk about its weaknesses, we can’t absorb ourselves in fragment reading, which is done in a hurry, the width and depth are both limited, reading paper media can make us in a reading state easily, the good things about fragment reading lie in the short articles, their tight connection with the time, they are informative, so suitable fragment reading is beneficial. But the real guide to the direction of reading, what can really sublimate our inner heart and wash our souls, reading books is a better way. Our students shouldn’t be absorbed in the fragment reading on microblog or we-chat, we should focus on reading books, which is better for our thinking.

As for what books should be read, besides the classics, I think you should have other choices, at the present stage, 70& should be classics, 30% are those leisure books and interest. Because your view of the world is still vague, reading randomly will lead you nowhere and lose your direction. First you read classics, after you become an adult, your views of reading and researching will have formed, then, read other books. Now you can decide what to read according to your hobbies, we should read classics at the moment, when you finish the books which tell you your direction, your choices in the future, you can decide where you are going to.

That’s the end of my speech, thank you, everyone! 

C:Thank you, Mr. Yu for your words.
D:King Zhao Heng in Song Dynasty once said, “ rich family doesn’t need to buy good fertile land, there are thousands of millets in the books; living in a house doesn’t need to set up a tall hall, there is a gold house in the book.” Is reading so magical?
C:When talking about this, I don’t think I have the right to say something. But I do know that there are several students in our school who have read more than ten thousand books and benefit a lot from the reading. Bian Ge, Class 8, senior Grade 2, won the award of “ Star of Literature” in the national high school students’ composition contest, Zhu Aotian, Class 7, senior Grade 2 was nominated as “Star of Literature”!
D:Wow! Is that true? Let’s quickly welcome Zhu Aotian to share his experience in reading with us.

Zhu Aotian:
Dear teachers and school friends, good morning, I am Zhu Aotian from Class 7, senior Grade 2. I know something about writing and reading, luckily, I was nominated as Star of Literature in the composition contest, I am honored to be able to give a speech here. If I say that I have made a little achievement in writing composition, I would be grateful for the good foundation that reading has brought me. The Reading Festival is around the corner, my theme is “the Fun of Reading”.
Fun means happiness, a positive mood. But some forms of happiness is negative, and they are not advisable. When we read, we should avoid such negative happiness. A typical example is those online novel, entertainment novels which have little literary value, have poor meaning or no thoughts. The readers read these books just for entertainment, as a result, they are entertained. This kind of happiness, in my opinion, is not real happiness.
The fun of reading first lies in the fun of acquiring knowledge. This is the fun of getting to know books. Books is the carrier of knowledge. By reading, readers can obtain the new knowledge which is beyond the knowledge that they’ve had, their spirit world will be enriched. For those who were born with a desire to read, nothing is happier than acquiring knowledge.
The fun of reading secondly lies in the fun of appreciation and analysis. This is a further comprehension on the basis of acquiring knowledge, we will have deeper understanding after we explore the writing style and the backgrounds, after we combine our individual experience and feelings together. For example, Don Quixote by the Spanish writer, Cervantes, the Spanish say that they laugh a lot when they read Don Quixote as a little kid, they think a lot when they read it in middle age, when they are old and read it, they shed tears. What charm a classic novel has. The reason why there is such a big difference is that the readers have different experience in life, so they have different feelings from different levels and different angles. Such a deep appreciation gives the readers echoes, special feelings, for a relative limited life, such a rich feeing is a lot of fun.
The fun of reading lies in the fun of thinking. Only inputting is not enough, the best mastering of books and the highest fun is setting your own logical system with your knowledge. Plato’s Republic is an ancient Greek’s unique model in political philosophy, but you must form your own understanding of philosophy and politics through your reading. Here I would like to inspire you with some details in the book, in Plato’s Republic, the raising and education of kids were done by the country, meanwhile, women and men share the equal rights, they can both become the rulers of the country by their talents. Plato’s advanced ideas have involved the equality between man and woman, communism more than a thousand years later without any limitation of time. All these judgments were based on his argument type of logical reasoning. I, as a reader, was deeply convinced by the thoughts and rational eloquence, I was also very surprised at involving in the fun of thinking. This is just a small part of Republic, I welcome everybody to join in reading and enjoy fun.
These are what I understand about the fun of reading. Thank you!  

D: On the campus where the fragrance of books is prevailing,
C: In the classrooms where the sound of reading is loud and rhythmic,We enjoy the beauty of reading every day.
D: Next, please welcome Yao An, Class 10, junior Grade 1 to read us a poem – Reading.

C: Thank you, Zhu Aotian for his sharing.


Yao An:
reading is a traveling
it is your soul that is roaming
open yourself, have the words lead your thoughts afar
on the way, mountains and river, beautiful scenery
it’s the start of happiness
it’s the besieged town of joy
reading is looking into the mirror
you see yourself, and your mood
dance in your mood
go beyond the maze of words
even the night is so deep as to endless
you feel confident and calm
because of the love in your heart
and love, is the eternal lights on earth 
in fact, reading is to find your own dream
in others’ stories
when discovered, there is too much new and strange things
there is no regret or sadness
there is only width and inclusiveness
others’ thoughts blossom
and yield fruits
the fruits become the bright lights in the branches
pursue to be the symbol of hope
sweats are the kindle to light up dreams
the opening pages are the vibrating wings
taking us to transport thought time and space
and encounter divinities

D: Dear friends, let’s pick up the books, be the friends’ of books, be the friends’ of classics.
C: have the fragrance of books stay with us in the classroom, on our campus, have a habit of reading, enjoy reading!
D: This is the end of the morning meeting, thank you!
C: Thanks to Yao An for reading such a beautiful poem.