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Junior Grade 1 Youth League School Started

On April 24th around noon, 120 excellent young pioneers of NFLS Junior Grade 1 gathered in the lecture theater on the 3rd floor of Building E, having the opening ceremony of the 2nd Youth League School this school year. The young pioneer instructor teacher Wang Shaolin organized the ceremony. Secretary of the Youth Committee teacher Yin Herong explained the meaning of the Youth League School, the arrangement of the course and requirements as well.
Wu Runxin spoke to the young pioneers about the Youth league from many perspectives, including the historical background, the National Congress, important events and the young heroes, which helped them know its establishment, how it used to be at the front of revolution, later became the main force and pioneers in the socialist construction period, and then developed rapidly in the process of reform, opening up and economic construction.
The video of the May 4th Movement vividly displayed the history of that time and increased the students’ passion in learning. In front of the League Flag, many of them actively expressed their willingness to be part of the league as early as possible.
It is understood that the Youth League School this time will need the students to go to classes, watch relevant videos by themselves, and group practice etc which altogether will take them 8 hours. Hopefully they would know the organization seriously, experience how the league members representing the good examples, and they would want to be part of it, prepared to leave the Young Pioneer Group and join the League next semester.

The 1st lesson “song of youth” was taught by student Wu Runxin from Class 7 Senior Grade 1. She mainly introduced the history and basic knowledge of the Youth League, and helped the students to understand the nature of this organization.

By Pang Diyang from the Propaganda Committee of NFLS Youth League Committee