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NFLS Announcement about May the 4th Prize in 2016-2017 School Year

All Youth League branches: in 2016-2017 school year, all League Branches focus on our school moral education plan, take the theme education of socialism core values as the key point, with the supervision of the school League Committee, with the thinking direction of self-improvement, the exploitation of the advantage to the full, the thinking way of serving the society, quite some effective activities were going on widely. In order to make good use of the League Committee in educating the minors’ moral and in constructing of school culture, out school Youth League Committee plans to give prizes to excellent classes and individuals during the May 4th period. The details are the following: 

I. The ranking categories 
The ranking categories in Excellent Youth League Branch and Excellent Individual are: NFLS Excellent Youth League Branch, NFLS Best League Member, NFLS Best Youth League Leader, NFLS Best Volunteer.
II. Selection conditions
1. NFLS Excellent Youth League Branch: organize the tasks assigned by school Youth League Committee with efficiency and good order, organize the tasks revolving around school and class; carry out themed instructive activities with great care and gain good effect, strengthen the construction of the Youth League Organization, enhance all the League Members’ the sense of honor, the sense of belonging, the sense of duty and responsibility; unify the class, all the activities are creative and characterized. 
2. NFLS Best Youth League Member: be positive and progressive, strictly obey all the rules and regulations in Youth League Charter, having positive views of life, the world and values; actively attend the activities organized by the Youth League Branch or Committee, having strong feeling of being a League Member; hardworking, virtuous; taking good pride in his/her class, being creative, actively attending all activities and performing well in them; having been a League Member for at least 6 months.
3. NFLS Best Youth League Leader: love the League organization, care for the League work, take initiative in his/ her job, being responsible, be creative and independent in organizing activities, actively attend all the activities organized by the League Branch or Committee and gain good result; be good at organizing and coordinating, bring glory to the League Organization with his/her good role model action; the League Organization is unified, competitive and authoritative under his/her leadership.
4. NFLS Best Volunteer: being a charity enthusiast, having a volunteering service spirit on the base of “ dedication, friendliness, helping each other and making progress” , which is also the core spirit of the volunteer service, actively attending all the volunteer activities, the volunteer service is added up to at least 60 hours, having outstanding performance and good comments.
III.  The requirements for the competition
1. During the process of recommendation and selection, all League Branches should attach importance to the objects’ progressiveness, representativeness and universality. Finding the typical, praising the typical and publicize the typical should be well combined together to inspire other League Members to fight, to work harder, to admire the creative people and to determine to be useful. The principle is “ seek truth from facts and take every responsibility” to ensure that everything is accurate and true with good quality.
2. Each League Branch apply for the NFLS Best League Branch according to the requirements with initiative, carefully summarize the Branch’s achievements ( about 1000 words), and submit the both printed application and electronic edition to the school League Committee before 12:00 on April 25th.
3. Each Branch selects 3 NFLS Best League Members and 1 NFLS Best League Leader according to the selection requirements, and organizes those League members who are qualified to apply for the NFLS Best Volunteer, fill in the application forms of the Best League Member, the Best League Leader and the Best Volunteer, submit the application forms to the school League Committee before April 25th.
4. The League Branch in the International Branch School can apply for the concerning Best League Member and the Best League Branch with the reference to the selection requirements
Note: download the application forms from the attachments. All the application forms should be sent to, with the subject of “ application materials” and leave the contact.

NFLS Youth League Committee