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The Announcement of Result in Reading with Love Contest

 the winners of Excellent Work Prize and their works:
Class 8, senior Grade 1     Quan Siyu    To Oak Tree, Motherland, My Dear Motherland
Class 7, senior Grade 1, Wang Yuting   A Retrieved Reformation 
Class 8, senior Grade 1, Zhang Shulei   the Fall of the Old Capital City
Class 10, junior Grade 1  Zhu Anni    PM 5h 47m
Class 10, junior Grade 1   Wu Yuexuan     Hot October
Class 1, 3, 5 , senior Grade 1  Wang Yijie, Lu Jingwen, Lu Wenxuan    Window
Class 2, senior Grade 1  Guo Yu  Cheng Wenyi   Kong Yiji
Class 4, senior Grade 1  Zhang Yongqi   Youth
Class 8, senior Grade 1  Yang Guanting     The Song to Thunder
Class 12, junior Grade 3   Wang Yongtong  Reaing Shakespeare’s  Sonnets
Class 10, junior Grade 1 Li Keyue    How to Keep Fit
Class 4, senior Grade 1   Hu Jinyan    a Gardenia 
The winners of “ Charity Enthusiast”and their works:
Class 4, senior Grade 1   Xu Jingyi    a Dark-red Enameled Pottery Teapot
Class 5, senior Grade 1   Xu Yitian     the Pure Moments When I Met You
Class 10, junior Grade 1      Yang Yizhou    Seeing off
Class 4, senior Grade 1    Jiang Anqi    You Are Not a Bad Kid
Class 4, senior Grade 1     Yang Yang    Every Grass Will Blossom

 NFLS Youth  League Committee