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Congratulations! NFLS Student Was Named “Youngster of Virtue” of Nanjing

The 4th Nanjing “10 Youngsters of Virtue” Election has come to a successful end. Wei Zihan from Class 2 Junior Grade 2 NFLS was named “Youngster of Virtue”

The event was organized and carried out by the municipal Propaganda Department, Culture Office, Education Bureau, Youth League Committee, Women’s Federation, Committee for the Care of Next Generation, Nanjing Broadcast and TV Group and Nanjing Newspaper Media Group. The young people elected in this event are virtue models of their generation. They have displayed vividly what is honesty and credibility, respect for teachers and parents, hard work and creativity, self-improvement for dreams and being ready to help others, showing the good spirit of today’s younger generation in Nanjing.
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