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Civic Sense and Social Responsibility ( the Morning Meeting on March, 20th)

Hang: dear teachers,
Yang: dear school friends,
Together: good morning.
Hang: I am Hang Lipan from Class 8, senior Grade 3.
Yang: I am Yang Chengdu from Class 5, senior Grade 3. We both will be presiding today’s morning meeting.
Hang: March is a time when the cherry blossoms are coming out at Jamming Temple; March, is a time when everything is in recovery.
Yang: From this March, the NPC members and CPPCC members from all over China come to Beijing, taking with them the hopes and expectations of all Chinese, getting together to discuss about the national affairs.
Hang: from“ pay rise” to “ having trouble see the doctor”, then to the issue of “pollution”, people’s concerns about the NPC and CPPCC ( Two sessions), has been diversified.
Yang: from broadcast, TV to newspapers and magazines, then to cyber media, it is all about the reports about the Two sessions, paying close attention to the Two sessions means paying close attention to our family, our country and ourselves. The citizens’ complex about the Two sessions has been deeply rooted into our daily work, our daily life.
Hang: then, as high school students, we should actively participated in political life in order, learn about the social issues and strengthen our civic sense.


On March 15th, the annual Two sessions came to an end. There was a bill which aroused my particular attention, it is called the Bill about Emergency Facilities and the Popularization of Emergency education. Its particularity was that it was proposed by seven senior 2nd graders from Guangdong Experiment Middle School, and it is also the best bill in 2016 the Third National Teenage Simulation of Political Activities.

Small bill, big experience. Behind the bill of several thousand words is the 6-month communication and dialogue between the students and the society. From the choice of the issue to figures, from the making of the table to the interviews, from the writing to editting, the whole process was rather a running on the path of young Chinese citizens’mission and responsibility instead of the simulation involvement of politics by young students.
Civic sense is the brainchild of contemporary constitutional politics. It has two meanings, when the people face the governemnt’s operation of power, it is the people’s recognition and supervision of the power’s public features; when the people turn aroud and face the public areas, it is a consious protection and active participation of public interests. Chen Danqing, a painter, said, “ there are common people in China, there are no citizens; there is a population, but not modern people.” For a long perriod, the “common people’s sense”, which attaches importance to individual interests and is hard to be independent, draws further apart from “ civic sense”.
Civic sense bases on strong sense of social responsibility, on the deep concern about others and the society. Every year, we are very concerend about the Two sessions, from “ having difficulty seeing a doctor”, “having diffculty in getting education” to smog, pollution, corruption, etc, what we are concerned about is notjust our individual family, but about the bigger sociey more. Why Under the Dome by Chaijing, which was released to the public two years ago, got so much attention? Because it told us that every citizen should make his /her voice heard. When we are clear that we are actually the citizens who take the social responsibility and power, when we believe the government’s success, when we believe that the achivement of the public’s happiness depends on every citizen’s supervison and balance of power, our individual awareness will be completed from the Impergium to modern society.
 But meanwhile, we should never forget,the realizaiton of civic sense relies on each individual’s practice. From a blind critic to a rational critic, it is improvement, from a rational critic to an active constructor, it is imrovement more. The so-called easier said than done, the crossing of this step is in fact the key to success.
Let’s take the shared bikes as an example, originally, it was a good idea to advocate green travel, but some people have some tricky idea: they alter the two-dimensional code, tear down the seat when they arrive, they even lock the bick with their own locks, in a simple, violent way, all these are just a few words: possess the public property for individual use. Those who discorn the officials’ using government’s cars for private things are actually the same type of people as them. Similarly, when you almost knock down someone while cycling and leave without apologizing? You should know, the foundation of civic sense and the sense of social responsibility is self-discipline.
But from NFLS students, we see bright side more. In the charity sale which just ended, our school made a miracle, we had a donation of 25398.1 yuan; senior 1st graders and 3rd graders made good use of their advantage of good English in the Nanjing Massacre Memorial and finished more than 400 questionnaires to foreign tourists; Wang Zheng from Class 1, senior Grade 2 keeps cutting hair for the empty nest people in his neighborhood for several year. His enthusiasm and altruism won a lot of praise from his neighbors. There are a lot of similar examples. Our school motto “ to be a modern person with a Chinese soul and a global mind” have a lot in common with this concept. To be “ a modern person” requires us to have a modern citizen’s social responsibility, to continue  to take“ Everyone is responsible for the rise and all of the world” as a task, what’s  more, we should carry forward the spirit “ one for all, all for one”.
The development of history tells us, the young’s direction is determined by which road the future leads to, which side the wind blows to. Only when teenagers have civis sense and social responsibility, care abut the people and things around them, care about the time and the nation’s dreams can the society create miracles, create new life, create hopes. The future is in our hands.
Yang: thank Liu Lucheng for his wonderful speech. Civic sense is such a new and familiar concept for us senior high.
Heng: civic sense is the eagerness of being concerned about the national affairs, the enthusiasm of paying attention to people’s life, the patriotism of taking responsibility. In another word, civic is a sense of responsibility.  
Yang: ancient Greeks said, humans are walking with a burden. The burden contains family, career, friendship, children, etc. however, after hardships, there’s something that they can never discard: responsibility.
Heng: as a modern high school student in the 21st century, we live in a time where we are nearer to the government and the society. Here, only taking responsibility can we make our little contribution to the revival of motherland.
Yang: this is a time in which the distances get smaller, this is a time in which people’s civic sense become awake. Taking the burden of motherland’s future requires us to have modern civic sense, especially the involvement of public affairs.
Heng: thinking carefully, to be a volunteer is a good way to participate in public affairs,  next, let’s welcome Huang Tianjing from Class 5, senior Grade 3 to tell us more about how she feels about being a volunteer and what she thinks of civic sense.


“ citizen” , it is not a new word, but “ civic sense” which is in accordance with it, and “ civic society” which is based on it, has just started. The deceased Chinese thinker, a representative of new Confucianism, CSU Fuguan said, “ in the 5 concepts of Confucianism, there is an obvious lack of clear definition about the relationship between the people and the government. For 2000 years, till now, people have been considering it the most important task avoiding contacting with the government so they could survive, all they do is to pant in the crevices of politics like cowards.


Respectable teachers, dear school friends, good morning! I am Huang Tianjing from Class 5, senior grade 3. After the recommendation enrollment was over, I have a lot more free time, I spend some of my free time being a volunteer in some activities, and I feel a lot about social responsibility, how to follow my social responsibility as a high school student , here I’d like to share with you about this feelings. 
From February 21st to 25th, 2017 Conference of BRICs Coordinators was hold in Nanjing, I went to the airport to meet the officials as a volunteer. Our working area was at the gate of the domestic arrival, it was convenient for the officials to get in touch with us. The meeting at the airport seemed easy but difficult actually, what you needed was not only patience and strain capacity, more importantly, responsibility. What the teacher from our working group said still impresses me today, “ remember, when the officials get off the plane, what they see immediately is not me, not the recipients, but you, the volunteers, your first impression to them will be their first impression to the whole working group, will be their first impression to Nanjing City, so don’t make any mistakes, never and ever!” He added, “ first, report the problem, second, deal with it, you shouldn’t take such a big responsibility on yourself with careful consideration, what you need to do is to do your share of job well.” I was kind of shocked at this, I didn’t expect I, an ordinary citizen, could be on behalf of a city to give an impression, I didn’t know the vague citizen responsibility was shown to me so clearly in this way. Max said, “ the nature of humans is not something abstract that an individual owns, it is the result of all social relationships that are added up to. In reality, it is the result of all the social relationships that are added up together.” As a member of the society, we benefit from different service from the society, naturally we should do something to return. This is not something that is not existent, it requires us to do it from ourselves, for example, when walking out of the house, we shouldn’t forget the family rules; when walking out of the school, we should show others NFLS students’ broad mind and horizon; walking out of the city, we should display Nanjing locals hospitality and friendliness; walking out of the country, we should remember the firm and unyielding character of Chinese. Wherever we go, we shouldn’t forget where we once belonged to, I think this is the foundation of social responsibility. Dear school friends, please allow to summarize the above with four words, that is, don’t forget your origin.
Then, how to motivate our responsibility and put it into practice in the society, I think, to be a volunteer is a good choice. I really like the obligation of being a volunteer, a school assignment, meanwhile, I know quite some students just do it as homework, what a shame. The most important spirit of volunteer service is “dedication”, which pushes the volunteers to devote their sense of responsibility. Only the volunteers can have such a strong feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction when seeing their devotion works. Such a sense of satisfaction will push more people to serve the society, thus a virtuous cycle comes into being. In 2014, I was a volunteer in the Youth Olympic Games, when I saw the bewildered audience’s relief when their problems were solved, I thought I would get involved in such activities regardless of whatever things, I would whenever there is an opportunity. 
Dear school friends, I can’t express well about the social responsibility in just a few minutes, it needs practice to show its value. Even if we can have the whole world in our minds, we could start by never forgetting our origin, start by being a volunteer, I’m sure we could have a fulfilling life, we will have nothing to regret. 
Thank you!
Heng: thank you to Huang Tianjing for her wonderful speech. Responsibility is a mission, an attitude. The society needs it, our family needs, our society needs it.
Yang: responsibility is what Fan Zhongyan said, “ be the first to worry about the troubles across the land, but last to enjoy the universal happiness” and what Zhou Enlai said,” Get ourselves educated for the sake of China’s rise”. 
Heng: as Huang Tianjing said, the concern about the volunteer activities is a sense of responsibility. It is in the volunteer service that we learn about understanding and reflection, learn to serve the society better, learn to get involved in social affairs like a “modern person”.
Yang: the rise of a big country calls for Her citizens’ active participation and the wakening of their social affair sense, which requires the citizens’ responsibility accordingly.
Heng: and everyone here, is just one of them.
Together: this is the end of today’s morning meeting, thank you!