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Senior Grade 1 May 4th Debate Contest: Full of Sparks of Thinking
The preliminary contest of the annual May 4th Debate started in the theater on the 3rd floor of Building E 2 on March 13th at 3:00 PM. 8 teams from 8 classes of Senior Grade 1 competed with one another.

Class 4 fought against Class 8 centered on whether the advantages of globalization to localization outweighed the disadvantages or not. The whole process was quite fierce, especially the 3rd part free debate when the two sides were engaged in the battle of words. It looked as if fire and smoke were going to rise up in the battle field. As each side finished their summary speech, the argument came to its end.
Class 1 and Class 2 argued over whether “confidence brings about beauty” or “beauty brings about confidence”. The earnestness and effort of the speakers all through the debate was quite moving. The audience learned a lot of useful knowledge and skills from the speakers and the judges’ comments.


Class 6 was against Class 5 over Chinese text book should stick to the classic or keep up with the change of time. The debate began with the 2 first speakers’ speeches of the views of each side, including the definition of “stick to the classic” and “keep up with the change of time”. Next it came to questions and answers where both sides made strong and powerful speeches. The 3rd speaker of the claim precisely pointed out that the opponents had subtly changed the concept and missed the target of the debate. In the 4 minute free debate, the essential part, the speakers on 2 sides both showed outstanding ability, which made the debate not only fantastic but also elegant and won thunderous applause from the audience.

Another debate was between Class 7 and Class 3 on whether the positive effect of online public opinion on judicial justice outweighed the negative effect or not. The two sides fought very hard for the benefit of their point of view, and expressed unique and profound understanding of their own. As the argument proceeded, the atmosphere got tenser and tenser. The speakers nearly got to a point of a needle with their smooth tongues. After the 4 parts, the students from the audience asked questions related to the topic, and of course the debaters managed to answer them all, composed and steady.

The debaters all had dignified appearance, smooth tongues, quick reasoning, open mind, and careful thinking but not lack of humor, in the battle of words but with harmony. They improved themselves and discovered the fun of cooperation and the satisfaction of looking for common ground. The earnestness and efforts of the participants in the debate was moving, making you want to stop and think. The audience learned a lot of useful knowledge and skills from the speakers and the judges. To win or lose was not important. The collision of thoughts will always be attractive for those who love thinking. The argument of the topics will remain. Hopefully more and more people will experience happiness from thinking.

 In the preliminary contest, the following 4 classes were our winners:
Class 3, instructed by Lan Hui
Class 4, instructed by Liu Aijua
Class 2, instructed by Liu Wei
Class 5, instructed by Xu hongman
The following 8 students were named excellent debaters: 
Hou Yundi from Class 1
Luo Yifan from Class 2
Guo Ran from Class 3
Wang Yuhan from Class 4
Zheng Zhuangqi from Class 5
Li Qiyao from Class 6
Liu Bohan from Class 7
Jiang Haoyuan from Class 8
                                                                                      By Wu Wei from Students Affairs’ Office