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Putting Emphasis on Manners ( the morning meeting on March 13th)

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Wang: when March is walking around in soft spring breeze with her light steps

Wang: next, let’s welcome Wang Jiacheng from Class 8, senior Grade 1 to talk about the importance of good manners for a polite NFLS student. Please welcome.

Xie: every NFLS student knows this well, only good manners and modesty can keep this serenity and goodliness with us.

Wang: grand China, the hometown of dragon, a long history of over five thousand years

Xie: an ancient civilization, a country of manners, the focus of the world, the pride of our citizens

Wang: the long history of over 5000 years created the splendid Chinese civilization and formed the high moral standards and complete manner principles.

Xie: nobody can live a decent life without good manners, nothing can be done without good principles, a nation can’t be ruled without etiquettes. Manners are the bridge between people’s communications, the fundament of our study and life, the helping hand of our healthy growing.


Good morning, I am Wang Jiacheng from Class 8, senior Grade 1. March is “the National Month of Politeness”, I am very honored to have such a chance to talk about good manners with everybody here. To value good manners has been an important thing in Chinese civilization, it is also the common element internationally. Dated back to over 2000 years ago, the famous philosopher and thinker Xun Zi once said, nobody can live a decent life without good manners, nothing can be done without good principles, a nation can’t be ruled without etiquettes. We are determined to be a modern person with a Chinese soul and a global mind, we must regard the studying of good manners, following the good manners as a basic and required course, especially, we must put the “ Eight Manners and Four Rites” into practice, develop good habits of a polite person, try best to be an excellent and elegant NFLS student.

To be an elegant NFLS student, we must always have good manners at heart. John Lock from Britain once said, politeness is the top thing that kids and young adults should be familiar with. Herzen, a Russian, was even more direct, the most important thing in life is being polite, it is more important than the highest wisdom, than all the learning. Through the long river of history in China, the stories about Zhang Liang and his teacher, Kong Rou gave his pear to his sibling, Cheng Men stood in the snow to wait for his teacher with great patience, have become the best stories which have been lasting and spreading for thousands of years and admired by the offspring of generations. In sharp contrast, there was someone called Hu Shitang in Yuan Dynasty, when he was called upon by Yuan Shizu, who name was Hu Bilie, he was wearing a tilted cap, later, he was not given a good position as expected, Hu Bilie explained why: when someone couldn’t wear his cap in the right way, how can you expect him to rule the country? From this story we can see that manners are like our name card, they are important when we establish of self-image. Manners are also like a mirror, which can reflect your quality and your politeness. NFSL, a school with a good reputation and over 50-year-history, provides us with not only knowledge and ability, harmonious surroundings, but the power of politeness, the power of good manners behind the above. We should inherit such a good tradition, be a polite person, be good-mannered, establish and show a healthy, nice image of NFLS student.

To be an elegant NFLS student, we should be more careful with the study of manners. Manners are art in communicating with others, there is a lot for us to learn, it is not enough to just have a sincere and enthusiastic heart. In this term, “Eight Manners and Four Rites” can give us a lot of help. “Eight Manners and Four Rites” covers etiquettes, table manners, treating others, the way we walk, watch, visit, etc. it also covers different ceremonies such as the first day to school, growing up, being a young adult, etc. it tells us vividly what we can do or can’t do, how we do it, it is a good guiding book in manners education. What we need to pay attention to is that, as a NFLS student, we have a lot of chances to participate in culture exchanges, in the face of multi-culture, we should be aware of the difference between different cultures. For example, thumb-up means good, smooth, splendid in many countries, but there are exceptions, in some countries, it means hitchhiking, a number, there are some countries which regard it as an insult. So, when we are having culture exchanges, see to it that we should know the local culture and manners in advance, thus misunderstandings would be avoided.


A thousand-li journey begins with a simple step. “Eight Manners and Four Rites” is not complicated, but it is hard to carry it out. To be an elegant NFLS student seems like a “ small goal”, it requires great effort to carry it out. Confucius said,” seeing someone better than himself, one tries to equal him”, Zeng Zi said, “ I introspect myself three time a day”. I hope we could start from right now, start from minor things according to “Eight Manners and Four Rites”, be brave enough to perfect ourselves, make self-improvements, go beyond ourselves, have the light of manners light up our path, grow the beautiful NFLS civilization flowers with sweet springs of good manners.Thank you.

Xie: thank you to Wang Jiacheng for his wonderful speech, the “Eight Manners and Four Rites” he mentioned is an ideal textbook for our high school students to develop good habits of politeness and good manners. It covers manners, style of conversation, how we treat others, etc. like the thinker in Ming Dynasty Yan Yuan said, “ a nation which values good manners will be prosperous, a family which value good manners will be prominent, a person who values manners will be rightful, a heart which values manners will be calm.” For those who are determined to be a NFLS student with a Chinese soul and a global mind, it is a required course.

Wang: yes, a great country, a country of good manners, elegant and polite, modest and humble, manners are Chinese virtues, we should not only watch ourselves outside school, but at school as well. it is equally important. Next, let’s welcome Zhou Zihan, Class 5, senior Grade 2, and Xi Chenyuan, Class 5, junior Grade 1 to give us a cross talk, Something about Manners.


Qi: good morning, teachers and school friends.( they bowed with fists holding together to the chest)
Zhou: I am Zhou Zihan from Class 5, senior Grade 2
Xi: I am Xi Chenyuan from Class 5, junior Grade 1
Zhou: today, we two will talk about manners with everybody.
Xi: uh.
Zhou: from the way this guy greet his teachers and friend, we can see there’s something.
Xi: there is something in such a minor thing?
Zhou: a lot. Take the making a bow with fists folded in front as an example, there are a lot of particular care.
Xi: you tell us, please.
Zhou: this way of greeting has a long history, the earliest record was in The Analects of Confucius. In ancient times, two people encountered, eh, a greeting with fists holding together, it meant modesty, but not humility, it was decent.
Xi: yeah.
Zhou: don’t devalue it, how to fold the fists is cultured. The old saying says, the right hand holds the spear to attack. So we should put our left hand up, hold the right hand, this symbolizes a modesty gentleman, who gets alone with others in peace, don’t do it the other way.
Xi: what if we do it the other way?
Zhou: that’s for funerals, at funerals, people do the opposite.
Xi: (do the opposite way with a cry), dear senior student, you….
Zhou: hey, now misunderstanding occurs. The red tape was used a lot in the feudal society. In our modern time, we don’t need so much complicated body language. When we meet our senior school friends, our directors, we call them with their surname and their respective title, and say hello to them first. If you want to, say with a slight bow, that’s it.
Xi: everybody is equal now.
Zhou: the word” manners” means a lot for Chinese people. There are a lot of honorifics in Chinese language.
Xi: you are right.

Zhou: please, you, sorry, you are welcome, trouble, these are a series of honorifics, if you can use them in your daily life freely, your quality will be greatly improved.
Xi: it sounds very nice.
Zhou:, hey, let me try you.
Xi: please go ahead.
Zhou: next, let’s talk about manners in talking. My classmate is in your way, what would you say?
Xi: ( eyes widely opened, with hands behind his back, looks very fierce): get out of my way!
Zhou: you can’t do this, be polite!
Xi: how can I be polite?
Zhou: you need some polite expressions, for example, it will be better if you use” Please”.
Xi: let me try. ( eyes widely opened, with hands behind his back, looks very fierce) please get out of my way!
Zhou: eh, it’s a little better. You try adding “ trouble” to it?
Xi: ( eyes widely opened, with hands behind his back, looks very fierce) please get out of my way! You are such a trouble.
Zhou: this… try adding in the front to see if it works.
Xi: good, ( eyes widely opened, with hands behind his back, looks very fierce), trouble! Please get out of my way!
Zhou: eh, then, forget about the word “ trouble”, add “thank you” after.
Xi: please step aside, thank you!
Zhou: you sound much polite finally. This is the basic manners.
Xi: please take me some homework.
Zhou: right.
Xi: I sorry to trouble you, could you talk a little more quietly?
Zhou: be as polite as this.
Xi: please allow me to jump the queue, thank you.
Zhou: eh, oh, wait, what did you say?
Xi: please allow me to jump the queue. Am I wrong again?
Zhou: waiting in line in the school canteen is a kind of manners. You jump the queue and buy your food, but how about those who are waiting in line? Aren’t they hungry? The premium of freedom is no interference with other’s interests. Waiting for your turn to buy food, is one of our daily manners. Talking about the queue, I think of those students who stand at the school gate every morning and say “ good morning” to us, next time when you enter the campus, you should say” good morning” to them in return to show your politeness and respect.
Xi: the eight, or nine students?
Zhou: uh.
Xi: oh, senior, I can’t do this, my goodness, I greet the students who stand on both side of the road, do I look like a kowtow worm? It’s embarrassing.
Zhou: you are being rigid, don’t regard manners as formality. Of course you don’t greet the students one by one purposely, but just a slight nod to them to show your kindness. If there are teachers on duty, it’s good to say hello to them. Manners are not just shown in a form, it should be shown to express your good will, not just in the form.
Xi: I get it, I get it, hey, look, senior, the weather in Nanjing gets warmer so soon, I must take off my school uniform quickly, I don’t know why we should wear this every day…
Zhou: hey, hey, hey, put it on. Wearing school uniform at school is a kind of daily manner.
Xi: I don’t see why, wearing school uniform is a manner too? You can’t lie to me.
Zhou: the uniform is just a coat, but it is a symbol of NFLS. Wearing it is a kind of glory and a symbol of responsibility. The uniform will make you to pay attention to your behavior. What’s more, wearing school uniform itself is the obeying the manners, it gives a feeling of sunshine and refreshment.
Xi: it does. But you are wearing very formally today, you look very handsome.
Zhou: oh, right, this is morning meeting, everybody is looking at us, so formal clothes are needed, they will make people comfortable, clothing is one of the daily manners as well. but your neat, white school uniform make you look full of sunshine and energy.
Xi: ok, I accept your advice. There are a lot of details to pay attention to in clothing. Oh, it is getting late, I kept talking with you, I forgot to have my decent breakfast.
Zhou: decent breakfast, you are using a very formal word here. For the three meals, there are things to pay attention to, too.
Xi: what can we pay attention to just having a meal? I will consider myself lucky if the lady in school canteen won’t spill the detergent on my shoes.
Zhou: well, how can you dare to make negative comments on the lady in canteen? I saw with my own eyes the day before yesterday, you didn’t put away your food tray and you were caught red-handed and got punished.
Xi: this… it can’t be called as punished when you talk about things done by a student. I was too careless, I was in a hurry for sports.
Zhou: be careful next time, I didn’t know you loved sports.
Xi: don’t belittle me. The old saying goes,” the concentration is the essence.” You see I am short, but I am quite flexible when playing sports. One day, I was playing ball games with my friend, with a slip, the ball flew out and hit someone’s head, luckily, he was very polite and mild-tempered and didn’t say anything, but helped us pick up the ball and throw the ball back to us.
Zhou: what a nice guy, but remember to say sorry and thank you, this is manner. The ball hit the head, I am afraid it might be swollen.
Xi: I did say sorry and thank you. Don’t worry about that, it can’t be too hurting when you are hit by a ball.
Zhou: hitting by such a big ball will be hurting, definitely.
Xi: what hurt did it cause?
Zhou: ah?
Xi: we were…
Zhou: eh?
Xi: we were playing the table tennis! 

Zhou: hey, you should have told me that!

Want: thank you to the two students’ wonderful performance, we learn better that manners have covered all aspects in our school life. Greeting others is a manner, waiting in line is a manner, wearing neat school uniform is a manner.

Xie: the polite person wins people’s heart, the polite person wins the whole world! Gentle spring rain moisten things silently, maybe what we can do are very minor, insignificant things, but all high mountains start with the accumulation of soil, all long rivers originate from streams, only when we put emphasis on manners any time, any place can we become a more excellent NFLS student.

Wang: in a word, as a NFLS student who has a Chinese soul and a global mind, we should always put daily good manners in heart, inherit them and pass them on, this is our responsibility, be careful with our behavior all the time, have good manners in our word, in our behavior.

Wang, xie: let work together and have the flower of good manners blossom in every corner on our campus. Thank you.