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“Push” out Love
Correspondent: Gao Xin, senior Grade 3

Silvery scissors, flexible hands and good cutting skills, “though his skills are just essential, he is a really good barber”. Such a good barber now appears on NFLS campus, he is Wang Zheng, Class 1, senior Grade 2.
There are some special things about his job. He cuts hair for those empty-nest senior citizens and those senior citizens who live alone, free of charge. While cutting hair, he will talk with them, help them fixing the electrical gadgets, etc. what’s more respectful is, he has been doing all these for  two years. Since 2015, he began to help the needed elderly in the neighborhood, set a fixed place and a fixed time every month, to cut hair for the elderly, with his father’s help, he never stop this service. His kindness and unselfishness move a lot of people. In March this year, the resident committee in his neighborhood mailed a letter of thanks to the Students’ Management Office in NFLS.
“ I didn’t expect to be praised. I felt that I just do what I should do.” Wang Zheng was shy, scratching his scalp from time to time while being interviewed.


 Wang Zheng said, the neighborhood which he lives is an old residential area, there are quiet some elderly people who can’t even walk stably, when he saw them going to the barber shop in the street with difficulty, an idea that a free haircut should be provided to the elderly came to his mind. So, he learned some basic cutting skills from his father who is capable of cutting hair and his job of “cutting hair” began, as a young barber.
“ once, I went to a grandpa’s home who was hit by stroke to give him a haircut, when I arrived at his building, I heard a very loud noise from the radio, so loud that it could wake the dead, I thought they were having a party. When I knocked at his door, I found that there was nobody home but him, staying in his little home, but listened to the loudest radio, so loud that it could be heard in the whole building. Seeing this, he felt very sorry.”  When talking about the most impressive thing in cutting hair, this kind, simple boy couldn’t hide a sad but firm look on his face, “ so I will try my best to help them, in fact, what they need to be helped is not just having someone cutting hair for them.” So, in his spare time, Wang Zheng actively gets involved in the charity activities in the neighborhood. From 2016 to 2017 in a row, he applied to be a volunteer in the Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service in the square, an activity organized by the Resident Committee, with  his good cutting skills, he serves the neighbors, who sing highly of him.


According to Wang Zheng’s  head teacher, Wang Zheng is good at his lesson, but he remains quite low profile, he’s always ready to help others with things such as explaining the questions, making contribution to the class quietly. For Wang Zheng, working for the class, for the society is his responsibility as a high school student and a citizen. Such a high sense of social responsibility is admired and should be highly praised and introduced.
March is “the Month of Love” in NFLS, learning from Lei Feng spirit is advocated, contributing all we can do to build a harmonious and beautiful society is advocated. Wang Zheng not only shows Lei Feng Spirit, but shows such a high quality virtue in the Month of Love and expands it to his life, he keeps charity as a habit, spreads positive force, he is our role model!