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 The Achievements of the “Virtuous Teenager” Candidates in NFLS

The recommendation and online voting of Nanjing City “100 Virtuous Teenagers”, which is held by the Chinese Communist Nanjing City Publicity Committee, Nanjing City Civilization Office, Nanjing City Education Bureau, etc. Wei Zihan, Class 2, junior Grade 2 from our school is recommended as a candidate. He is very easygoing, getting alone well with everyone around him, Wei Zihan is also a charity enthusiast and good at music, chess, calligraphy and painting, he is a hardworking student, too. The prizes he has won are following: the 3rdPrize in 2016 “ Star of Hope” National Final of Junior High Group, the Special Prize in Jiangsu province; the 2nd Prize in National High School Students’ English Proficiency Contest; the 2nd Prize in Jiangsu Province in the 10th Hope Trophy Composition Contest; for quite some years, he participated in charity walking activity, served the senior high English debate contest, attended the “Reading with Love” for the blind in Fuzhou and other charity sales, volunteering service, etc. Wei Zihan gained more than ten prizes or certificates in different charity activities; Wei was one of the school’s “Top Ten Virtuous Students” and “Top 10 Best in Art”.
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