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Charity Sale: to Realize Dream with Love 

On the afternoon of March 6thNFLS had a second-hand bazaar, as our 15th Month of Love event. One drop of water means little, but a spring could be enough to water a dry land. Love is a crook, washing away the dusts of the world; love is a ray of sunshine, driving away the darkness in our heart; love is a warm current, warming up our cold heart… With the help of all the teachers and students of the main campus, the love fund received 25,398.1 Yuan in total.
Altogether 33 classes volunteered to take part in this event. The Students’ Association League and teachers were part of it too. The “salesmen” who tried their best to sell the goods and the “customers” who lingered by the stalls both did what they could to give love in the slight coldness of spring and warmed the hearts of one another.
“All the teachers and students have been involved in the charity sale and show their love by what they do, which is amazing,” said Qiu, a student in charge of sale, from Class 6 Senior 1.
Listen! Junior High students are going up on stage to tell everyone the special offer of their class. Their passion and activeness has been displayed in every way, either the beforehand promotion on the stage or the persuasive advertising slogans to make a sale.
Thanks to every one of teachers and students involved. The money they gave might not be a lot, but the love they showed was great. We had offered a chance for the students to love others, which hopefully would encourage us to love and be grateful, and build up our responsibility to the society during the process.
The event has come to an end. However, it is believed that more students are willing to give a helping hand in some other ways in their life.

The theme of the Month of Love this time was “to realize dream with love”, advocating while working for our own dreams,  teachers and students should give a helping hand to those who also have dreams, to experience from being passionate about a dream, embracing it, building it up, to making it come true, so that we will not forget our original intention and keep going forward.

“Besides the stalls for each class, we also see the use love of the Students’ Association League, which is the best part,” said Chen and Xu from the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Association, in the process of selling. The student clubs sold hand-made craft and magazines, which not only made contribution to the event, but also got an opportunity to give publicity, maximizing the role of student associations to the largest extent.