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 The Dream Sets off with Love ( the Morning Meeting on February 27th)

Chen: Hello, everyone, I am a member from the school League Committee, my name is Chen Yirun, I’m from Class 4, senior Grade 1.

Zheng: Hello, everyone, I am a member from the school League Committee, my name is Zheng Linghui,  I’m from Class 6, senior Grade 1.
Chen: Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Because of love, people in a difficult situation have the courage to conquer the precipitous steeps, because of love, you and I are tied together firmly; because of love, we live not just for us, because of love, we walk to the most beautiful dream step by step, having the beautiful an firm belief in our hearts, walk forward with determination and strength. 
Chen: in the past year, we have a lot of students who carried out their dreams or helping others realize their dreams steadily and surely, they all had good success and felt the joy of helping others. Now let’s welcome the 8848 Volunteer Teaching Club to share their experience, welcome!

Zheng: it is March, when blossoming flowers are everywhere, spring breeze is blowing softly, we now greet the NFLS’s 15th Love Month. The theme of this Love Month activity is “Building the dream with love”, we hope everyone could pursue your dream with persistence, could fight harder for our dream!    


Hi, teachers and school friends!

I am Xu Tianhui, the director of 8848 Volunteer Teaching Club from Class 2, senior Grade 1.
I am Ji Jie, the Director in Charge in 8848 Volunteer Teaching Club from Class 7, senior Grade 1.
After the talk with our Tibetan friends, we learned that they all thought the leaning of English was not essential or necessary, however, those who walk out of the Tibetan region and go to universities all have a big problem with English, as a result, they lost a lot of opportunities to get a good job or have further education, they felt regretful that they didn’t have a chance to study English.
These kids who share the same blue sky with us, have the education resources that are far worse than ours, isolated English teaching environment undoubtedly nips their dreams in the bud.
Our 8848 Volunteer Teaching Club is like a window which is opening their dreams, helping them to fly freely in a new world.
We aim to providing English teaching service to the kids who live in the regions lacking in teaching resources, stimulating their interest in learning English from internet in the form of long distance teaching, so they can learn about Nanjing’s local color and feel a different culture.
At present, teaching videos carefully made by our students are going to far-away places, to the hands of the pupils’ in Nanjing Hope Primary School, Xigang, Tibet.  These videos include the most contents and language points in Book 1 of Grade 3. The simple dialogues such as “ Hello, what’s your name” was shown in the form of games and songs vividly, so the greetings are integrated into daily life; we even invited the Australian exchange students to introduce their country to the pupils, so they will learn more about the brilliance outside China, feel the difference between the two cultures, two civilizations.
When we saw the pictures in which the pupils were singing together with the videos, watching the videos by the teachers, we felt a sense of satisfaction. We made the kids understand with our action that there was a group of teenagers who have a “ Chinese soul and a global mind” in an eastern coastal city 4000 kilometers away, are willing to help them dream of those things that have never been got into their minds and help them to get closer to their dreams; who are willing to create a wider and more blue sky for them with love and English.
We felt another sense of pride when we learned the good news that the Australian exchange students wanted to join us after we told them about the volunteer teaching. This means some young people from another country, from the other half of the earth, from another nation are going to help them with their study, with their growing and achieving their dream, help them with possible support and aid, so the Tibetan kids will not only have a “Chinese soul”, but feel a “ global mind” as well.
In the volunteer teaching process, the students found a different China, learned more about Tibet culture and got to know a group of lovely Tibetan kids, and felt more the power that we can make a difference, when we are building a dream for others, we are realizing our own dreams.
Maybe the shepherd now could read one or two lines of a poem and sing “ Mary has a little lamb”, imagine that one day, he could show his brilliance in the other part of the earth.
We have a dream, building long distance English teaching with internet, Conquering the Everest Mountain with our love!
Welcome to our Wechat Group “8848 Volunteer Teaching Club” and join us.
In the end, I’d love to say “ thank you” to the teachers, the representative teacher is Ms. Zhu Shanping, and to the 90 club members’ joint efforts
Thank you!

Please imagine this: you are a pupil, you are driving a group of sheep on the vast Qingzang Plateau, facing the entrance exam to junior high in which Chinese’s full mark is 100 scores, math, 100, Moral and social studies, 50, however, 15 for English. Your school is force to reduce the English Class because of this, the school is also short of resource, fund, even English teacher. Then, can you still concentrate on your English learning? Do you still have a chance to study English?

8848, have our dreams set off.


Zheng: thank 8848 Volunteer Teaching Club for joining all the students’ effort together, and helping the Tibetan kids see a wider world. Next, let’s welcome Yu Dian, from Class 10, junior Grade 2, who actively participated in the Love Month activity last year and achieved her goal, welcome to share your experience in achieving your dream.
Respectable teachers, dear school friends:
Good morning!
Bathing under the sunshine, we now greet a new week. I am Yu Dian from Class 10, junior Grade 2. Today, my topic is Setting off with a Dream.
When talking about Mr. Wang Jianlin, all of us will remember what he said, I believe, that is: first of all, set a small goal, for example, make a 100 million yuan. His words became one of the top “ hottest popular words” in 2016. I like the first half of what he said, that is “ first of all, set a small goal”. Because everybody of us has a dream of our own, then how to make our dream come true? The old saying says,” no accumulation of steps can’t lead to a thousand miles, no integration of streams can’t result in seas and oceans.” We can divide our dream into several small goals, then achieve our big dream by achieving those small goals one by one.
Last year, the Students’ Management Office had a themed activity called “ Realizing the dream, Helping a Dream”, I cherished this chance, because I took a photo with the principal unconsciously when I was conducting the band at the stage in the New Students’ Welcome party. After that, I had a small goal: I would tried to get a chance to take a photo with the principal with my good performance. I won the title “ Six Star Student” for 3 semesters in a run, and I was honored to take a photo with the principal. 

Besides me, some of my school friends actively took part in the activity of “ Realizing the dream, Helping a Dream”, with the dream helpers’ aid, some of them finished reading five English novels in a semester, some of them wrote software in vocabulary learning, some became healthier and stronger with excellent athletic ability in entrance exam requirement. Some of our students took the responsibility of being a dream helper, being a loving envoy, to help others achieve their small goals. Friendliness spread gradually on NFLS campus.
Youth and dream are always the theme that modern people love to talk about. Teenagers long for youth, plan the dreams; young people sing highly of youth, achieve the dreams. A new year, a new dream, I wish every NFLS student will set off in 2017, begin your sailing, sail in the waves and winds with your dream!

To our surprise, this year, the Students’ Management Office will have the activity of “ Building Dreams with Love” again. I couldn’t wait to set my second small goal: I am interested in charity, I organized some activities such as making environmental friendly kites, low-carbon transportation, etc. this year, my goal is to organize a larger scale environmental friendly activity, and I gained support and participation from 80% of the students in our grade, I welcome the teachers from the Students’ Management Office could be my dream helper and I hope the students could inspect me. Please remember this: I am Yu Dian from Class 10, junior Grade 2. Yu Dian is my real name, Yu, as in duoyu, Dian, which means dot.


Chen: thank Yu Dian for sharing, so we could see how NFLS students pursued their dreams and achieved them.In 2016, we saw with our own eyes how NFLS teachers and students showed their love, NFLS Love foundation received the donations from the teachers and the students, 36639.2 yuan in total, in the form of charity sales, charity concerts, basketball match by the teachers and the students, direct donations, etc.

Zheng: In 2016, we saw with our own eyes how NFLS teachers and students showed their love. NFLS Love Foundation donated 29291.4 yuan in total in the form of helping to raise the orphans in the countryside in the province, helping the orphan with their music dream, visiting the needed teachers and the students, etc. at the moment, the NFLS Love Foundation has the balance of 303469.82 yuan. 

Chen: the number is just a symbol, but our love is priceless. “ a drop of water can reflect the sun lights” , our small actions can bring big warmth and happiness. Here, NFLS Love Foundation promises, in 2017, the foundation will continue to commit to our duty, conduct every job with great care, help the needed; meanwhile the Foundation appeals to the teachers and students to take action, show your concern to everyone around us, try your best to do things for charity, pass the good will of the Foundation to anyone who needs it.

Zheng: from this week, a serial of Love Month themed activities will begin from this week, the details have been sent to each class. The theme of this Love Month is “ Building Dreams with Love”, which aims to guild the teachers and students to be clear about the goals, have the New Year wishes and the expectations about ourselves, learn to be persistent in achieving our dreams, care for people around us every day, learn to cooperation, learn to treat others well. we hope the students could actively participate in the filling of wishing cards and exchanging your ideas, show your concern to others, do good deeds, you will enjoy the happiness of doing good things to others, the joy of helping others because of love.

Chen: on Friday afternoon, there will be a charity sale & exchange of second-handed goods on the school playground, so the annual donation for the Love Foundation can continue. Those classes, clubs and teacher groups who want to take part in please apply for a stand at the Students Management Office at 4:30 Pm, so we could organize the activity and manage it better. 

Zheng: meanwhile, Love Reading Competition can be started from today, we hope the students could read those good poems, speeches, etc. aloud in English and/or Chinese, which encourage us, show nationality spirit and send the audios to the appointed email address before March 13th. Let’s unify together, make some high quality audio reading materials for the blind school students.

Chen: dear school friends, dear teachers, let’s pass the love torch and pass the warmth. Let’s burn more hope with our love to light the road for everyone to move forward! Make friendliness a daily practice, develop a good habit of helping others, we wish we could create a more harmonious future together!

 Zheng: this is the end of today’s morning meeting, thank you, everyone!