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NFLS Teacher Liu Yongmei Was Named “Excellent Teacher Volunteer”


NFLS teacher Liu Yongmei became one of “the Five Chinese Teachers from Jiangsu”in April 2011, when she began to get involved in its daily management, designing and taking part in the team development, planning and complementing public service events. Since the team was founded, it has actively carried out many public service activities, the five teachers as the key members, while 12 master Teachers from Jiangsu as main participants. 

In 2012, Ms. Liu signed up for the National Assistance Plan for Rural Middle School Chinese Education and was selected to be one of the first volunteers. She traveled to Ye County in Henan twice at the end of 2012 and in May the next Year. She gave lectures and taught classes for local junior high Chinese teachers and worked in pairs with them to help them grow. Her dedication to work, spirit of overcoming difficulties and her pleasure in sacrifice and sharing was spoken highly by the National Chinese Education Committee. 


In early August, 2013, Ms. Liu and her teammates of “the Five Chinese Teachers from Jiangsu” organized a public service training event in Pingdingshan Henan. It was over 40 degree for many days in a row. They gave wonderful lectures for over 600 Chinese teachers of the city. The event was reported by China Education Publishing Network. In September, they went to Jiawang District in Xuzhou to help with their Chinese teaching, called “Red Trip to Jiawang”. The teachers there attended their lecture and wrote report about it for tens of thousands words.

In April 2014, they did a training in Yizheng, which was named Entering Country Schools. Their fantastic language training lessons was well received by the local teachers. In August, their public lecture for the junior high Chinese teachers in Yongzhou of Hunan brought the latest research trend and fruits to the teachers in that distant area. Right after that, they left for Yueyang in Hunan where their lecture for the National Teachers’ Training Class organized by Hunan Institute of Science and Technology created quite a stir. “The Five Chinese Teachers from Jiangsu” was the most popular trainers by the trainees that year. At the end of October, they set out for Sihong in Suqian, where the five teachers initiated the excitement by their popularity again.


In August 2015, they took the journey to Jingdong in Yunnan, and trained nearly 200 junior high Chinese teachers of over 10 minorities for 5 days, offering a feast of Chinese teaching and research for the teachers in the frontier area. It took them 8 hours from Kunming to Jingdong on the mountains, which was a long way full of difficulties. However, it was just worth it because they were able to share the Chinese teaching and research results with the teachers in need.


According to the local teachers, “the Five Chinese Teachers from Jiangsu” has been the first trainer team out of the province. Dozens of teachers traveled from the distant area near Vietnam to receive the training of such a high quality. They were excited and thankful, admiring the five teachers’ passion for education. The trainee teachers wrote report about the event for tens of thousands of words.


In July 2016, the five plus one team traveled to Yili in Xinjiang, a northwest city, to do a public service training for the junior high Chinese teachers there in need. They were highly praised by the local government and education department. The training event in Yunnan and Xinjiang increased the academic communication and emotional bonding between the team and the teachers of multiple minorities. 


From August 1st to 3rd,2016, in Kunshan “The Five Chinese Teachers from Jiangsu” in the New Education Star Teachers public service training, as trainers 

In the process of doing public service, they got to know a lot of other teachers. In order to help young teachers to grow better, they partnered with them, guiding and instructing in person. Up to now, they have used “The Star Teachers Team” to help and instruct the young teachers in long term, and apparently the teachers have made progress. The growth of the teachers directly leads to the benefit of the students.


“The Five Chinese Teachers from Jiangsu” was named “Teachers of 2015” by Teachers Monthly, as the only team winner.

To help more teachers grow, we need to keep building ourselves up. While assisting others to succeed, we improve ourselves. I will continue to do volunteer work for as long as possible,” said Liu Yongmei.