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NFLS Teachers and Students’ Excellent Performance in the 1st Nanjing Primary and Secondary School First Aid Contest
Nanjing Primary and Secondary School First Aid Contest was held in Nanjing Medical School and Nanjing Emergency Center respectively from November 19 to 20, 2016.
Our school sent a team of 3 Senior 1 students to the Senior Grade Group contest, with the instruction from Teacher Gu Le of the Medical Office. A week before the contest, the students started to spend each time after class reciting the related knowledge and learning the basic first aid skills for instance, simple wounds treatment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which they got familiar with and managed to do with proficiency within a few days. On November 19th in the contest of the Students Group, they succeeded in passing the theory exam and the skills contest, including CPR and bandaging. Eventually they got the Students Group 2nd Prize. Wang Yuhan from Class 4 Senior 1 won the Individual 1st Prize, Xia Xueying from Class 3 Senior 1 the Individual 2nd Prize, and Yang Yiqi from Class 4 Senior 1 the Individual 3rd Prize.

Teacher Gu Le, on the one hand, finished teaching the students group at such a short notice, on the other hand, he also had to prepare himself for the contest, improving himself both in theory and practice. On the 20th, he participated in the contest of the Teachers Group and got the Individual 2nd Prize as a member of his school, and his group got the Group 1st Prize.

Mastering the basic first aid treatment has become a new requirement for the students over the past few years. In recent 3 years, our school has actively responded to the upper education department, adding first aid skills to our high school military training experimentally. Meanwhile, we have begun to teach fundamental knowledge of first aid in the health education to Junior 1. Up to now, we have had 5 teachers with First Aid Trainer Certificates by the Jiangsu Red Cross. First aid skills are also included in our Young Teachers’ Salon and the school volunteer firemen training. It is believed that the contest like this will be good for the popularization of the knowledge and skills among the people, so that they may save one another if needed, and more likely to bring safety.