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The Final Exam Mobilization ( the Morning Meeting on January 7th, 2017)


Director: good morning, dear teachers and friends, Iam Chen Zixin, the director of the Study Department, from Class 5, senior Grade 1. I will be the host of today’s morning meeting.

This year’s Spring Festival is on January 28th, with the coming of the festival, however, there is always something called the final exam comes as expected, it comes to us. Final exam, for the freshmen in junior high, it is a new challenge; but for those who fight with blood and sweat for good GPA in senior high, it is a key moment that is imminent. However the life is busy, we can’t go panic and forget our pace. Next, let’s welcome Tang Kenan from Class 1, senior Grade 1 to talk about his experience in studies. 
Tang Kenan: exam, is an unavoidable topic for anyone who is studying. Though the exam result could be either good or bad, it is still a good reflection upon how well we have learned, a good opportunity for us to make some improvement in our studies. After the first semester in senior high Grade 1, I’d like to share with everyone my experience which is acquired in my studies before the final comes. 
First of all, balance our usual study and the reviewing for the final. There are not many courses in junior high, maybe you don’t have to make study plan and review plan with so much care. But, for senior high, it is undoubtedly the best guarantee to make a study plan that is suitable for you. Many students often enter for science competition or participate in other activities, at such a time, how to manage your time is especially important. If you don’t pay enough attention, and always delay your homework till the last moment, the result could be that you had to spend a whole day to finish the exercises of a course, what’s worse could be that your enthusiasm in study would be harmed. Meanwhile, we need to accumulate the knowledge in all our subjects, for example, Chinese, history, foreign languages, politics, etc. Cramming before the exam is hard to improve our level in a short time. So, I think, we should have solid knowledge, to do this requires our daily effort, little by little. Of course, from the angle of exam, cramming hard before the exam to get higher grades is also necessary. A reasonable study plan will make us remember what we have learned and build up our confidence. The study methods differ from person to person. As far as I am concerned, one of the most important things is the textbooks. At the end of the semester, read the textbooks again and again, pay more attention to the details in the books, master the main points, these can both make up for what we have missed before, understand the books better and deepen the memory. At the same time, we may as well have enough review to get rid of the fear of new and strange problems, thus get better exam results in a very short time. 
Then, before the real exam comes, when most of the review has been done, what should we pay attention to? I am not that experienced in having exams, but I’d like to say that the most important thing is to adjust ourselves. We should neither be too nervous nor sure about the importance of the exam. If you are too nervous before the exams, it is hard for you to show your real level. But if too relaxed, especially so relaxed that you don’t care about the exam at all, you won’t be careful enough, you won’t excel your level. So, if you want to relieve the stress before the final, the key is to make full preparations in reviewing, we don’t take too much about this. Next, we might as well pay more attention to some details, such as the stationery you like, taking a good rest before the exam, etc. In a word, a good attitude will ensure that we won’t make big mistakes in the exam. 
In the end, I wish everybody do well in your exam, don’t make big mistakes because your own carelessness in the lessons that you are good at, don’t go panic in the lessons that you are not so good at. Face the exam with confidence, don’t be too nervous, show off yourselves, get good grades!

Director: thank you for the brilliant speech, Tang Nanke. Yes, after the efforts in studying, a good result is what we dream of. However, facing the temptation of good grades, we shouldn’t go beyond the bottom line as a student to cheat, which is against the school rules and regulations. Next, let’s welcome Ouyang Ganlin, from Class 3, Senior Grade 1 to talk about the importance of having exams with honesty 

Ouyang Ganlin:
Wind comes and go, flowers blossom and fade. With the coldness of the winter, with our laughter, with time passing quickly like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice, this semester comes to an end, our colorful school life draws to a close. What we are going to have next is our final fight in this semester: the final exam.
Throughout the history,there is one word in the exam, that is honesty. I remember someone said this: “ there are two things in this world that can touch our soul. One is the blue sky above us, the other is the saintly virtues in our heart. ” Now, we look at the sky, the sky is still bright and clear, but we need to call the saintly virtues again, one of the virtues is honesty. Li Bai once said, “  Three cups spit promise, back to light the Five Sacred Mountains.” this means that honesty is more heavier than mountains. Confucius said,”a person without honesty is hard for us to imagine.” in simple words, it means that a dishonest person is beyond people’s imagination.Lu Zhaolin had the poem, “ if there’s someone on this earth, he should have faith and honesty as his clothes.” this put honesty to a highest level, so high that honesty can stand on this planet and it is absolutely necessary. The old saying goes,” find something in a dark room, nothing is better than a torch; find a way to be a nice person, there is nothing better than honesty.” only fire can light the darkness, with honesty we can stand up in this society.
From the above we can see, even in ancient times, the importance of honesty is self-evident. Now while facing the exams, are we better than our forefathers or not?
Vital as honesty is, we should cherish it more. It is a pity we leave our memory a misery just for a relatively good grade or to escape from a temporary embarrassment. 
In fact, we long for a good result in exam, a success in the exam, just like a little kid. The taste of success is tempting, we will try our best. But cheating in an exam can reflect some students’ over-pursuit in such a success. However, what they don’t realize is that, to overcome the over-pursuit of such success if the biggest success that we are proud of.
“A real gentleman is open and poised, while a villain is often full of anxieties”, be someone who not only longs for success but can face failure as well. 
So, dear friends, walking into the exam classrooms, looking at the cell phone which emerges suddenly in your pocket, please remove it; when you see your exam reference materials are sleeping on your desk, stop their daydreams.I do wish everybody would have the final exam honestly.
This is the end of my speech, thank you!
Director: thank you for your wonderful speech, Ouyang Ganlin. At last, facing the busy exam, we hope everybody can adjust themselves, and have the exam in a good attitude. Face the exam with calmness, try your best. Next, let’s welcome Liu Yuchen from Class 7, senior Grade 1 to give some suggestions on how to adjust ourselves for the exam.
Liu Yuchen: hello, everybody. I am Liu Yuchen from Class 7, senior Grade 1. Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about the adjustment before the final. 
When talking about the attitude toward exams, we refer to nervousness as the most typical one; when talking about the adjustment, we mean the adjustment of one’s nervousness.   
Ever since the first time we had our final exam in Grade 1 in primary school, our parents always tell us “ don’t be nervous in the exam”, “ be sure you are not nervous, relax.” etc. In fact, I think, nervousness is the attachment in an exam, it is not the thing that we need to avoid necessarily. If you have nothing to do, idle all the time and you don’t feel urgent before an exam, you will definitely not have good results. It is well-known that appropriate nervousness can stimulate our good performance in the exam. Use good methods and policies, control your nervousness to a certain degree are the best in an exam. 
First, when you want to control your nervousness, why don’t you analyze the cause of your nervousness? The reason why we feel nervous and panic is that the exam result is very important, it will affect the offers we will receive; but more importantly, the reason is that we didn’t prepare well enough. 
Just imagine, if I tell you this right now that you are going to have an exam next wee, this exam will determine which university you are going to attend; but you are told as well that the exam is just about the plus  and minus within 20. Though the exam is important, you are full of confidence, you won’t be nervous or panic. So we can say, in order to avoid panic, there is no shortcut, the only solution is to study thoroughly. “repeat the simple problems, do the problems again with great care”, you are clear, you are able to do, you are right in and you enjoy all the exercises that you have done. Check what you have missed, redo what you didn’t do. The best confidence comes from your ability. 
Secondly, make some reasonable arrangement for the entertainments. In the busy preparations for the exam, we need some time to take a rest. But be aware of this, choose the forms of entertainments with a purpose. First of all, you don’t choose those you might be allergic to. If you are computer game fan and you are easy to be obsessed in it, you’d better pick a book and read it. If you are a book worm who tend to be absorbed in reading, why not play computer games for a while? In a word, choose the entertainment forms that you can control over, that you can prevent yourselves from obsessing in. Besides, you can make reasonable use of some time periods, for example, you can choose the book which is required to read in your Chinese lesson, or you might choose to watch one or two episode of American TV play or a part of an English movie. You will improve your listening and your feeling about the language at the same time. These are all strategic selections, which can kill two birds with one stone. 
Of course, there are other ways to adjust ourselves before the exam. For me, I think there is an efficient habit, that is, don’t solve any difficult problems before an exam. When you finish an exam paper, the result is you didn’t do them correctly or you didn’t understand some problems at all, then it is certain that you feel frustrated, it has bad influence on our mood. Do some exam papers with medium-level difficulty, do them in a set time, to get familiar with the exam and sense, these might be more effective, and you will be more sure about yourselves.
On the whole, for the adjustment of ourselves before an exam, the control of “degree” is the key. Never forget that we will never be too nervous, and we will never be too relaxed at the same time. The adjustment of ourselves in an exam is surely the top thing. 

First of all, in an exam, especially in an important exam, the best thing to do is doing everything in accordance with your own habit. For example,the stationery; to study or relax between the exams, the sleeping time; whether to drink coffee or not before the exam... No matter it is a big thing or something minor, you’d better do it in accordance with your own habit instead of trying new selections which might lead to discomfort and affect your performance. 

The other thing, which is so well-known to everyone -- take a look at the keys to the exam papers. In general, especially when you didn’t do well in the exam, reading the keys will be a blow to your morale and make you feel depressed and feel regretful that you couldn’t figure it out. It is so harmful for your next exam. But, I actually think that it is your choice to read the keys or not. Some students might be always doubtful and have something in mind if they don’t take a look at the keys, this, too, is harmful for the the exams that follow. 
So, how to adjust ourselves depends on our own habits, keep ourselves comfortable and in a peaceful mood. Adjust ourselves appropriately before and during an exam would have yield twice the result with half the effort. In the end, I wish all of you could face the final exam with a peaceful mind and conduct it to your best. 
Director: thank you for your wonderful speeches. At the end of the morning meeting, I wish all of us could adjust ourselves, have the exam with a peaceful mind. If we do well in it, we shouldn’t be elated, because a minor victory might lead to a big failure; if we fail, we shouldn’t complain about ourselves. We should keep this in mind that King Chuzhuang hadn’t been noticed for three years, but once he won, he made everybody surprised. A failure does not necessarily mean that there are weaknesses in our ability. Final exam is just a measure of how well we have learned in the whole semester. Finally, I hope that everyone here make reasonable use of the time, do the final review at such a critical moment. Ensure you have enough sleep, obtain good results. Thank you! The morning meeting today now is over!