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TEDxYouth@NFLS Held in NFLS Successfully

By Gao Huadi, a graduate of 2014

On the afternoon of January 7th, 2017,TEDxYouth@NFLS, organized by two graduates of 2014 Shi Hualun and Gao huadi, was started in the theater of the Administrative Building. TED is a platform where people share valuable thoughts. TEDx is a local event authorized by TED officially. When the speakers share experience and ideas, they not only bring thoughts, but also spread the spirit of sharing, which could encourage more people with their own special ideas and stories to stand out and bless even more with what they share. This time we invited 5 speakers in different fields.

The host Bai Xueshan opened the activity
 The host Bai Xueshan opened the activity

Luo Beichen, who has explored kendo, linguistics, exercise therapy and motor function, shared his life experience and understanding about life and making decisions over the process of changing majors for several times. 


Xia Tian, a guy born in the 1990’s, devoted to Nanjing Dialect and the protection of Nanjing Baiju introduced the only sing folk art in Nanjing Dialect, Baiju. He talked about the history of the art and his story with it: how he started to know it and how he comprehended the rules of it with the help of a master so that by understanding the art he became a better man, including his experience of becoming a vegetarian. 

 used to write articles about the US President Election for many media in China. By walking out of school and doing field research, she learned to listen, observe and communicate with different people and found that it was impossible to summarize a person simply by one or two labels. This time she shared her precious experience and thoughts about doing field research while she was in college in the US.

 Qian Zilai was once the Administrative President of Nanjing No. 1 Hospital engaged in the plan and popularization of government health informatization for a long period. This time he shared his own understanding about smart phone and its impact on us as a doctor and a promoter of informatization. He emphasized the importance of a complete knowledge system to the development of one’s thinking ability, and warned the harm of the overdependence cell phones and addiction to it: the fragmentation of knowledge.


Mr. Wu Xianbin is a successful business man. He began to record the history told by the soldiers of the Anti-Japanese War in his forties and has been dedicated himself to the collection and protection of the history. He said that patriotism should be an agreement between a person, the country and its citizens. People sacrifice for their country, the country and its members should show respect to them and take care of their families. Mr. Wu has practiced what he advocates. He managed to find the place where Dai Anlan, commander of National Revolutionary Army No. 200 Division was killed. There he held a memorial ceremony for the soldiers of expedition, and set up monuments for them with money of his own. We should show respect to the warriors who died for their country, and offer help for their families.


Thanks to all the speakers, and the teachers who have helped with the event and the organizing committee as well as our audience. Thank you for diffusing valuable ideas and the sharing spirit.


The following picture is some of the speakers, volunteers and the organizing committee