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Bear in Mind the History, Move forward with Persistence(the morning meeting on December 12th

A&B: good morning, dear teachers and students.

         All the leaders and teachers from the schools citywide come to NFLS today, to the spot of our morning meeting, let’s all welcome their arrival.A: I am Liu Jingyi from Class 3, senior Grade 1,   B: I am Wang Yuyao from Class 4, junior Grade 3 

A: it is December 12th, 2016 today, tomorrow, it will be December 13th, it is the 3rd national memorial day for the Nanjing Massacre. 79 years ago, it was the  time when Nanjing experienced the darkest moment in history. During the over 40-day burning, slaughtering, robbing, countless people lost their lives, countless families lost their wives and children.recalling this part of history, our hearts ache, we feel the pain of the cruelty that is hard to face, the pain that attacks directly to our hearts.

B: fortunately, in the extreme cruelty of the massacre, many foreign friends organized Nanjing Security District International Committee spontaneously, which saved the lives of thousands of Nanjing refugees. The foreign friends and the victims experienced this part of history, a bright and warm light was lit in the endless darkness. Next, let’s welcome Han Shuyuan to tell us more about the touching story. 

Respectable teachers, dear classmates:

        Good morning, everyone, I am Han Shuyuan from Class 10, junior Grade 3. 

        The ancient city, Nanjing, the sun shone its light on the broken wall bricks the city was glittering with the heavy and thick vicissitudes. The bullet holes on the city walls were our eternal pains and warning. On December 5th, 1937, the Nanjing Defense War began. The screaming streaked across the sky, which made the cold wind even colder. At that moment, Jinling was at loss, wondering, grieving. 
         Fortunately, there was a group of such people, who made a choice between justice and injustice, with their persistent belief, at the cost of their lives. Their choice was to stay to fight, different from the majority who were afraid of such a choice. These brave people chose to bring some warmth to the freezing cold Jinling City. 
         On December 13th, the Japanese soldiers attacked Nanjing. Bella, a German, accomodate more than 600 Chinese refugees in his own house. He, with more than 10 foreigners led by him, fought with Japanese soldiers with their wisdom and strength. He negotiated with the Japanese Consulate, and protested against it, trying to prevent the Japanese soldiers to invade and kill arbitrarily. At the No.1 Compound in the Xiaofen Bridge, he wrote the famous Bella’s Diary, which recorded over 500 massacres done by the Japanese; he led his committee members to seek international aids, to raise money for food and medicine. The refugees called him “living Bodhisattva”.
         Madame Vautrin from the US organized the school staff to patrol around the campus and asked the foreign men to stay overnight in the “International Security Area”. She worked day and night, took the responsibility of protecting thousands of Chinese women and children voluntarily. She said, Jinling College was my home, I would never abandon it. On December 1st, the US Embassy called the last group of Americans, the total number of the detained Americans was rather small, to leave for the last time, warning that “ if you don’t retreat immediately, we can’t guarantee your safety.” Madame Vautrin was quite determined,” I can’t abandon China at such a moment.”
         Sindberg, a Danish, built a simple hospital to help the refugees. American missionary John Magee’s photos became the solid evidence for the Japanese cruelty. They risked their life to defend Nanjing City, protected those helpless, sad local people. They were like a swaying fire in windy cold wilderness, which brought warmth and hope to the people in despair. 
         With the coming of the national memorial day of Nanjing Massacre, let us harbor a heart with gratitude to those international friends who have brought warmth to Nanjing, let us recall history with sincerity and look to the future!
         Thank you all !
A: so, as a high school student, how will we think of this part of history and how will we think of our future? Let’s welcome Ouyang Ganlin to give a speech. 

A: Let’s say “thank you” to Han Shuyuan for his good speech. In a disaster, the delivery of warmth and strength was inherited and interpreted by generations, from the humanitarians of that dark part of history to our present country and society. 

B: on February 27th, 2014, our country founded the national memorial day for the Nanjing Massacre. Meanwhile, people from different places all took action to commemorate on line, to give public speech about the national memorial, to relive the history, to walk together, to make wishes on the wishing walls.


Hello, teachers and friends! I am Ouyang Ganlin from Class 3, senior Grade 1. Today, I’d like to share what I know about Nanjing Massacre and how I feel about it.
I, as a high school student, am enjoying sunshine in peace and a life with freedom. When imaging what life I might have in that part of history and what sufferings I would have to bear, I can’t help sighing the cruelty of the past and the happiness of the present. “past experience, if not forgotten, can be a guide for the future”, that is my thought about the history. Recalling the past, we remember the history, cherish the peace. We will never forget our motherland’s sufferings, our nation’s pains, we will never forget good-nature people who helped each other at the hardest time. Standing in front of the monument, hearing the alarming, we commemorate our deceased fellow citizens who died in the Nanjing Massacre, with a heavy heart. I think, the founding of national memorial day for the Nanjing Massacre was to wake every nice person’s longing for peace and persistence in peace. The life in a peace is not easy to obtain, it requires everybody’s good care. Though each individual’s ability is tiny, I will plant a seed of peace in my heart, cherish it to grow up; in the future, I will pass the flower of peace onto people around me, I will have the peace stay in this world forever. 
Looking to the future, we contribute to our motherland, we take responsibilities. We enjoy a life in peace, because there is a powerful motherland behind us. She gives us security, she is a solid shoulder for us to lean against; she gives us good environment so we can pursue our dreams. When we gaze at our national flag with respect, when we sing our national anthem; when we cheer for our athletes; when we are encouraged by our motherland’s achievement, how can’t we thrill at the patriotism. We walk backward the history, we want to pass on the warmth of this part of history, to create more hope, let the sadness won’t be sad again, consolidate our belief with courage: we won’t repeat the history. We will make our relatives feel warmer. We will defend the peace of the city. At this moment, I think of Mr. Liang Qichao’s warning:” so today’s responsibility is not others’, but is the young’s. The country will be wise if the young are wise, the country will be rich is the young are rich, the country will be powerful if the young are powerful. Great! Our Chinese young people, who are as young as the sky; great! Our Chinese young people, who are as borderless as our country.”
Thank you all!
B: thank you, Ouyuan Ganli, for your wonderful speech. Just like Ouyang said, “  we want to pass on the warmth of this part of history, to create more hope, let the sadness won’t be sad again, our nation is getting stronger and stronger, our confidence as a whole nationality is getting better and better, our belief will be consolidated: the history won’t be repeated. 

A: there are two lines on the wall of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial:” we can forgive, but we can’t forget.” “ remember the history, not the hatred.” 

B: facing the past, we will remember this humiliating history, and those warm moments when our pains were comforted, when we were helped to move forward. 

A: facing the future, as a high school student, as a future pillars of the society, we have the responsibility and the duty to spread the warmth, guard the spirit and strength.

A. B: a century’s grief, a ringing warning, things of the past are good warnings for the descendants. Be persistent without delay, pray for peace; always bear the future in mind! 

Thank you all!