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Professor Zheng Hong Gave a Lecture “ the 70 Years of Literature Science” in Our School


On the afternoon of December 12th, 2016, Professor Zheng Hong’s lecture -- “ the 70 Years of Literature Science” was held successfully in our school, all the teachers and the students in senior Grade 1 listened to the lecture.

The lecture’s speaker, Mr. Zheng Hong is the MIT Tenure Full Professor, a world class physicist. Don’t Cry, Nanjing, is a soul evidence that Professor Zheng Hong gave for the fall of Nanjing, though it is imaginary, it showed us the best virtue and the worst evil, brings us to the battlefield and makes us contemplate about the human belief. Sometimes, time can amend our memory and emotions, however, literature can make things last longer and remain new. 

On eve of the third national Memorial Day, we were lucky to have a chance to listen to such a wonderful lecture by Professor Zheng, the lecture helped all the student more clear about the historical responsibility of the youth. We not only have the history in our minds, never forget the lessons we have learned from history, but cherish more our peaceful life and make our future better as well!