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NFLS Students’ Excellent Performance in Nanjing Middle School National Defense Knowledge Competition 2016

 By Ma Haoyuan from Class 1 Senior 1


Nanjing Middle School National Defense Knowledge Competition was held in Nanjing No.9 Middle School on November 26th, 2016.

Our school sent a team of 3, including Ma Haoyuan from Class 1 Senior 1, Wan Yuqi from Class 6 Senior 1 and Mu Zijie from Class 1 Senior 1, with the help of teacher Zhu Yue and Gao Ping. In the intense preliminary contest in the morning, they all managed to pass the written test. During the group competition after that, they got more and more ambitious and eventually won the Group 1st Prize. In addition, Ma Haoyuan from Class 1 Senior 1 got the Individual Best Prize. 

Two weeks before the competition, the students spent the break between classes and after class on understanding and reciting the related knowledge, learning the basic information about first aid operation and how to stand and line up as soldiers, and by practicing over and over again they mastered relevant rules and procedures. In the competition, our team carried forward the principle of “Friendship First, Competition Second”, thinking and participating actively, trying very hard and making a good example of NFLS, which was spoken highly by the leaders, judges, teachers and students present.

The exciting competition

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 According to the organizing committee, the competition was intended to promote the popularization and penetration of national defense, to enhance the students’ concept of national defense and security. Besides the general knowledge, the military song sing and risky questions were also the highlights of the competition. Every one of the team was doing their best, to perform and express themselves, winning applause from both the audience and the contestants.
A country could not stand without defense, a people will not feel secure without soldiers. After the event, student Ma Haoyuan said in the interview that as middle school students we should know about national defense, love it, being loyal to it and part of it, and in the future make our own contribution to it.