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Student Association Salon Ended Successfully


By Pan Heyou, head of the Literature Association

On December 15th, around noon, lots of students surrounded the spiral staircase where the Associations’ Salon 2016-2017 was going on vigorously. The cold wind kept blowing, but not strong enough to put out the fire in the heart of the students. They stood up on stage in proper order, presenting their wonderful and delicate performance to the teachers and students, and to NFLS in winter.


The salon was carried out in the light of the theme “Ancient Chinese Art”; meanwhile it served perfectly to show the charm of each association as the first event engaging more than one association after the recruitment. The Hand Painting Club showed up on stage first. With the help of the two leaders of the club, they drew pictures in the ancient style on the masks, which created an atmosphere of craftsmanship. Next we had the Symphony Club. They rearranged Canon and played a unique story that was quite touching. After that it was the Color Ink Club, who made book marks with Chinese calligraphy and ink painting to tell the stories of NFLS. The National Customs Association and the Literature Association rewrote Teasing the Princes with Signal Fires and played it very well. The intense plot and accurate portrayal won applause from the audience from time to time. The girls from the Dancing Club showed excellent teamwork. Their beautiful movements worked well with the dynamic music of the two songs. The Paper Folding Club, to our surprise, managed to fold up the 3 Chinese characters “wind, elegance and worship” with a piece of paper, not using any tools. At last, the National Music Association, as a big student organization of NFLS, played the rearranged Chrysanthemums Terrace, in which the Chinese instruments were used perfectly, the melody joyful but not lustful, sad but not depressed.


Secretary Yin Herong of the Youth League Committee, Wu Wei of the Students’ Affairs Office, the two leaders of the Public Relations Department, and the host and hostess, all made a lot of efforts for the preparation of the activity so that the plan and the implementation could be realized accordingly. It was because of them who tried their best to do things right and the head of each association, and the passionate students, our audience, that the salon can be such a success. We believe that after this, the events of our student associations would be even richer and better in the future. 

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